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Tohno Shiki 1.05 changes(partial translation)


My translator wasnt very experienced,but we managed to make some sense out of http://www36.atwiki.jp/mbaashiki/pages/78.html
System changes(applicable too everyone it seems)
-Hmoon guard bar increase.
-Hmoon shield bunker canceled from block is untechable(it wasnt before?)
-Fmoon shield hold time reduced
Airthrow properties change(probably reffering to the gold airthrow change)

214A better priority
214C less untechable time
623A proration is now 60%
j.22A now floats a little before it comes out

6C more forward movement
22A recovery down,you can follow up with 5b now(not sure on this one,something tells me you couldnt before?)
214A recovery reduced

Again,this is tentative,if a more experienced translator wants to chime in with some correction,please post in this thread or contact me on IRC.


--- Quote from: fiendmaw on May 24, 2011, 09:14:28 AM ----Hmoon shield bunker canceled from block is untechable(it wasnt before?)

--- End quote ---

No, you can always tech an HMoon shield bunker canceled from block though you really shouldn't vs Tohno. 

overall system changes

- faster game speed(?)
- regular blocking is now better (more pushback)
- extra hmoon guard bar
- hmoon shield bunker guard cancels now untechable
- full moon held shield time reduced
- system change on airthrows (some characters can now input followup attacks; now in CH state until landing on whiff)
- some characters now walk faster
- new OTG pickups (at about 60% prorate)


- OTG pickups: EX moves 214C/623C
- extra recovery on 214A
- 623A now prorates (60% or so?)
- j.22A floats a little before it comes out
- 214C has less untechable time(?)
- j.22C now has some invincibility


- OTG pickups: 214C/623C


- OTG pickup: 214C
- 6C moves forward more
- less recovery on 22A (such that 5B will connect)
- less recovery on 214A

question marks from original source

5B connects in the corner after 22A charged or otherwise for half, but the translation is correct, so maybe it didn't pre-1.05

your translator just about got it all


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