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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Dustloop Cross Post


Hey all, this thread is for the planning of the Evo 2015 side tournaments. We now know that both Xrd and P4AU will be at Evo this year, so some folks from SoCal and NorCal (and maybe more areas) are trying to plan out the details for side tournaments at the moment. However, there are a LOT of games that people want to play and we will absolutely need help providing setups! This year is guaranteed to be one of the biggest Evo tournaments for anime, being the first to feature two Arc System Works games in the main lineup ever. Given this, we expect more people to show up than ever before, which also will likely mean a larger turnout for the yearly side tournaments.

Last year was a blast, but it took us an entire day to run Persona and Guilty Gear with the setups we had. Brett was also running Gundam (I don't know how long that took, but maybe he can shed some light on this), and both Numakie and DJ Cream were running other poverty games. From what I saw, everyone involved was at it basically the entire day.

Last year's numbers:
Persona: 95
Guilty Gear: 107
Aquapazza: 27
Chaos Code: 20
JoJos ASB: 22
Arcana Heart 3: 41
Melty: 50
VSav: 40

That said, we have a handful of people lined up to stream and run the side tournaments, but there are a lot of unknowns at this point. We don't know how big the BYOC area will be, we don't know what days it will be open, and we don't know what days and times Xrd and P4AU will be run. A mod or myself will update this post as we get more concrete details. In the meantime, please participate in the attached poll so we can gauge interest!


Go to the Dustloop Cross Post to take the poll.

Yo. Its Numakie. I have been headin to Family Fun Arcade for Melty most fridays after work. N occasion I have been recording matches on my lappie and posting em on my Youtubes. I have been thinking bout hosting Melty tourneys on Fridays since I'm there anyways. This is what I've been thinkin:

- games will be on the Melty Cabinet. (MBAACC V.1.07)
- 1 dollar entry fee, 25c per match. Event mode. Winner take all
- Tourneys will be held on some Fridays (don't know if Biweekly or once every Month)
- Alternate between single and Double Elimination.
- Vids recorded on my lappie & posted on my youtubes.
- Start time = 8pm.
- Each tournie will have some silly acronym title. (EX: eFFAn Melty - TTW=Testing The Waters)

 I honestly don't expect too many ppl to come by. I'd be delighted if there is like ... 6+ ppl in these. If for some reason  there is significantly more people, ill consider using additional setups (lappies).

So... what do you guys think?

Regional Community / SoCal Melty: Bringing out the Dead
« on: February 02, 2012, 12:52:02 AM »
SoCal Melty: Bringing out the Dead
Starring Viskar as Nicolas Cage.

We also has a FB Page.

--- Notable Players List --- (I'll add a title if you want me to... or I can make something up  ;D)
Numakie - Raw Throw > j6B > j6B
KFL - Dash up 5A
MarTee - Resident Povert
Del3030 - Own worst enemy
DisMofo - This motha...

--- Upcoming Events ---

Saturday, Jan 11, 2014: Rebel Up @ Super Arcade

Martee's Balcony on Off Weekends.

--- Arcade ---

A Melty cab was recently install @ Super Arcade. I Plan to run something in the future on it.
1211 N Grand Ave Walnut, CA 91789‎
(909) 594-5954

Stream - :  My stream channel. I stream Melty there.
Twitter @numakie : My twitter. I make announcements and occasionally post Hisui pics... and food.

Previous names:
SoCal Melty: LA Martee Balcony X Super Rebel Up
SoCal Melty: R.I.P. j.A
SoCal Melty: Akiha Again
SoCal Melty: Arcueid Edition v2013.07 (USM4AE)
SoCal Melty: Cuz we so SoCal!
SoCal Melty Rev 3.0: Reviving the Dead
SoCal Melty Rev 3.1: Team Dead Game

Got this linked to me via Facebook.

Ya'll interested to push MB for Evo 2012? 

Questions asked:

What is the name of your tournament? *
What is the date of your tournament? *
What is the location of your tournament? *
What games do you plan to have at your tournament regardless of the official Evo tournament games? *
How many years has your tournament been active? *
Please list all the people that are in charge of this event. * List all the tournament organizers below.
Lastly, please state why you think your tournament should be part of the Evo 2012 Tournament Season. *

FFA Airdasher Bi-Weeklies (MB-GG) @ Granada Hills, CA

When: Sunday, December 11, 2011

Starting Time & Line up:

5:00 PM
Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code 1.05
Guilty Gear XX Λ Core

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419


Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code 1.05:
Double Elimination Bracket
2/3 Matches
Pot Split will be 75%/25% for <8 players; 70%/20%/10% for more.
Double Blind Character Selection available on request.
Winners must keep the same character, losers may couterpick.
Winners may change Moon-type, but must do so before the losing player in order for them to counterpick.
If a button or stick problem occurs on the arcade cabinet, stop playing and notify me immediately, even before your round is over. I will fix the problem, and we will restart the round.
The PS2 port DOES NOT WORK on the arcade cabinet. Sorry guys, maybe some time in the future.

Guilty Gear XX Λ Core:
Double Elimination Bracket
2/3 Matches
Pot Split will be 75%/25% for <8 players; 70%/20%/10% for more.
Double Blind Character Selection available on request.
Winners must keep the same character, losers may couterpick.
If a button or stick problem occurs on the arcade cabinet, stop playing and notify me immediately, even before your round is over. I will fix the problem, and we will restart the round.

Edit: Updated for Sat, 2011-12-10
Edit: Actually its 2011-12-11. beh.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Vunerable when landing after whiffed air pokes
« on: August 30, 2010, 09:50:45 PM »
I was testing out the situation when a character lands on the ground and the opponent immediately attacks right when the character lands.
If you are in the air and you land without attacking, you are able to guard immediately when you land.
If you whiff an attack in the air and then land, you will not be able to guard. In fact, your character will actually appear on the ground, in which the opponent can start a ground combo as you land.

This will become very apparent if you whiff a jB or jC and get a ground attack from afar (like Kohaku's 2C). This will be very apparent if you have a bad habit of accidentally crossing over the opponent in the air and you used an attack (like me ;x).

I thought this would be a nifty mechanic to mention to people.

Whiffed 2/5A Canceling

Explanation: Basically the animation of a whiffed 2/5A can be canceled to a shield, normal move or special/EX/Arc move. This cannot be used to cancel into dashes, jumps, or dodges (possible exception is WLen's dash).  This can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the character or player.

2/5A Shield Cancel: Interrupting a whiffed 2/5A animation with a shield (D). Mainly used against moves like Ciels or Roa's EX Hiero or even wake up DP's (EX or not) if a 2/5A is sticking out/baited (not 100% proof but its better than taking damage). Can also be used if opponents detect and attempt to counter a whiff cancel during a block string, although it is rather risky.

2/5A Special/EX/Arc Cancel: Interrupting a whiffed 2/5A animation with a special/EX/Arc move.  Use is character dependent.

2/5A Normal Cancel Interrupting a whiffed 2/5A animation with a normal move (B/C).   In blockstrings, a whiffed 2/5 A can be quickly canceled into another move.  However, this canceling still follows normal move/reverse beat canceling rules. 

<Ex1: Blockstring 2C, (5A), 5C = 5C will cancel the animation of the (5A).>
<Ex2: Blockstring 5C, (5A), 5C = 5C will not cancel the (5A) animation because 5C was already used.>
<Ex3: Blockstring 2C, (5A), 5C, (5A) = (5A) will not cancel the 5C because it was already used to cancel 2C.>

Outside of blockstrings, the use is character dependent.

Hisui / C-Hisui General Discussion & Strategies
« on: February 24, 2010, 06:06:08 PM »

The main purpose of this thread is to lay out as much specifics about C-Hisui as I can think of, from useful strategies to random tricks.

(Note: Directions will be covering with the typical Num-pad format).

C-Hisui's j.BB is one of her signature moves with many uses.  I like to use this move for several things: counter fishing, Invalid bounce combo starters, shooting opponents into the corner, tech punishing, & screwing with an opponents teching (or no teching) habits just to name a few.

J.B book slap by itself is a useful normal, but has shortcomings which should be noted. The hitbox for C-Hisui's j.B is  very narrow, only covering her 9 (top-right) area.  As an air footsie and in combos, the j.B can miss completely if the opponent is too low or in front of her.  This becomes more apparent when facing against smaller characters like WLen or Miyako or characters w/ narrow or small air hitboxes. Her jB, however, does count as an overhead, but can only connect during fuzzy guard setups. (Ex: during ex dust corner pressure, IAD>6CB).

Her j.BB follow up, however, has some unique properties and openers. For one, the j.B doesn't need to connect to follow up with the 2nd B.  2nd, the follow up B actually pushes her up a tad. delaying her decent.  3rd, the follow up B can be delayed (necessary to connect the "yayaya" combo or to assure oki/tech setups.).  4th is that the follow up B has such a wide hitbox that practically encircles her whole body (need frame data). 5th is that there is practically no recovery when she lands on the floor.  Also, unique to MBAA is the fact that you can cancel the follow up B into her j.236A/B/C if the follow up B connects.  Then, assuming that the j.BB connects, it will shoot the opponent down to the floor & force the opponent either: 1. recover and risk being tech punished,  2. bounce & eat an invalid combo or 3: if the opponent doesn't get combo'd after the bounce, 3a. either recover and risk yet another tech punish setup or 3b. don't recover and have fun with OTG pressure or Oki. This is the key reason why her j.BB is so good being that, though her j.B and j.BB lacks in air priority, it opens up bounce/tech options that are unique to her.

Throwing Stuff
This is the move which throws seemingly random projectiles into the air at varying angles. The player can control the kinds of projectiles that get thrown. For convenience, here is a list of the projectiles & the commands to control them. (213A/B & 1/2/3/6)  Note that the A version comes out quicker then the B version and the startup & recovery frames are consistent with all Moons.

Types of Projectiles
Straight Series (fastest>slowest): Tray>Hanger>Lamp
Arc Series (High,medium,low): Pot>Vase>Book

Manual Control
214A Series:
* - Random
1 - Lamp
2 - Pot
3 - Vase
6 - Book
214B Series:
* - Random
1 - Pot & Book
2 - Vase & Lamp
3 - Vase & Hanger
6 - Tray & Book
Note: * = 4,5,7,8 & 9

- The Pot's high arc can act as a pseudo anti-air or to cover your approach since it stays on the screen for a while. 
- The Vase medium arc covers a decent amount of her midscreen. Opponent can dashed under at the peak of the arc if their dash is low.  
- The Lamp travels slow and flies full screen.  Hisui's least startup full screen option projectile in C/F moon.
- The Book, while it doesn't cover much ground and is slow, can catch opponents toes. 

Tip to use her pot selection:
-214A/B to activate the move
-hold 1,2,3 or 6 before she actually throws it. 

Bento Stools

Burning Dat Meter

2010-08-21: Changed thread name to "C-Hisui General & Strategies Discussion" and Heavily edited the thread to rid of most of the H-Hisui stuff and to clean it up.  This is mainly to throw out any means to compare and give me an excuse to rant about Chisui gripes.
2010-03-02: Added j.BB information & revised H-Hisui's j.B in "j.BB or not, "Changed "0-Random" to "*-Random" and defined "*" under "Throwing stuff", Fixed some typos & wording. Added "Burning Dat Meter" in the outline. Changed "(Coming Soon)" to "..."
2010-02-28: Added information into the "Throwing stuff" category. Revised "j.BB or not", Added
"A Closer Look at 214A: Tray VS Pots" & "At first Glance" under "Throwing Stuff"
2010-02-25-a : Revised Introduction, revised "j.BB or not"
2010-02-25: Rough outline of subjects. Changed subject title from "j.BB or no j.BB: C-Hisui or H-Hisui" to "C-Hisui or H-Hisui: j.BB & Other Differences (Working Progress)"
(more to be added later. It's a start at least.)

Tournaments and Events / 2008 Melty Cup - "Same Character" Poll
« on: May 27, 2008, 08:22:32 PM »
I write this subject as a supplement to the "2008 Melty Cup - US Championships" with regards to the "Same Characters" Rule. 

There is a debate within the main thread whether or not to allow the use of the same characters in a 3 man team for the tournament at Evo 2008. The 2008 Melty Cup - US Championships" thread started ever since August 29, 2007, 9 months ago, and was edited last since  March 17, 2008, 2 months ago, prior to the update of the rules posted by Arlieth on May 27, 2008 at 02:56:37 PM PST.  Before, the only restriction within the rules for the "2008 Melty Cup" was "Locked Characters", meaning that players must stick with a single character throughout the entire tournament

Because there was no other set restrictions, this meant that a team of players can enter the 2008 Melty Cup with 2 to 3 duplicate characters in a 3 man team. 

However, As of May 27, 2008 at 02:55:13 PM PST,  a little over one month prior to the "2008 Melty Cup" The rules have been updated to include "No duplicate characters" in a 3 man team. While it is a good call to make this official, it is inconvenient to impose a rule that was not previously stated for such a long period of time.

To add to this, the update to the rules were made after a certain team announced that they were going to enter the tournament with same characters.  This was followed with assumptions that  same character teams weren't allowed. However this was countered with the fact that there was nothing that stated these same character restrictions.

Facts aside, there were also signs of interest of people wanting to entering the tournament with same characters as well as people disagreeing with the 'Same Characters" rule.

That is where this poll comes in. Should the 2008 Melty Cup allow the use of the Duplicate Characters in teams?  If you can, please state your reasons and/or opinions as well.

Nero Chaos (Nrvnqsr) / Facing Nero at the recieving end: Those damn pets.
« on: September 03, 2007, 12:19:28 PM »
When it comes to facing nero, its not the 4c's that i worry about: It's those damn pets: the 3 versions of the deer, the crow, that snake with the big mouth. they are all brutal set ups to lead to punishment if you're not careful.

While i cant say that i am the best when it comes to beating Nero, i do have an idea of what to look out for.

1: The deer: There are 3 versions: 1 hit- the deer jumps and disappears, 2 hit- the deer walks out then does 2 dashing attacks, ex (3 hit)- same as the 2 hit but the deer dashes three times.
-Between the 2 hit and the 3 hit versions, there is a small opening between each deer dash where you are vulnerable to a throw if you are on planted on the ground.
-careful when attacking between each deer dash, that guy luvs to counter your attempts, setting you up for a 4c combo

2: that snake: the once i fear the most is the one that eats you (dunno the version).  Careful when trying to counter a snake attempt. Any bit of hit recovery that the snake catches you will result with you in being eaten.

3: The Crows:  1 shoots the crow like a quick projectile, another sets up a crow for a diagonal dash attack. The ex version sets up a barrage of crows for a diagonal dash attack.   Beware of the possible set ups of the ex version.  Trying to block a ex crow set up could make you get thrown. At the same token, trying to attack when the ex crows are out will result in a barrage of crows from going at you if even the slightest hitbox of your sprite is touching the path of the crows. Trying to jump block the crows could also set you up for an unblockable.

This is all i can think up being on the receiving end of Nero.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Reverse Beat: Whiff Canceling
« on: August 29, 2007, 11:58:24 PM »
2007-08-20:11.11p : Changed the title to "Reverse Beat: Whiff Canceling" and changed the words in this post accordingly
2007-08-30: Changed the thread from "Jab Canceling" to "Reverse Beat: Jab Canceling"


The Combo system of Melty Blood works in such a way that, provided that you are hitting the opponent, any normal hit can cancel into any normal hit.  (ex: A cancels to B, C cancels to A) On the same token, once you do a move, you can't repeat that move in a single string once you used it.  This applies to hitting the opponent whether he is blocking or not. 

There is a slight different to hitting an opponent that is not blocking and one that is blocking.  This will lead to 2 different kinds of options depending on the situation

If you manage to hit an opponent that is not blocking, you have the additional ability to "Jump Cancel", which means that you are able to cancel a normal move with a jump.  It is well known when doing air combos from any sweep to another normal hit, you can immediately jump up in the air for pursuit.  This is a basic concept of "Jump Canceling."  It also means that you can hit a standing opponent with a B and jump right after word.  Looking at this further, this brings along other options of "Counter Punishing', catching people in the air, or as other means of mix ups. 

Most of the time though, before you will be able to land that hit, the opponent will be blocking, and that will limit your options with the strings that you will be able to use against your opponent.  That means you will be strictly limited to canceling moves with a special move or waiting for something like a whiffed sweep to recover, which leave you screaming to the opponent "Hit me".  Looking back to the concept that any normal move can cancel to any normal move, if you are met with this situation of hitting a blocking opponent, you will want to whiff something that gives the least amount of recovery.  This leaves one possible option, the Jab A.

Whiff Canceling

Whiff Canceling refers to the use of whiffing a standing A in mid pressure against a blocking opponent.  The reason why standing A is a good option is because a majority of moves from ground encounters are done using crouching moves. In most cases, standing moves will not be used unless in the middle of a combo. This leaves the standing A an available option to recover quickly since it isn't used much otherwise. In a combo string against a blocking opponent, a standing A that is whiffed will bring you back to a neutral state quickly.  That means you can rush in and do every single one of your normal moves, then whiff an A, the do all your moves again.

This also give the player different options that are not available otherwise.  Any move that otherwise has an extreme recovery can have an A whiffed right after for a quick recovery. Sweeps can be spammed against a grounded opponent.   C's can be Whiff Canceled, only to follow up with another C. One can even throw an opponent after a Whiff Cancel, provided they are close enough to do so.  Also, Depending on the situation, other moves can be canceled into provide that they haven't been used yet in a single string


While this concept may sound like a godsend at first, there are some drawbacks with Whiff Canceling.  First of all, a move can only be canceled if it actually connects against an opponent.  This means that a normal move like a laggy C attack that doesn't connect will be just that... a laggy C attack.  Whiff Canceling only assures that you can continue any pressure string used against an opponent.  It will not prevent an opponent from blocking, countering, or shielding you.  This concept is only considered as an additional means to use against an opponent.  Also, depending on the character, some normal moves cannot be Whiff Canceled, or have other specific follow ups, thus not allowing the option to Whiff Cancel.  Each character has its own use of this method, therefore using this tactic may take some experimenting or getting used to.


Aside from the drawbacks though, Whiff Canceling offers a solid option for recovering quickly in mid combo through the use of normal moves.  It lessens the chance of moves that scream "Hit me" from staying out longer then it should.  It is also universal from character to character, so each character has a means of using it in their own manner.  While the use of this tactic may not win all your matches, it does present as a tool against players of a higher caliber.  After all, the best way to attack or defend is to make sure that you are ready for it in the first place.

In closing, I'd like to say good luck on your matches. I hope this helps your gameplay.

Tournaments and Events / AX in Long Beach, CA
« on: June 23, 2007, 12:15:42 PM »
So yeah... i was wondering who was gonna join me in beasting the MB machine next week....  ;D

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