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MBAACC Tohno video thread


Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Amara(F-Arcueid), Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Ten(C-Hisui) 1, Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Chen(F-Aoko) 1, Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Ten(C-Hisui) 2, Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Chen(F-Aoko) 2, Shiki(C-Tohno) vs GO1(F-VAkiha), Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Yuu(C-Sion) 1, Shiki(C-Tohno) vs GO1(C-Nanaya), Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Yuu(C-Sion) 2, Shiki(C-Tohno) vs Kanna(F-Ries)

Shiki(H-Tohno) vs Ranpo(H-Nanaya) 1, Shiki(H-Tohno) vs Tsa(C-Ciel  :toot:), Shiki(H-Tohno) vs Ranpo(H-Nanaya) 2, Shiki(H-Tohno) vs Ranpo(H-Nanaya) 3], Shiki(H-Tohno) vs Deguchi(C-Ries)

Shiki(F-Tohno) vs Aware(F-Hisui)

What are the reasons to counterpick different moons with Tohno against different characters? ???


--- Quote from: Funky-kun on May 07, 2011, 12:18:21 PM ---What are the reasons to counterpick different moons with Tohno against different characters? ???

--- End quote ---

If you're asking in console balance
- C-Moon has reversal heat, better OS' vs most of the cast, and a better jA than H-Moon.  There's still very little reason to pick him though unless you're worried about blocking hard to see mixups like H-Sion roll in corner because H-Moon bunker is a great reversal, H-Moon has a lot more mobility, more damage, better pressure, a good jA, and most of the same OS' even though he gets less damage off them most of the time.

- H-Moon: Pick this nearly always

- F-Moon: This groove has the best AA options(6b/5c/236a/5aaaa(close range to punish IADs) and that makes 214a and high shield better options as well even though H/F also have them.  jC is a great air to air normal and it's very easy to confirm off of a jC that hits air to ground.  Generally though, outside of vs Nanaya(623b hits him crouching) and H-Kohaku(very weak ground to ground game, 5a BE5b tickthrow setup doesn't work because of 2a speed, 623c does better against bomb mixup than C/H dp because it beats backdash/jump/dodge options, and 214a 236c cancel makes it safer to poke out with 214a, which the other grooves can also do whenever she staggers into 5c/BE5b) there is still no reason to pick this moon because H-Tohno is so strong.

In CC though...

- C-Moon: Now stronger than H-Moon due to various damage nerfs that H-Moon received as well as the buffs he got from system changes.  No more anti-A armor makes jA even more gdlk.  People also really like to OS his backdash with 2a 2c because a lot of Tohno players like to dp or backdash.  If they guess wrong now, no more 623b anti-A armor.  Now it should trade like it does with any other meaty, which means full bnb which will give him more damage than H-Moon.  5[d]/2[d] 623b will now give full bnb due to extended ground CH stun whereas in verA/verB it only gives a bnb if the opponent is in the air.  Every dp you can OS with your dp but couldn't combo off of(V-Akiha 623c for example) will now give you a full bnb due to new CH system.  

- H-Moon: He still has better mobility and better pressure than C-Moon but the massive damage nerfs make picking him a much less attractive option.  It's still good in matchups where you want that mobility like vs Nero and Ciel but not much of a reason otherwise to pick him.

- F-Moon: REALLY gdlk thanks to new CH system and 623b buff.  2a 2b 2a and stagger into 5b/2b dash 2a are both good decisions to make in pressure but in the first case if you stagger into 2b and it CHs them, the 2a after won't combo unless the 2b got anti-A armor and in the second case it's not 100% safe but once they start respecting level 0 it's a good thing to go for but again, if they mashed the 5b/2b you aren't going to get any damage if you go for dash 2a.  F-Moon has the highest damage now out of the 3 grooves(unless they made some undocumented changes)

Currently, C-Tohno 2a 2b 5c 2c 214c 5a whiff 5b BE5b 22d 2c 5c 5bb j[c] j22a 623b does 5451 damage to V-Sion w/no reduction and no prior rebeats(the max damage combo is 2c 2b 5b 6b jb jc jb jc airthrow after the 22d but it only does ~50 more damage) and 2b(2) 6b 5c 2c 214c 5a whiff 5b BE5b 22d 2c 5c 5bb j[c] j22a 623b does 6006 damage on V-Sion standing.  This will be lower in CC because 2c and 214c both got damage nerfs.  

F-Tohno 2a 5b 2b 5c 623c 5b 5c jb jc ja jb jc airthrow does 5878 damage(5b 5c after 623c is invalid now but it isn't in CC) and 5b 2b 5c 623c 5b 5c jb jc ja jb jc airthrow does 6406 damage on V-Sion standing.  

However, with anti-A armor removed even though F-Tohno has a great 2a it's not as good in neutral as C/H 2a, he can't play as offensively w/jA as C/H can, he has the shortest dash out of the three grooves, and even though his 236a is definitely overall a better move than C/H 236a, C-Moon breaks 5k off 236a CH near the corner.  I'd say it's pretty hard to decide between C/F moons overall which character does better in the matchup.  vs F-Hisui though, having multihit 236a makes dealing with chair much easier.


HUGE set of matches of the most gdlk Tohno player, Shikki himself.



Some C-Tohno I haven't seen before tearing it up. Name is Kaigi ???

might be Backwards, its his colour


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