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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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That is a very good question.

I personally don't think it would work for Waldstein, maybe Gordeau.

Maybe, I would need more details of Gordeau to say for certain.
Quote from: Q&A
"How old is Hilda?"

Hilda - Amnesia's Hilda is 17 years old.
Gordeau - Hey!

Voice actor joke?

Hmmmm.... Kikuko Inoue? That joke sounds like one of hers...

if theres a playable loketest version or the game is out in arcades by august, I'll let you guys know what i think of the game when i visit jp

Hmmm... Cool. And thank you.

The "based on their voice actors' other roles" thing was in quotes because they said it wasn't true.
I figured that, but what is not to say that she isn't hired anyway...  but meh, well see what is going on in due time.

If that's true, Vatista is probably voiced by Chiwa Saito.

Oh, that can't be good if that is the case.....

Last thing I heard regarding VA's in this game was that they wanted Mamoru Miyano to do Hyde but he was too busy or something.
When was that?
I for one am holding out hope that they're all voiced by Norio Wakamoto.  Every last one.
As much as I respect the guy... unless you have a character that seem to just work with his range, it's hard to say that Wakamoto should be voicing anyone.

You know, something that I just noticed... it hasn't held up production or anything but I do wonder, whom are the people voicing the characters in this game?


Height - 171cm
Weight - 59kg
3 Sizes - 94/63/95    
Birthday - 11/11
Blood Type - AB
Ability - EXS of the Glittering Haze  "Paradox"
Weapon - Gown of Darkness (Masquerade)

"A Reverse that surpassed the Inverse... That is the only thing I seek."

... Right. I kinda want to see how she uses her clothes as a weapon. :V

Assuming that she does.

I'm guessing that we'll be back to infoless update normalcy until the next loketest.
When is the next loketest?

They now have character demonstration videos for Carmine, Gordeau, and Orie.

First off, here is hoping this is the new normal for FB on this game.... Second off, dear good that BGM for Gordeau's showcase is amazing. I wonder whom is doing the composition for the game. Third, anyone else liking Orie's poke happy style... I wonder what else she is capable of. Carmine gameplay seems odd but reminds me of Zato-1one for some reason. I get the odd feeling from the way that Gordeau plays that he will be alot like Ceil, and seems solid in the same manner.... that is not going to fun to go up against.

Me, I like offensive oriented games, so I wouldn't mind if they toned down Shielding if it really is strong like the guy says.

Given the pace of UNIB currently, I don't mind a strong defence with a fast pace game behind it. It's something that has bugged me with BB for a while is that the defensive options seemed slim or weak compared to GG. Having it the other way around would be a nice changed... but we will see, since now comes the fine tuning of the game before release.

He's not kidding. The projected release dates for P4U are March 2012 for arcades and "Summer 2012" for console. Only about a 3 months difference in between.
That has the potential of being somewhat more reasonable since at maximum you could be looking at a 5-month wait. Still if they think that 3-months will be reasonable... that will be crazy to try to pull off without something game-braking cropping up.
Good luck to Atlus and ASW, they will need it.

Other Games / Re: Chaos Code
« on: February 14, 2012, 04:37:50 PM »
Altho most of my hype is reserved for skullgirls at this point.

I with you on that one, more or less I have been having my eyes on SG, UNIB and STxT(more out of obligation that anything else, I am something of a scene guy in Toronto and the scene is hype for that game). And honestly my concerns are large with SG and UNIB. It would be nice to see some CC play in the us but I am not putting money on that.

I just can't wait to see footage. The wait is killing me lol.
I know, I feel you on that one but you are still going to have to wait.
Good things come to those that wait....
Yep. It's one of the reasons I'm concerned about the Persona fighter. 3 months or thereabouts for an arcade run may get the game in the hands of consumers sooner, but the other shoe has to drop somewhere...
Please tell me that is not the release window that P4U is looking at...

good news: now they can carry on with more twitter icons!  :V
but "getting serious", hope they reveal more about the game in AOU...and that they release a console version not too long after the game hit the consoles. If they wait too much the hype that the arcade launch can create will disappear before the game hit the consoles.

At this point hype is not a concern, it better for them to focus on each release as it's own thing at this point than try for a rather complicated staggered release window, like what you are suggesting. I would say that a six to nine month window between releases would be fine.... so long as the game itself is solid.

I am more than willing to wait for a good game.
So we're going to have a Hazama with Ryougi's knife, gravity, and wake up speed? Sounds fun...
Maybe, maybe not....

Other Games / Re: Chaos Code
« on: February 07, 2012, 09:28:34 AM »
I feel sad saying it, but honestly, I don't think I feel the excitement for it any more.  Hopefully they rebalance.
We'll see. the game itself is exciting to watch... but I think that it would be hard to convince me to play it. It does lack in draw for me.
I would assume, like any console release of a fighting game... changes will be made. Will it be a total rebalance, we'll have to see.

Other Games / Re: Chaos Code
« on: February 03, 2012, 11:45:10 PM »

..I just jinxed us, didn't I?  :gonk:
:gonk: Damn it, why!!!?
There's also two more character silhouettes up.

Well, last word they were shooting for early this year.  I imagine we'll get some more concrete release news at some point in first quarter of the year.

What might you expect any word on it?

Happy New Years from French Bread.

It's new years, so I can't really blame them for a not-actually-an-update. But still, it's not-actually-an-update.  :emo:
So when is that Beta test?

Oh French Bread.... :slowpoke:

Not that I've seen yet.  Hopefully we see more video footage soon to answer a lot of questions we have.

And to be honest, I'm kind of hoping for frenchbread to go in a different direction than your standard anime fighter, but I can't say I'd hate it if it was.  I'm just hoping this game reinvigorates my desire to play fighters, cuz lately I have no solid interest.  =\
A video now would be nice...

At this point and time, I have been play some KOF. But outside of that, I have not really bothered with the usual suspects (SF, MVC). I think that I missed the boat on Street Fighter 4 to ever really catch up. And Marvel... so. much. salt.... I can't really play Marvel anymore...
I honestly doubt that FB will step out of it's anime fighter mould, but then again... this is their thing, who knows, they might experiment.
I don't think there's any real question about french bread's ability to balance a fighter.
Well, I would not say that they are subject to a free ride on the balancing either...

Yeah, the attack hitboxes are huge in this game.

Vatista looks fun to watch. and UBT looks like he's inspired by Nero.
I was noticing that... makes me wonder how move recovery will he handled. Sort of hoping for a fast pace game here.

Vatista... about that thing about "beating that hateful blazblue," I am curious with this one. Looks interesting, wondering if she plays like what I think she does.
UBT... Merkava... Ok... I have nothing that I can really say about this one. He's going to be a wicked fight from the looks of it, all that range...

You, know, it would be nice to have another video trailer at this point with the other characters so far.

Also Vatista (that name's not cute at all) has ability named Restriction and her weapon is the Crimson Wing "Nanaka".  Been had hype for loli with blade wings.  Her outfit looks like something from Tron though.  Actually, I shouldn't talk shit; she looks cool as hell.  I really like that kind of bold contrast style in general.  Seriously though, Tron loli with blade wings?  I'm going IN. 
Yeah, I will give you that... her design is unique. Have they spoken about how abilities stand out in the game play?

unreal black thing has arrived
What the hell? Still nothing more about the game?

The gameplay will probably be similar enough for us to catch on rather quickly.
That goes without saying... go with what you know, same people similar setup. My question lay with the differences, how different is it from MB.... which is a big question.

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