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Author Topic: H-Satsuki Guide  (Read 4433 times)

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H-Satsuki Guide
« on: February 10, 2010, 03:30:39 AM »
Satsuki's Game plan revolves around getting a knockdown and setting up her strong 4-way okizeme. Satsuki loses out on some of the crazier damage that C and F can pull off. In exchange however she get's the ability to use multiple air normals, which really helps with her neutral game, as well as a Fuzzy guard which helps her get those knockdowns in the first place.

Why Play H-Sacchin?
 *Strong Okizeme
 *Good Pressure
 *A good Sandoori and Fuzzy Guard.
 *Crazy awesome character specific basketball combos
 *Great Defensive options (Shield, Bunker)
 *Sacchin Snake
 *Gets zoned very badly
 *Needs a knockdown for her to really shine
 *Anti-pressure options can be baited very easily if the enemy is wary.

Ground Throw Sacchin grabs the opponent and lifts them above her head throwing them in the direction of your choice. they can airtech however.
Airthrow Sacchin Grabs them in the air and punches them into the ground, not techable.

5a Satsuki does a backhand swipe to slightly above her head. The move is fast, and can sometimes be used as an anti-air
5b Satsuki moves forward one step and swipes horizontally in front of her. Used in pressure and combos.
5c Satsuki Brings her arm in a hammerfist type motion.

2a satsuki reaches down in front of her, hitting at the opponent's feet. Very fast move, the range however isn't very good.
2b Satsuki does a crouching Left Straight.
2c Satsuki Swipes down towords the oppoenent's ankles,2 hits has good range and can be charged.
Air Normals:
j.a satsuki puts her arm straight out in front of her.She is very vertical while doing this move.
j.b satsuki swings both her arms across her chest, range is longer than J.a, with slower startup
j.c Satsuki does a half airiel summersault while swinging her hand downwards, This move is very important to her, being used in many parts of her game. Chargable.
j.[c] J.c on drugs, on hit it causes groundbounce. It's used in some of her more situational combos, and can be used for faking people out.

Command Normals:
6aaa 5a then she pushes her arm forward with a palm strike, this section moves her forward, then she does a ground smash.
This move can be used in certain combos, and it can also be used in pressure, it should be treated like a rekka in pressure, where you don't really wanna finish the whole string, but rather use it for it's ability to move you forward.
2[c] Hits 3 times instead of 2, It can be used in pressure, and is often used in her meter combos.
3c The sacchin snake! Sacchin does a stomach slide on her stomach towards her opponent's legs, knocksdown on hit. The move is chargeable.
3[c] Sacchin delays a bit as she charges and then bounces forward as she does in 3c. On hit this move laucnhes into the air, allowing her to follow up with a j.[c] ground bounce combo.
5[c] Sacchin does her 5c with a charge, it's not an overhead, but it does crazy guard damage, in my experience most people don't poke out here, but if they try to, you can start half charging for a stagger.

Special Moves:
236a Sacchin dashes forward quickly and reaches out to grab the opponent. Blockable, only grabs them if they flinch. On grab throws them behind her and they can airtech, making the move fairly useless.
236b Longer dash animation than 236b, however this actually grabs. Untechable and It can be OTGed.
236c Sacchin dashes forward after the superflash grabbing her opponent if he is in long recovery state/not blocking. On hit causes ground bounce. Blockable, sacchin generally has better uses for her meter.

214a sacchin does a quick wind-up and throws her arm forward, This move moves her forward and is used as a launcher if the enemy is already in the air but not high enough to combo.
214b sacchin winds up like a pitcher and then throws herself forward, this move hits high, however it's easily blockable on reaction. It moves you forward and careful use of her charge moves can make it more likely to hit.
214c EX wind up, Similar to 214b but a lot faster, does not hit high. can be used in combos or occasionally as a get off me move. On hit causes the enemy to fly across the screen causing wallslam.

22a Sacchin punches the ground, causing a power wave to come off the ground.
22b Same as above, however she punches slightly faster. on hit can be confirmed into 623c
22c EX ground punch, she punches the ground with both her hands one after the other. Used in some fun, but not practical combos.

623a Sacchin reaches her arm upword, if she grabs she throws them behind her, they can tech before hititng the ground, making this move basically useless.
623b Same as 623a but slower, on grab she smashes them on the ground in front of her causing untechable knockdown, which can be otged.
623c Sacchin arm, This is her most useful EX move, and almost all of her meter will be spent here. This move can be used as a psychic anti-air, although it's not as good as in mbac so don't over use it.
Great in combos, and can set-up her 4-way okizeme, uses 1 groundbounce, adds a ton of damage, when a character is in otg stae, it can be combo'ed into causing you to be able to continue the combo, or just setup.

63214c Sacchin grabs the opponent and bites them. This move gains her hp back, and causes knockdown. I personally like it, as her throw can be teched in the air, making it the best tick throw option she has. Most people would probably argue that meter is better spent on 6223c, which is true.

41236c Arc-drive Not very practical, but can catch people sometimes, after the AD the flow is set to neutral, so don't use it very often.

Standard BnB, works on everyone:
2A 5B (2B) 5C 2C 3C > 214A > j.B j.C > dj.B dj.C > air throw
Can replace 214a with 623c instead for setup/or an ex-combo of your choice.

6aa Combo, does more damage:
2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 2[C] 2c 3C > 214A > j.B j.C > dj.B dj.C > air throw
This does not work on: Sion/V.sion Roa Arc Warc Mech Sacchin and Hisui.
For these characters drop 2[c]
3[C] Combos:
3[C] j.[C] sdj. j.[C] dash 5[C] 623C j.AC j.BC j.throw

    * Works on every character to my knowledge midscreen.

3[C] j.[C] j.[C] 2[C] 2C 3C 623C j.AC j.BC j.throw

    * Corner, works on most characters. The only case I found where you had to use 5[C] was on Warachia where he simply is impossible to hit with 2C/2[C] after the second j.[C] for whatever reason. However, I only tested on a few characters, so use at your discretion.

Character Specific combos, To be updated.

Shield COmbos


5D > J.[c] sjc j.[c] Dash 2c 5c 623b {5b 2b 623c}

5D > j.[C] J.[C] SJ9 j.bc > j.bc Airthrow

Fuzzy Guard, This is what makes H-sacchin special, because she has the ability to do multiple air moves, she can do a proper fuzzy guard.

Late J.C dj j.C j.b 2a Combo, This is a basic fuzzy guard, the idea is to trick the opponent into getting hit by a second overhead.
Late J.C land 2a, this is the counterpart to the above mixup, making the person guess whether a low or second over head is coming.
J.C (whiff) Land 2a, This makes the opponent think twice about blocking high.
These are some examples, and are easy to setup, you can perform it after an IAD or a jump.

Dash j9 over the head of the opponent, iadb j.b or land 2c
Sacchin's sandoori is mad easy to execute.

4-Way Okizeme, Ok so this is why people pick sacchin, the ability to make an opponent guess which direction and whether to block high or low, instills fear into the opponent.

The 4-way can be done in multiple ways and off different set-ups, but the basic setup is off of 623c,
after 623c delay for a second and then super jump over the opponents head and j8, depending on where you hit the j8 is whcih side you're going to land on, your next choice is j.c or land 2.c

Satsuki lacks a high low game outside of her fuzzy guard and 214b(which is not very reliable), her throws are also quite sub-par, thankfully she does a good amount of guard bar damage, so the general idea is to run long high guard damage strings, with some staggers peppered in to make the opponent try to poke out. People tend to freak when they start flashing purple, so it's a good time to start in on those staggers.

Anything in her C series does a ton of guard damage, even more so when charged, with smart whiff cancels you can get in quite a bit of guard damage very quickly.

Some example strings to get started:

2a 5b 5[c] 2c 5a (whiff) Dash, you can follow this up with 3c if you think that the opponent is gonna try to get cute when you re-dash.
If they are cowed you can go for a 2[c] in there as well.
You could also IAD after the 5a to try to get fuzzy guard mixed in there.

5a 5b 5c 2b IAD, Keep that pressure on with an IAD!

5aa 5b 2b 2a(whiff) dash, Mix in short strings like this to keep them from getting to used to what you're trying to pull.

3[c] 5b 5a6a ... 2a (whiff) There is a link between 3[c] and 5b to make it a solid string, very useful for getting people to try to poke.
You could also do 3[c] 5b 2a ... 5a (whiff) Keep in mind that something MUST whiff to allow you to re-use all of her normals in one ground chain.

J.[c] dj J.[c] 2a Ground string, starting with double j.[c] may be easy to see and block, but it does a crazy amount of guard damage!

When they are truly trained, you have more freedom to go for fuzzy guard or using 63214c to set-up okizeme.

*Note: Some info is taken from the other threads and the wiki! I'm putting this up here before I put it up on the mizuumi wiki so that it can be edited. I'd really appreciate if someone could write a better description of the 4-way, I had a lot of trouble trying to write it. More example strings, and info on the basketball combos would be really appreciated (I'm working on the Basketball combos myself as well).*

*Note2: First guide, be gentle  ;)*
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Re: H-Satsuki Guide
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2010, 12:12:13 PM »
If you want to play a more okizeme-based game, you can end your BnB's with 2C 5C 623B instead of the air combo variant.

Only other thing I want to add are the non-3[C] basketball combos.  They're rewarding if you can do them, but since it's not universal you'll have to do some testing.

2A 5B/2B 5C 2C, 5A (whiff) 6AA, j.[C] dj.[C], land, 2[C] 2C 5C, 623B
This is the basic variation, but depending on character you may or may not need to be in the corner. 

This next bit is copy/pasta from my post in the Sacchin Actress Again thread:

Shiki: Possible midscreen/corner
Warachia: He was kinda weird; I could do it off of dash in 2A 2B 5C 2C or 2B starter only in the corner
Arc: I got 5A (whiff) 6AA once on her
Miyako: Timing/Spacing is very very strict, I believe I got it from 2A 2B 5C 2C midscreen
Chaos: Not possible
Warc: I got it off of j.C > dj. dj.B fuzzy guard once in the corner, don't remember the ground string
Ciel: 2A 2B 5C 2C midscreen, 2A 5B 5C 2C corner

So far, only VAkiha, Kohaku, Ciel and Shiki seem to have the only reasonable timing out of the chars I tested

Only other character I know of that it can be done on is Roa.  I haven't done further testing because I haven't touched H-Sacchin for a while

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Re: H-Satsuki Guide
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2010, 10:10:39 PM »
"5[c] Sacchin does her 5c with a charge, it's not an overhead, but it does crazy guard damage, in my experience most people don't poke out here, but if they try to, you can start half charging for a stagger."

5b, 5a6a, and 2b can all be used prior to 5[c] and that gap can't be poked.  Off 5[c] CH you can do her j[c] combos.
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