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Author Topic: [July 17th 2015] EVO2015 Melty Teams and Singles  (Read 1920 times)

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[July 17th 2015] EVO2015 Melty Teams and Singles
« on: July 18, 2015, 01:30:29 PM »
I'm hoping to post the full brackets later but I can put the results up for those that are curious  :slowpoke:

 :prinny: :prinny: MB Teams  :prinny: :prinny:

 1) GO1 (F-Akiha) / Butterfree (CF-Nanaya)
 2) Teruta (CF-Nanaya) / Messi (C-Maids) [Messi had to play pools, so Teruta solo'd]
 3/4) KFL (C-Arc) / KUSANAGI (CF-Aoko)
 3/4) Viskar (F-Aoko) / IPhail (F-Akiha)

full brackets : http://challonge.com/evo2k15mbteams

 :prinny: :prinny: MB Singles  :prinny: :prinny:
 1) GO1 (F-Akiha)
 2) KUSANAGI (CF-Aoko, C-Roa)
 3) Messi (C-Maids)
 4) Teruta (CF-Nanaya)
 5/6) Lain (C-Wara)
 5/6) Skwuck (C-Kohaku)
 7/8) MadScientist (C-Sion)
 7/8) Sima

Hope to put pictures of the full bracket soon.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, thanks to Numakie for streaming the matches, thanks to DJcream for organizing and running brackets. Thanks to everyone who brought a set up. The tournament was great!
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