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When's Melty on Steam?
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Kohaku's Video Room / MBAACC Warc CMV-05 Preview
« on: August 25, 2016, 04:04:56 PM »
I've pretty much decided to make a new CMV. I'm strongly considering making it Warc only.

Same as usual, anyone that want to submit combos can. I'll include them if I like them. PM me here or on Discord to send me the dummy replays.

A couple samples:



Kohaku's Video Room / MBAACC CMV-04 Preview
« on: July 30, 2015, 08:19:39 AM »

I think I'ma use this song: Blue by Gemini.

I've started working on another cmv for melty. If you have a combo you want included, please record a dummy replay of it, and send me the dummy replay file from the mbaacc folder for that char and moon, along with details like required meter, screen position, char color, stage, CH, ect.

Use the PM system here to get a hold of me. I can't say I'll be checking every day, but I will check.

The cmv is a ways off from being complete, so there is loads of time to record a combo if you want one included.

As usual though, just because you send me a combo doesn't mean it will get included. If I like it enough, or it meets some other requirement that I need, I'll include it.


-NC TexasTim-

Kohaku's Video Room / MBAACC CMV-03 Preview
« on: February 15, 2015, 08:37:57 PM »
I'm making another CMV. I recorded a few combos over the past month or so. I also have some that were submitted too late to make it into my last one.

As always, anyone can submit a combo. Simply record a dummy replay of the combo in game, and send me the dummy replay file with instructions like meter, screen position, CH, opponent char, char color, stage, ect.

It's not set in stone yet, but I think ima use an edited version of the song Is You by D.I.M. Le Castle Vania Remix.

Here are some samples:

Sample 01

Sample 02

Enjoy! I look forward to making another hype Melty CMV (I hope...).

Kohaku's Video Room / MBAACC CMV-2 Preview
« on: August 26, 2014, 03:05:02 PM »

Preview 01

 I feel like making another one of these. It'll likely come together as i get combo ideas that pan out into actual combos... No set timeline for me. I'm guessing more than 6 months to completion, baring a crap load of people submitting bad ass combos for it... -Wink Wink-

Anyways, if people come up with cool combos that they want in a combo vid, just record a dummy replay and PM it to me, along with instructions like meter, CH, screen position, char color, ect. If I like the combo, I'll include it.  :D

Hopefully I can make an entertaining Melty Vid once again.

For those that are curious, the song I chose to use is called: Hello! by Kirin (EastNewSound).

-NC TexasTim-

Kohaku's Video Room / MBAACC CMV Preview
« on: February 04, 2014, 05:09:20 PM »
I'm planning to make a legit combo movie for my next project instead of the normal character tutorials I usually make.

Here is a sample I put together: http://youtu.be/_5RAiBYhL4I

I don't think I know enough combos with enough character variety to make this. I also think that getting people involved could produce interesting results, so I'm asking for help.

If you have a combo that you think is CMV worthy, record a replay dummy in game, and PM me the replay file, so I can record and edit it. The combos can be anything that you think is cool, that is not something you see every day in a match vid. I also might need other info like screen positioning, or a preferred opponent character, or stage, or starting meter amount, ect.

If you wish to submit a combo, don't post it in here. That defeats the purpose of the combo video... PM the dummy replay file to me. If you don't know how to use training mode to record dummy replays, or don't know where they are saved, just ask in here, and I'll walk you through it.

The song is a modified version of Into The Light by Gareth Emery Feat Mark Frisch -  (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix). The original song is a little too long for what I want, but I found a version that someone else already edited down that works for what I want. So, I'm going to use it.

Ultimately, decisions on what is included and how it's edited are mine to make.

Bottom line is that I'm going to do this, and it'll get done when it's done. I'll likely scrutinize every frame, multiple times before release. I have a job that consumes my time, so I will be working on this in my spare time. I am not a professional editor, but I've been doing things like this for a while now.

If you have suggestions for the sample footage I posted above, please share. I'm not really interested in suggestions about the combo content, but things like the sound, effects, resolution, aspect ratio, music, footage quality, ect.

Anyways, if you are hype for a combo movie, then please participate by submitting a combo!


-NC TexasTim-

Tournament Results / [9/14-15] The Fall Classic (Raliegh, NC) Results
« on: September 17, 2013, 06:28:47 AM »
Top 8

1st: Lord Knight (F-Hime, H-Kohaku)
2nd: PWS Brent (F-Ries)
3rd: Nagare Ippon = Ehrik (C-Wara)
4th: Matt Frank (C-Warc)
5th: Sion xTc (F-Miyako)
5th: Butterfree (C/H/F-Nanaya)
7th: OneDeate (F-Ries)
7th: WYVERN LORD (F-Arc)

Playlist for Top 8 Matches
Challonge Bracket

The 1st Top 8 match in losers did not get recorded.
It was Butterfree (?-Nanaya) vs OneDeate (F-Ries)

GGs to everyone I played.
It was nice to meet all(?) of the NC Raleigh players and play them, drunk or otherwise.
Hopefully, I'll be able to come up on some weekends to play more.
Nice to meet Butterfree from GA. Nanaya j.C is too good for me. Also, the MIX-UPS!
I even got to play Spooky Saturday night! Lots of fun every time I get to play him.
Shoutouts to none of these matches being netplay.
Special thanks to Brent for the housing. I def could not have been able to come with out that.

-NC Texas Tim-

Kohaku's Video Room / The Best Thing You Will Ever Watch Ever...
« on: August 06, 2013, 08:07:20 PM »

Watch this. Blast from the past...

Red Bitch Black Skirt... Looks Hot...

Shiki Nanaya / H-Nanaya 1.07
« on: January 30, 2013, 01:02:13 PM »
A video I made for this guy demonstrating combos.
I give you The Psycho Therapist. :prinny:

I made a new thread because I did not think this belonged in the video thread, because it's not match footage. Also this is H-Moon specific, and there are no moon specific boards for some reason...

Looking at you Roku :V

Feel free to post any questions about anything in the video here. ;D

There will likely be more videos to come showcasing Pressue, and Oki/Tech Punishes/Misc. Tech.


So this is something I noticed last year. The member count went through the roof last year.
Has anyone noticed a flood of activity from new people in the regional boards?
Not really in the Texas Board.
How about the net play community? Lots of new activity there?
How about on IRC?
I don't remember seeing much in the way of spam posts, just a couple here and there. Are these new accounts like, bot accounts?
Are they foreign accounts, and there are not a lot of new posts or activity because of the language barrier?

Looking at the fourm stats, the trend of a fuck ton of new members is, well, increasing by a fuck ton...
For 2012, Melty Bread saw 3114 new members. That's like 67.8% increase over all the previous years.
For 2013, January alone has seen like 1200 new members so far, more than 1/3 of all last year. That's about 13.5% for Melty Bread's total life time for new members over a 16 day period.

Any insight into this? I'm not really trying to sound like I'm complaining, I'm just curious.

I wonder how many of these accounts that were created over the last year have been logged into more than once, on their creation.


Michael Roa Valdamjong / F-Roa 1.07
« on: November 29, 2012, 12:43:42 AM »
So, I was just poking around and saw that there is like almost NO info for this char on the forums, for any of the moons. That's why I decided to make this:

Magic Pants

This video covers the very basics of F-Roa, including: Move Set Properties, Zoning & Neutral Tools, Basic Pressure, Basic Combos & Okizeme. Oki is not covered in any sort of organized way though. It's more implied. I'm going to make another for an In-Depth look at Oki.

Anyways, enjoy! ;D

I prolly spend like quadruple the time making the like 50 some odd sec. of splash screens serving as the intro, intermission, and outro than the rest combined. Recording and all. Also the frame by frame overlays of hit boxes... :bricks:


Tournament Results / August 25, 2012 ARK V (Jacksonville, AR) - Results
« on: August 27, 2012, 02:42:58 PM »
There was a side tourney, singles, 9 entrants.

1st: TexasTim (F-Warc) TX
2nd: PBJ Mixxa (C-HisuKoha / C-Ciel) KC
3rd: Blargh (C-Ciel) KC
4th: CPhame (H-Ryougi) TX
5th: FishDuck (F-Ciel) TX
5th: Tetron (C-Warc) AR
7th: SolidBlake (C-Warc / C-Ryougi) AR
7th: QPunch (C-Wara / C-Aoko) TX
9th: DaRabidDuckie MS

Unfortunately, about 50% of the replays, including all of Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals, are broken. So I'm not going to upload any of them. I think it's the auto save function, because I never have this problem when I save them manually. So, sorry, but no replay vids for this will be uploaded. I don't think there was a single set unaffected by this auto replay save bug.

GGs to everyone that played. I love playing this game, it was a lot of fun.
Nice to meet the KC guys that came out.


Houston, Texas Melty Tourney. Less entrants from Houston scene than I would have thought, due to PZ drama I guess. So it was basically DFW vs Oklahoma. It's a shame too, cuz I was looking forward to meeting the Houston guys that play this game. Regardless, it was a lot of fun guys.

Thanks to Pete for letting us sleep on his floor.
Fuck Kohaku. Fucking replicunt.
Thanks to the Oklahoma guys for driving out. Too much fun playing you guys.

Anyways, results:
1st: Pfhor (C-Kohaku) DFW
2nd: Denthorn (C-Arc) DFW
3rd: Kos Mos (F-Hime/C-WLen) Oklahoma
4th: TexasTim (H-VSion) DFW
5th: FoxStepCEO (C-Mech/F-VAkiha) Oklahoma
5th: Cookie (F-Mech) DFW
7th: Chase (F-Aoko) Oklahoma
7th: CPhame (H-Ryougi) Houston

I'll post up videos when I get them done, plus some casuals. I'm doing this by memory, so if I made a mistake or did not include something, let me know.


Edit: Match vids Uploaded: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL48A4E42B0C1CF8EB&feature=plcp
The replays for Round 1 TexasTim vs FoxStepCEO and Winners Pfhor vs FoxStepCEO were lost, so no vids for those.
FoxStepCEO wins vs TexasTim.
Pfhor wins vs FoxStepCEO.

Red Arcueid / F-Warc 1.07
« on: December 20, 2011, 12:48:17 PM »
Changes to values and proration from PS2 to 1.07 Demo. Values at V-Sion defense for multi hit moves.

5C: Raw Damage changed to 975 from 1000.
3C: Raw Damage changed to 1600 from 1880.
j2C: Damage changed to 2064 from 2063; Raw Damage: 2600. Why does it do 1 more damage? Maybe V-Sion defense got changed after all?
236C:Damage changed to 1873 from 2036; Raw Damage changed to 4050 from 3550; Proration changed to 50% from 70%.
214C: Damage changed to 3349 from 3347; Raw Damage: 5000. Alright! Two more damage! Yesssss!
623C: Proration changed to 45% from 80%.
63214C: Damage changed to 1987 from 1984; Raw Damage: 3200. Oh boy! Three more damage now!
AD 41236C: Proration changed to 30% from 100%.
BHAD: Proration changed to 40% from 100%.
LA: Proration changed to 68% from 60%.

-Her 623C, 236C and 63214C are still air unblockable.
-After EX Air Ring, at least one 3C will otg relaunch. The ex air ring counts against your ground slams, and if you did 623C, the wall slam from that eats another space for 3C otg.
-Also after EX Air Ring, a 3C 3C 5C 236A jA jB jC djB jC AT/j2C/j214C is possible.
-Overall, her damage is about the same or better, despite the damage nerfs to 5C, 3C and 623C.

I did find a new corner combo: 2A 5B 5C 236B 5C 236A jB jC sdjB jC AT/j2C/j214C.

F-Warc Basics
F-Warc Oki
F-Warc The Gaps
F-Warc 236A Pressure
F-Warc Pressure Continued
F-Warc Fuzzy Guard

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / H-Moon Specific 1.07
« on: December 19, 2011, 06:48:38 AM »
Changes from PS2 to 1.07 PC Demo as far as values and proration. All values vs V-Sion, raw damage is raw,
damage at V-Sion def for multi hit moves and the 1,2,3.

5A6AA: Proration changed to 78%, 62%, 60% from 78%, 70%, 60%; Raw damage: 1950; Damage down to 1383 (for V-Sion def and new proration value).
6A(1): Proration changed to 80% from 90%.
BEj2B: Raw damage: 1000; Proration: 60%.
BE236B: Raw damage: 1800; Damage: 1743 (for V-Sion def); Proration: 100%
214A: Damage up to 1353 from 1352 (for V-Sion def). Not sure why, but it does 1 more damage vs V-Sion, but raw damage is unchanged, and no other multi hit moves do more (or less) damage. So I don't think there was a def increase or decrease for V-Sion.
236C: Proration changed to 79% from 72%; Raw damage: 2550; Damage up to 2124 from 2067 (for V-Sion def).

Practical Combos Part 1:
Part 2:

Seifuku Akiha / F-SAkiha v1.07
« on: November 28, 2011, 02:10:49 PM »
F-Seifuku Basics here:

Old Post:

Kou vs GO1 @ 9:50

22A recovery on hit looks way decreased. 22A loops look way easier to do.
Still looks to be not so good damage on her meter combos and set-ups and command throw.

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / VSion 1.07
« on: October 21, 2011, 12:17:08 PM »
So far, I can only find the Fujinami vids on nico and MB youtube. I was trying to wait for more but...

H-VSion looks mostly unchanged from 1.05.
-There is BEj2B. MaSa blocks it low at some point so it's not overhead. I think it might have a little more hit stun or less recovery.
-j2B still otg relaunches, but either he mistimed 2C or it can't be done anymore.
-...2Cj2B2C... still works.

I only ever saw a hand full of H players after CC. Fujinami played this char largely the same as Ver.A in CC and 1.05, so it's really hard to say if things are changed, or if he just never executes new stuff.
Also, I've not played 1.05 or 1.07 (obviously), so I don't know what proper timing looks like. I never know what it looks like until I can execute things myself.

F-VSion looks the same too. Although I'm no expert on F.
-only thing I noticed is that either he miss-timed a j2B otg relaunch, or you can't do it anymore off metterless claws.

Again, my knowledge of F is super limited.


Edit: I'm terrible at finding information, so if anyone has more links to footage of VSion play, I'd like to see it.

Kohaku's Video Room / TexasTim's MBAACC Recordings
« on: October 11, 2011, 07:53:02 PM »
Updated: 15 Oct 2014

July 2013: I moved to North Carolina (NC). So prolly my vids will be from events there more often than not.

-Uploaded vids from 29 Oct 2011. 8 parts, about 2.5 hours uploaded out of the 7.5 recorded. I'll try and make it less next time. 2.5 hours of our scrub asses is too much.
-Uploaded vids from 06 Nov 2011. 5 parts, about 1 hour 40 min. uploaded. I arrived late to the meet-up so everyone just kinda played me and left... :( I'll continue to work on making them a bit shorter.
-Uploaded a couple sets of Me and Pat. 3 parts, Me (H-VSion), Pat (H-Miyako/H-Ciel). I'm not sure why JP plays H-Miyako the way they do...
-Uploaded Best of 3 and Best of 5 matches from 13 Nov 2011. 19 vids total, ranging from 4-10 min each. Goal of the format change is to foster better quality matches. Time will tell... :V
-Uploaded a shit ton of sets from our Texas gathering on the 19th. 28 vids in total. The only person to not get recorded was Oldboy... Anyways feel free to brows. I was unable to keep the sets to a best of 5 or 3 all the time, so video lengths vary widely.
-Been a while since I posted much. Been getting pwned by life and been too lazy. Uploaded some new vids. Casuals and Tourney footage from our recent trip to Houston for Bar Fights 6.
-Uploaded F-Warc Basics Vids.
-Uploaded Vids from our May Houston trip. 20 Parts in total.
-Uploaded Vids from 24 Jun 2012 meet-up. 7 Parts total.
-Uploaded Vids from 28 Jul 2012 meet-up. 17 parts total.
-Uploaded Vids from NEC13. Casual Sets that were saved on my laptop.
-Uploaded Vids from Winter Break 06 Jan 2013. Casual Sets between QPunch and I.
-Uploaded vids from our Maiden Voyage Stream.
-Uploaded vids from our 09 Feb 2013 Streamed Meet-up.
-Uploaded vids from TFC in North Carolina. Top 8.
-Uploaded vids from Carolina Clash 19 Oct 2013. Round Robin with 6 entrants.
-Uploaded vids from 02 Nov 2013. Casuals between me and ShinsoBEAM!.

All my recorded videos can be found on my youtube:

I also run streams of the meet-ups we host in Denton:
(I stream random netplay now...)


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