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Quit H, play C.

H is still relevant in matchups vs chars with no reversals/shitty 2as I think (hi nero)

You ain't Jiyuna


--- Quote from: Irysa on January 17, 2012, 02:23:04 AM ---H is still relevant in matchups vs chars with no reversals/shitty 2as I think (hi nero)

--- End quote ---

Not worth it.  H has horrible damage, nearly no mixup, and most of the time doesn't get oki.  That is not acceptable in this version when most characters get any hit --> corner carry --> oki you have to respect AND do more damage.  The only reason to pick him is if you want the mobility but even then why not just pick someone else? 

I think he's overnerfed but the char is hardly totally unviable, I've been using him a lot lately.
His damage is not that bad off clean hits. From confirming random shit and in blockstrings its bad but honestly C-Tohno isnt that hot off those either.

Stop using 6c in combos if possible, the scaled prorate fucking destroys him.

2aa5b5c5a6aa6[c] iad j.c 5bb2a(whiff) j.cb sdj.bc AT is like 3.8ish with random reduce on (4.2k without reduce) an average defence char (pcl, sion etc) and like 3.1kish for 5b 623b ender for oki. (3.6k withou reduce)
Off clean hit 5b stuff thats like 4.4k random reduce (5.3k without) and 3.8k for oki combo with reduce (4.5k without)

Problem is that combo only really works up close, 2a5c5a6aa etc is still legit at further out ranges though, so average damage is a little lower (200 or something)

For comparison, C-Tohno's 2aa2b(1hit)5c2c5b6b j.bca sdj.bc AT does like 3.5k with random reduce on (4k without reduce), and his midscreen 2aa2b(1hit)5c2c5bb j.[c] oki combo is like 2.4k random reduce (2.8k raw)
Clean hit 5b5c2c2b6b j.bca sdj.bc AT 3.8k (4.5k), 2b(2hit)6b5c2c5bb j.[c] oki 3.1k (3.6k)

With those combos you'd probably end up not being in range for 2b a lot as well (same as the 6aaa problem) so the average damage will be lower again by about 200.

His random convert damage is noticably worse though, and C-Tohno has higher damage corner 214c combos that can also be hard kd with 623bb, as well as damage extenders like j.22c or j.623c, or and genreal utilities. C definitely has better mixup too. H has to sacrifice a lot more damage for not shitty corner knockdown too.
But I still think he's viable, just most of the decent damage has to be worked for now compared to before, his random converts were kind of ass previously anyway. (5c6c5a6aa2c2b5bb j,bc dj.bc AT still does like 4.2k/5k for easy dmg, wheras people mashing 6c eat 3.8k/4.4k from 6c5a6aa combos)


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