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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Well, sure, it's geared towards MB players. But an arcade release is geared towards those arcade MB players who value the competitive aspects of the game, first and foremost. What content of that sort which may be present in arcade release will likely just be recorded and put on Youtube/Nico soon enough for people to enjoy, relish for a little while and then go back to playing Vs.
I am not so quick to push that off... for two reasons. First off, the competitive nature of the game pretty much comes with the genre. If you even dare call any game a fighter, then that is something that you have to take into account. And given how long MB has lasted in that environment, I don't think that FB would be shy about having that in the game.  So it bought that it would be so much of a worry.

Second, again... The MB fanbase is a little larger than the hardcore players. With another game from the same makers, you have to assume that they are some expectations with the release. Being somewhat "VN-like" would be one thing that MB had from way back. That said, what is in the Arcade release of it and the Console port are two different matters. It's a fighting game, so FB will only relay get away with so much before it detracts from the action... In the Arcade that line is much finer than for consoles. At best, it's simply going to be a strict "story" for the Arcades since the action itself has be to in people's eyes and upfront.

If the Persona fighter can have a breakdown like that, surely UNIB can do the same. 

But anyway, I like scythe dude. Can't wait to see him in motion.
We'll see what P4U does when it get out here, but I would somewhat expect that a bit.

Orie does look curious, I would like to see more of her in action.

They've already mentioned their heavy interest in ps3 port multiple times, I dunno why this is even being questioned.
They want to do doesn't mean that they will, and honestly.... After the "NESiCAlive speculation"....
I would question it.

Just a summary of the official website's updates and some character profiles. Still in Japanese but text form so you can google translate that if you want. Bad summary of what I got of the story,

In the year 20XX  :psyduck: it's widley accepted that science can disprove any strange phenomena in the world. However in later years rumors begin to emerge about 'Cannibal Shadows' aka UNREAL BLACK THINGS. If a human has his own shadow eaten by the Shadow, they become Night Hollows that forever wander the earth as dead zombie things.

Hyde's your typical sword-wielding Japanese highschooler. No real interest in trivial things and doesn't give a crap about some silly rumors of cannibal shadows, yet somewhere in his heart he yearns for excitement and adventure in his life. As luck would have it, one day while walking home from school Hyde encounters an UNREAL BLACK THING quickly approaching him. Linne, a girl on a mission, encounters Hyde by chance and saves him and they form a companionship to fight off the remainder UNREAL BLACK THINGS.

??? Are we sure that Nasu has nothing to do with this project?

Damn it's been a good set of days, more on Skullgirls (been watching some Friday night fights with MIke Z and the other programming staff), more on UNIB....

On the other hand? If French Bread and Ecole are indeed serious about having a port out in a timely fashion, they could opt to do like SNKP and start working on a console port in tandem with the arcade release, so that they could work out these issues sooner, rather later. I remember there was a lot of talk about this game having a substantial bit of "Visual Novel" aspects in the mix. Obviously, such things would be more appreciated in a port than they would in the arcades, where it's highly likely they won't even be seen by a number of players.

I am not so sure that having a "VN-like" aspects would go unnoticed in the Arcade setting, given that one of the bigger targets of UNIB is the MB-fanbase. Having that in the game once it hits the cabs is almost an expected, it would be hard to show it to the MB players otherwise.  But you are right, even with that... it would take more time to create into something more substantial for the Console/PC market (knowing that they would expect more the second that you say "Visual Novel").
The other thing that I would have to point out is I am not sure that FB/Ecole would want to miss out on the information that the arcade setting would give them to hammer out a port, I expect a decent release to cab but not perfect... alot of that data would help with balance changes to the system once the choice comes down to port the game. It would be hard to overlook that which is useful, PS3-issues be damned. The last thing that you want is a zero-day balance patch on release... that would be a bad sign.

But, we'll see what happens sooner or later, right? In any case, we'll likely be waiting anywhere between 6-12 months after it starts its run in the arcades anyway, so the sooner the arcade release happens, the better!

That we can all agree on.

Also does anyone else think that the "Seed" meter thing at the bottom looks kind of like guard primers?, there's probably a lot of people that won't be happy with that statement.

GOD NOT THEM AGAIN! >:( Ugh, guard primer points... Ugh. There are some things that they could learn from BB, Guard primers is not one of them. >:(

This might sound stupid, but id set my hopes on NIS or Atlus. And no, they're not known for publishing fighters in the least, but somehow I dont expect Aksys to step in here.
Atlus USA would be interesting, I have been really liking how they handle properties like Catherine and King of Fighters 13. Hopefully, if KOF gives them the proper marketing channels.... UNIB would not be a bad fit, since there would be some overlap. It's not going to be as big as say, Street Fighter, but with games like UNIB, they don't need to be.
Alas, I don't know much about NIS to have an opinion.
Aksys.... hard to say. BBCSE will have them rather busy and it's rather likely that they (unless Atlus JP plays it close to the chest) will be working on localizing Person 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena. That said, it's not unlike them not to snap up an non-mainstream fighter before... Arcana Heart 3, springs to mind, as one. We'll have to see, but to be honest... I would be wary of any interest that they give off for the title, since Aksys has ups and downs.


I can't go beyond speculation

All I am asking people to do....
I imagine that if there's going to be a port, it'll be for the PS3. FB has said before that they don't have much interest in porting things to the 360 (at least for Melty), so it's more likely to hit for the PS3.
Ok, that one is harder to say and the reason that I say that is, simply put, circumstances of Japan and the hardware it's currently on. I am rather sure that they want to port to the PS3. Given that it's distribution in Japan is large, why wouldn't you want to put yourself in large company that the PS3 has. The problem is that given that the system itself is Window-based, the likelihood of the graphics being dictated by DirectX 2D/3D is rather high. Almost all Sony systems tend to use OpenGL (or in the PS3's a subset of that in OpenGL ES) for graphical draw, conversion between the two is... painful. Not that it's impossible... but it is difficult.
If they are going to do (port to the PS3) that expect a wait on release...

As for where as in localization: I have no idea.
You know, something like that it going to have to capture the interest of publishers here. Given how things have thinned out in North America, that is possible... the bigger question is whom will do it?

That or it lands for the PC, since they seem to be defaulting to that for the comparable ease-of-creation.
Again, Windows-based hardware.... They need to do very little for a PC release (or nothing at all, the Type^2 and Ring-series both happen to be... a large PC to be honest, spec-wise).

Well, judging by the RingEdge in the upper right, I guess all that NESiCA speculation can finally come to an end...

Ah well, here's to new info coming soon.
Hmmm... I am going to have to check some numbers on Border Break and Project DIVA game that are both on the hardware.

That settles the debate somewhat, we'll see if that icon isn't joined by another. That said, any guesses to where a port might show up?

I don't think so, really. If anything, the two shows, for the most part, cater to two different interests.
Still means that I am going to have to get information second hand. And TGS is slowly looking  to be.... busy.

I mean, unless French Bread was going to be doing it like Atlus and ASW's new Persona fighter and have a NESiCA arcade release + console port within months of each other...

That looks good, but I don't think that you would be seeing a lot of coverage with cabs. Arcade Operators where bothered with AE enough to hold it back for 6 months, I don't think that they would let this slip ASW's notice but we'll see.

AM Show according to the the official website ( will be happening 9/15-9/16.
Oh, that might be bad... TGS is around the same time (business hours are during those dates)

Other Games / Re: Persona 4 Fighter
« on: September 06, 2011, 11:28:14 PM »
What, the dots above the health bar?  I doubt it.  Look at how in some screens the inside ones are highlighted/filled, but in others just the outside ones are highlighted/filled.  If it were a gauge of depletable resources, wouldn't it only deplete in one way?  (as in direction inward/outward they're filled or reduced or whatever)
No, talking about the blue bars under the health bar near the timer.

Still have to wait and see, just venting out the one thing in CS that annoys the hell out of me (aside from the fact that I can't really play BB for shit at the moment). I think that they might just be dusting off the GGX2 engine for something like this (while updating it, of course), they have done it before.

Other Games / Re: Persona 4 Fighter
« on: September 05, 2011, 09:02:30 AM »
Oh god, please tell me that is not the Guard Primer Point system being used?
Other than that... I am curious, worth at least one play through. We'll see what happens...


Well, here's a recording of that stream that occurred.

Quote from: Tachyon @ Dustloop
Majority of the questions were concerning MBAACC.

Most of the responses for a number of questions were not definitive (i.e. Wakaranai!"). I guess they just couldn't answer a lot of them at this time. They don't seem interested to develop ports on the 360.


Guess we'll have to wait for AM Show for anything relating to UNIB specifically.
When in Sept is that happening again?

To put it bluntly: the costs. Basically, everything relating to how XII went down put a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths and it was no different in Japanese arcades. XII failed to deliver on anyone's expectations, for the costs that were entailed. And then a console port was rushed out, which left Arcade Operators PISSED. For it left them stuck with arcade hardware that was sitting around, doing nothing, while people were happily going back to the UMs. 
Oh, I could see that... The Type^2 is not cheap, and Tatio is not that known for quality control. So when SNK let slip a bad (obviously beta) game on the system and then rush to console, it would leave operators in a lurch. I would hesitate to buy direct from SNK again, unless they had gold on their hands ... lucky for them that XIII is the better game.
For much of the same reason, Capcom seemed insistence to keeping SSF4:AE to a 6 month window (much to Ono's annoyance), having SSF4 at home and SF 4 on cabs for a year wasn't pleasing operators any and AE was the push to win them back (alas, while making enemies of players/consumers here for the release of AE).

So much did XII change things for SNKP, that they had to make deals with Konami to act as the publisher for the arcade release of XIII. Likely done to make it so that operators felt that they had a little more "security" when it came to committing to another investment to buy the hardware. 
Oh, that is bad. But that also explains why '98 Ultimate Match Final Round was made for NasicaLive. Just case XIII failed, operators would have something to look forward to and keep the cab running, something that I am sure they got an earful of when XII failed in the market.

So, yeah, the whole XII episode stands as arguably one of the "worst case scenarios" in this vein. Even so, I'd like to think that FB and Ecole wouldn't turn a blind eye to that much, seeing how UNIB represents their own first foray in HD, and that much of an investment is expensive as it is. Sega may be looking out for their interests, but FB, especially, has to be considering their own stake in their future.
This is part of the reason to why one manufacturer "to rule them all" is not a very good thing for a market. Basically, Tatio makes all the rules at the moment and if something fails... it does so hard and Tatio has no incentive to do anything about it. With Sega around with a few high profile games in the pocket, Tatio is forced to compete and keep games from failing too badly.
As to the Indie/Doujin developer trying to make it in, I would be hard pressed to say that it's good for them that the chooses remain narrow.

Well, as far as FB/Ecole goes... we'll see where they take the game once made. As much as I speculate, there are still a few things that would randomize what happens. Given the MBAACC 1.07 PC release with Carnival Phantasm, I am not sure what  will happen (didn't see that one coming) with UNIB. That said, at worse it's an .EXE that they can dump on NasicaLive/ when they need to. And really, Sega does have a price advantage on Tatio with hardware... with that in mind, a good game to watch at the moment is Chaos Code... which happens to be a Ringwide-game, if response about the cabs are good then it would likely do a lot at Sega's end of things. And to be honest FB would have to be watching.


Good point. Plus in the arcade market, much like everything else relating to the game industry, it's getting harder and harder for the "little" guy to make any penetration in the market. Even more so when arcade hardware costs several arms and legs, and operators have to be very choosy with what units they'll buy.

So, as much as I'm sure this will be the bane of all prospective arcade importers outside of Japan, Ecole and FB may make this choice, because it will at least give them a chance to get out there on the market, without necessarily having to deal with the costs of hardware distribution (which is the very thing that has plagued SNK for both KOFXII and XIII alike).
That is why I don't think that Ecole will be willing to make an exclusive if this turns out to be the case. It would lessen distribution costs to just toss the game on the network(s) to buy and let the operators deal with if they want it or not from their hardware manufacturer of choice.

But also keep in mind that Sega has been keeping an eye on their amusement (read: Arcade system and places) side of business, and they are a large international corporation with many channels. Tatio, not so much. I honestly don't think that Sega would simply let this pass without doing something, given FB's track record. If anything, The House of Sonic still has much cash to burn.... and that would be the usual response if Ecole has those aspirations to leave.

Oh and last I checked, SNK moved to Tatio's Type^2 for hardware a while back. How has that been an issue?

the platform being NESiCA[!?] until September.

You know, it just hit me that the platform might be negligible... It's going to be a networked game regardless (update, and so on), on systems that both have an window's based OS and hardware structure. There would not be many differences if the code to the game itself was made to be somewhat portable (which is a good idea despite hardware loyalty).

Granted, I doubt that Sega would be happy with that but Ecole goes that way they take FB with it. There is not a lot that Sega can really do to keep them in one spot.

So anything new happen?

Other Games / Re: Wii Fighting Stick
« on: July 05, 2011, 11:25:33 PM »
Since my arcade stick was stolen at the last con and I've just bought a new Wii, should I buy the Wii HORI Fighting Stick?  It's only $50+ bucks (although I read there's supposed to be a price drop to $35).  Is there a Wii -> PS2 and/or USB converter in existence?
There was this one converter that was decent, but I honestly forget the brand name. I see if I can bump into the guy I know that has it, but don't hold me to that... I haven't see the dude in months.
The Wii HORI stick is something that I hear people avoid... I have no idea to why however since when I looked at that, I grabbed the Madcatz Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick.

Speaking of the TvC Stick... I personally like it, it about the size of the Madcatz SE sticks for PS3/360 but with much different buttons. I think that they are the same ones (the buttons) from the TE sticks. If I would changed three things about it, it's this... the size for me is a bit on the small side for me, they really should have done something to make it more convenient to hold the wand, and the joystick itself (which not bad at all) is not like the TE at all. It is between the TE and the SE to be honest, leaning towards the more quality TE's... which is not bad when you consider that it's around the price of the SE's (in canada that is about $85 bucks).

Hope that helps.

Other Games / Re: Nasuverse Card Game
« on: July 05, 2011, 11:05:56 PM »
To be honest, I don't think a game like magic or Yugioh fits the type moon universe.

Ok so I wasn't the only one thinking that....

Other Games / Re: MLP: Fighting is Magic
« on: June 24, 2011, 08:29:12 AM »
Wait, so u niggas get hype for this, but not Skullgirls?
I have no idea.... And I am plenty hype for Skullgirls.

Personally, the popularity of MLP has terrified me. I didn't expect it to be this big, this fast.

Other Games / Re: E3 2011
« on: June 12, 2011, 05:29:27 PM »
Nah, that 8 bit nigga can be an assist trophy.
I want Zero (preferably Omega). Or X. Actually, ZX wouldn't be that much of a far cry from Omega Zero, but I want the original.
And ANY Golden Sun character, for the love of God. I was so pissed when they made Isaac a trophy...I better be able to play Matthew this time, or something.
Nah bro...Fuck your Zero... you had him twice (TvC, and Dat Marvel 3). I think that I am done with his mug for a while. He can chill as a trophy while I go blast me some fools.

But in all seriousness, I really can't think of anything else that would reach as deep as plan old Rock (unless it was something else from the NES-days). They want to score a few nostalgia points with the Smash crowd (as well as the "hard-core"), Rock is rather good for a choice for a game like that... Zero is something of a mismatch since Smash isn't combo-dependent "per se", and the Z-man always had the making of a combo-fiend from X4 onward (which if TvC and Marvel say anything is that those moves define his character to a degree). To say that he would be limited would be an understatement.
Omega would, more or less, suffer the same issue being playable. That said, it's Omega... BOSS character... I am ok with this, as much as I would be running like hell.
And to be honest, me wanting Vent/Aile is more fanboi'ing than anything else. I want to see it happen, but the sky in my would would be rainbows then.

Not blonde enough.

Honestly though, I'd probably buy that in a heartbeat if it wasn't fake.  :emo:

For now, I'll be keeping an eye on it see how the software side of it turns out.

Knowing Sony, they might just do something like that... hey remember the Vader or Kratos PSP? It's possible, but for the moment... black it is.

Oh god are we going to have to go through CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL all over again?

This is my answer

Other Games / Re: E3 2011
« on: June 10, 2011, 10:34:44 AM »
Not gonna lie, that Assassin's Creed trailer is hype, but I'm mostly hyped by the music in it.  I'm really digging this Woodkid guy.  It's a shame he just does music on the side and mainly does film works instead.
Well another Assassin Creed is a interesting series, we'll see what we end up in the end.

The Wii U (more like WRYYYYYY U?) was described by someone as a 360 with an NGP/Vita as a controller.  I laughed because that's pretty close to my initial reactions to both debut leaks.  Not sure what to think about their new controller yet.  Finally moving to HD is a "it's about damn time" moment though.  Btw, the name of the console just makes me want to facepalm HARD.  Then again, I wanted to do that at the announcement of "Wii" as a console name, and now I feel it's quite appropriate.  Here's to eating my words in the future!
Ok, I have two thoughts... First let's start with the Vita.
This one really bug me, as much as it has alot going for it. The Vita is build on the prevailing philosophy that I (the customer) have wanted a system that givens me an experience that can be found on the PS3(similar to the PSP in many respects). It bugs me in that this is a marketing message that continues to crop up and it doesn't let itself to building unique portable experiences. My great fear is that developers in general will approach the system like that and then fail to stand out in the market place by simply not using the features of the system (or worse, using the system features poorly). We'll see but everything that I saw at E3 seem to be this is how they are treating it... as impressive as the games are on the system, this could be a much bigger problem than even I think it is. Again, We'll have to see what the market decides.

Second, The WiiU...
Ok, Leave it to Nintendo to be... weird. Of the HD systems, this is by far the most unique offering that I have seen in resent memory. That damn controller isn't something that you can find on the other systems (for now). As for the Graphic's... Impressive demos' to be sure... but I honestly want to hear more titles, we'll see what we get in a year.
That said, DEAR GOD this is risky as hell. I mean, there is not much that it leaves for this generations (or next-generation for that matter) of games outside of ports unless someone really thinks outside the box or gets VERY creative, and really that (ports) didn't do the Wii much favours.
The first-party support is nearly non-existence at the launch window for the system (I keep hearing that it's likely November of next year for the launch, which seems a little off to me... but we'll see). So basically Nintendo, for the first time in my memory, is COMPLETELY relying on third-party games to preform and preform well for the first six months of it's life. Given what I have seen on the other systems and what happened with third-party support on the Wii... I would not do that, nor hold out much hope.
That said, at least some publishers are jumping in with both feet it seems. Well, Ubisoft and EA are... Activision has two games in that pipe line, but out side of that nothing for the moment. And an assortment of others with a few new games are coming (like Namco Bandai's Tekken offering). We'll again have a year to see what they give WiiU. There is a lot of potential with this, that said there is a lot of potential for this to fall completely flat in the marketplace.

On the plus side, there is a new Super Smash Bros. coming and I want me some Megaman. Not X, or Zero, or Gray/Ashe or any other ones (outside of Vent/Aile). Some good old Blue Bomber... against me some Mario, blasting me some fools with a pea shooter. All I want, either him or one of the Megamen of ZX (namely Vent/Aile). With a better game than Brawl...

I'm guessing you haven't seen this yet?
I hate to tell you this, but those are fate.

What do you mean

Doesn't T-M slide in some advertisement dollars with FB from time to time on a new version of MB since MBAC?

"Tsukihime Renewal development has finally started"
??? OK, that could mean alot... I am willing to suspect that it might have more to do with TM at the moment. Still with Girl's-work, Mahoutsukai no Yoru, Fate/Zero keeping them all busy, I don't expect to hear anything about it for a while.
Said that, this also can be all about nothing.

Don't you kno?
All princesses' have magical levitation devices in their vaginas.
Its wat makes them special.  :V
Ooooookkkkkkk.... I'll assume that there was nothing on UNIB.

Super heavy zoning.... HOVERING?

Ok... that doesn't look fun to fight against.

And another thing? What is with princess' and hovering as an ability?

Other Games / Re: Freaking PSN, how does it work?
« on: May 05, 2011, 11:39:55 AM »
I know that much. Anonymous more or less has nothing to do with the attack on SOE, but they are responsible for the PSN takeover. Whoever took the credit card info, whether they lay claim to being part of anon or not, was just making good use of the chaos.

I don't think that is the case here... there is no doubt that 4chan is the Wretched Hive of the Internet. It's been a known fact for years now, how moot still manages to get hosting for the site is something of a miracle. They are good but "Anonymous" is NOT this kind of organized... attacks of this nature require some manner of thought, it's quite possible that this intrusion is years in the making given what happened and all the facts that Sony has made known.

Plus add in patterns that "Anonymous" is known for, calling out Anon for something like this seems odd to me. Sony is looking for someone or some persons, this person(s) remains anonymous... but to claim that "Anonymous" is the one that attacked PSN is far fetched, this is a level of chaos and panic is not something that you can do in a few weeks. Granted, Anonymous is far from innocent but to be honest this is something that I don't think that they are capable of. And given the information that was taken, it's something that I don't think that Anon really cares to have...
That said, I would not doubt it if the attacker(s) are users of the site.... Wretched Hive that it is, but if that it what is takes to be among the hackers known as "Anonymous", god help us all.

Other Games / Re: Chaos Code
« on: May 05, 2011, 09:21:36 AM »
Bravo, man. Dude looks damn quirky... fun but quirky.

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