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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Tournament Results / Heaven or Hell 2014
« on: August 25, 2014, 06:38:42 PM »

Top 8:

Top 8:
#1 - RS – Cristu (F Sion)
#2 - RS – KoM | Inso (F Nanaya, F Kouma)
#3 - SP – Azura (F V.Akiha, H Aoko)
#4 - SP – Mikan (C Arcueid, C Satsuki)
#5 - RS – Balde | Shao (H Len)
#5 - RJ – Bigorados (H Ryougi)
#7 - SP – TLTR | Trema (C Kouma)
#7 - SP – Shadowbringer (C Aoko)

You can check the full results for MB as well as the full results for the other games (BB, GG, 3S), including videos and everything more for them HERE.

MB top 8 (from left to right): Trema, Azura, Shadowbringer, Inso, Bigorados, Cristu, m1kan, Shao.

Ciel's Tech Support / MB Input Lag on TVs
« on: May 06, 2014, 02:47:37 PM »
So, what's the data we have about MB running on TVs? As far as I've tested, it always lag. Tried HDMI and VGA already to connect the CPU to the TV. However I never had a good TV monitor. I had the thread idea because I saw KFL posting about an Asus monitor. Have you guys tested PC on it? How's the lag? Anybody else have more to say about this? We should use TV monitors if they don't lag...

Ciel's Tech Support / Replays Desynch
« on: February 27, 2014, 03:38:19 PM »
I'm creating this so we can discuss and see if we can solve this problem.

To start off, is it an autosave only problem? I never had a broken replay when it was saved manually, what about you?

Tournaments and Events / Melty Blood Transcendental Orchestra
« on: February 27, 2014, 01:02:14 PM »

Organized by Red Melon, better known for some of the most amazing combo movies we've seen so far, Melty Blood Transcendental Orchestra is the next Melty Blood major, this time national and 3on3!

It's time for the next japanese national major and many of the strongest japanese players are already fighting for a spot on the final tourney that will happen 5.5.2014 at Big One 2nd Gamecenter, Ishikawa. This time the format is 3on3, but it's also allowed to play with 2 or 1 player for those who want to challenge themselves (like GO1?).

There will be 16 qualifiers along the regions of Hokkaido, Kanto, Kansai, Shikoku and Kyushu. Looks like in the last event the qualified teams will be divided into 4 blocks and the best teams will fight for the championship. By now are already qualified the following teams:

Left: Shishido (Seifuku), center: Uru (Nanaya), right: Kame (Mech)

Left: Ino (Akiha), right: Tsa (Satsuki), crouching: Chen (Aoko).

There are still not videos at the moment.

Event's Official Site.

Sion Eltnam Atlasia / F Sion: combos
« on: January 15, 2014, 05:59:29 PM »
{} command has to be held.
j. means what comes next is done in the air.
◕ the next move has to be delayed.
✈ airthrow.
_ your character lands.

- F Sion doesn't have different combos for corner (she do, but it's in very specific situations and doesn't raise the damage more then 100 or so, so they're not being covered);
- Button A is almost always optional: sometimes it slightly raises or diminishes the damage, as well as sometimes it makes the combo easier or harder to do (more hits = more gravity). It's recommended to put more As on combos that the height has to be tightly controlled, like the j.{C} combos. Also, more hits means more magic circuit, however, when combos gets too long, the opponent bar will go up much faster then yours, so I tried to write the best options for each case.
- After 214C on okizeme combos instead of doing the complete version, which is dash AABC 3C 214A, you can do ABC 3C 214A to make it easier. The difference is very little, I actually always use the simple version to make sure it will never miss.
- After the 6C overhead the combos are just like the combos that start with 2A, so they're not listed. As a reminder, 6C can only combo on crouching opponents (and still not on all characters).
- The character used for damage reference was C V.Sion.
- Overhead combos damage considered the opponent in crouching stance.
- Inside the parentheses are damage, magic circuit earned by Sion and magic circuit earned by the opponent.
- A good hint to choose your combos is to value okizeme, dificulty, ex use, style, corner carry and spent magic circuit in damage and do the equations later. E.g. if the combo finisher sets a good okizeme, I'll add 2000 to the equation (the stronger your mix-ups, the more you should value okizeme). If it's easy, I'll give it 1500; if it's hard it wont get 1500, maybe 1000 or less as long as it's proportional with your chance of doing it consistenly in championships. Deppending on how much you think 100% MC is worth, you give value to the magic circuit gain difference between combos. E.g. for me using 100% is only worth it when it does at least 1250 more damage. If 100% = 1250, 1% = 12,5, so you multiply and value it too in the equation. Just go giving things precise values and then calculate what combos are more valuables to you.

Basic > no okizeme
Without spending MC.
01. (4367, 68,8% - 25,1%) AB 2B C 214B ◕B 9 j.ABC j.29 j.ABC ✈
02. (4655, 76,9% - 27,8%) AB 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
03. (5359, 102,1% - 36,2%) AB 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100%. 214C can be used to extend combos on the ground.
04. (4806, 55,1% - 39,2%) AB 2B 2C 214C AB 2B C 214B ◕B 9 j.ABC j.29 j.ABC ✈
05. (5041, 66,8% - 49,7%) AB 2B 2C 214C AB 2B C 214B ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100%. Finishing with 214C deals more damage and carry to the corner.
06. (4853, 63,4% - 24,4%) AB 2B C 214B ◕B 9 j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
07. (5136, 74,2% - 28,0%) AB 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
08. (5715, 99,4% - 36,4%) AB 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
Magic Circuit 100%. j.214C is used as a fast fall.
09. (5743, 76,4% - 47,6%) AB 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214C _ 8 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 200% (j.214C fast fall + j.214C finisher). More damage and carries to the corner.
10. (5979, 75,2% - 45,5%) AB 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214C _ 8 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
Basic > okizeme
Without spending MC.
11. (2674, 34,6% - 12,6%) AB 2B 2C 214A
12. (3524, 54,9% - 21,6%) AAB 2B 5C(2) 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 214A
Magic Circuit 100%. Combo that mixes a bit of damage with okizeme at 100% MC cost.
13. (3999, 43,7% - 31,5%) AB 2B C 214B 214C dash AABC 3C 214A
14. (4330, 43,7% - 29,3%) AB 2B 2C 214C dash AABC 3C 214A
Counter > no okizeme
Without spending MC.
15. (3881, 46,8% - 15,6%) j.B counter hit -> B 9 j.BC j.9 j.ABC ✈
16. (4205, 49,5% - 16,5%) j.B counter hit -> 2B C 9 j.BC j.9 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
17. (4844, 47,9% - 34,4%) j.B counter hit -> 2C 214C AAB 2B C 214B ◕B 9 j.ABC j.9 j.ABC ✈
18. (5095, 58,2% - 42,6%) j.B counter hit -> 2C 214C AB 2B C 214B ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
19. (5328, 78,5% - 55,2%) j.B counter hit -> 2C 214C B 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.ABC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (j.214C). Less damage in this case, but takes to the corner.
20. (4747, 44,1% - 15,8%) j.B counter hit -> B 9 j.BC j.9 j.BC j.214C
21. (5192, 46,8% - 16,7%) j.B counter hit -> 2B C 9 j.BC j.9 j.BC j.214C
Counter > okizeme
Without spending MC.
22. (2173, 26,1% - 9,8%) j.B counter hit -> 2C 214A
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
23. (4192, 35,2% - 26,4%) j.B counter hit -> 2C 214C dash AABC 3C 214A
Raw airthrow > no okizeme
Without spending MC.
24. (2909, 43,2% - 14,4%) Raw airthrow > _ dash 2A B 9 j.BC 9 j.ABC ✈
25. (3159, 55,8% - 18,6%) Raw airthrow > airdash j.{C} ◕7 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 3B 8 ◕j.BC j.29 j.BC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (j.214C).
26. (3361, 49,5% - 17,6%) Raw airthrow > airdash j.{C} ◕7 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 3B 8 ◕j.BC j.29 j.C j.214C
Raw airthrow > okizeme
Without spending MC.
27. (1864, 9,0% - 4,1%) Raw airthrow -> _ 214A
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
28. (2728, 18,1% - 20,7%) Raw airthrow -> _ 214C dash AABC 3C 214A
Overhead 6B > no okizeme
Without spending MC.
29. (4003, 57,6% - 21,4%) 6B C 214B ◕B 9 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
30. (4338, 68,4% - 25,0%) 6B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} j.214A _ j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
31. (4592, 75,6% - 27,4%) 6B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} j.214A _ ◕3B 8 ◕j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
32. (4633, 49,2% - 38,5%) 6B 2C 214C AAAB 2B C 214B ◕B 9 j.ABC j.29 j.ABC ✈
33. (4881, 63,2% - 45,6%) 6B 2C 214C AAB 2B C 214B ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
34. (5083, 78,5% - 55,2%) 6B 2C 214C B 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (j.214C).
35. (4594, 54,9% - 21,6%) 6B C 214B ◕B 9 j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
36. (4856, 65,7% - 25,2%) 6B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} j.214A _ j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
37. (5077, 72,9% - 27,6%) 6B C 214B 7 j.{C} ◕j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 8 ◕j.BC j.29 ◕j.BC j.214C
Magic Circuit 100% (j.214C used as fastfall).
38. (5515, 67,8% - 40,5%) 6B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214C _ 8 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 200% (j.214C fast fall + j.214C finisher).
39. (5822, 64,6% - 40,7%) 6B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214C _ 8 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 ◕j.BC j.214C
Overhead 6B > okizeme
Without spending MC.
40. (2251, 26,1% - 9,8%) 6B 2C 214A
41. (2558, 31,5% - 11,6%) 6B 5C(1) 3C 214A (requires close range)
42. (2949, 36,9% - 13,4%) 6B 5C(2) 3C 214A (requires closer range)
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
43. (4058, 35,2% - 26,4%) 6B 2C 214C dash AABC 3C 214A
Overhead 5{C} > no okizeme
Without spending MC.
44. (3223, 47,7% - 18,1%) 5{C} 214B 9 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
45. (3710, 65,7% - 24,1%) 5{C} 214B 7 j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
46. (3951, 72,9% - 26,5%) 5{C} 214B 7 j.{C} j.8 ◕3B 8 ◕j.BC j.29 ◕j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (j.214C).
47. (3749, 45,0% - 18,3%) 5{C} 214B j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
48. (4158, 63,0% - 24,3%) 5{C} 214B 7 j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
49. (4239, 63,9% - 24,6%) 5{C} 214B 7 j.{C} j.8 ◕3B 8 ◕j.BC j.29 ◕j.C j.214C
Overhead 5{C} > okizeme
Without spending MC.
50. (1860, 23,4% - 8,9%) 5{C} 214A
51. (2572, 34,2% - 12,5%) 5{C} 3C 214A (requires close range)
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
52. (3209, 32,5% - 27,7%) 5{C} 214B 214C dash AABC 3C 214A
Shield counter > no okizeme
Without spending MC.
53. (2461, 46,2% - 15,9%) Shield counter -> B 9 j.ABC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
54. (3035, 45,0% - 37,9%) Shield counter -> 2C 214C AAAB 2B C 214B ◕B 9 j.ABC j.29 j.ABC ✈
55. (3186, 60,3% - 48,4%) Shield counter -> 2C 214C AAAB 2B C 214B ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
56. (3328, 74,2% - 54,7%) Shield counter -> 2C 214C B 2B C 214B 9 j.{C} j.8 j.{4} ◕j.{C} j.214A _ ◕3B 7 ◕j.{C} j.8 ◕j.{C} j.214A _ 8 j.BC j.29 j.ABC ✈
Magic Circuit 100% (j.214C).
57. (2978, 43,8% - 15,2%) Shield counter -> B 9 j.BC j.29 j.BC j.214C
Shield counter > okizeme
Without spending MC.
58. (1267, 28,7% - 9,2%) Shield counter -> 2C 214A
Magic Circuit 100% (214C).
59. (2596, 28,8% - 25,9%) Shield counter -> 2C 214C dash AABC 3C 214A


15.02.2010 - F Sion Combo Movie Red Reduction Division (Nicovideo)
Japanese MBAA advanced combo movie with lots of insanities and possibilities. F Sion wasn't nerfed, so it's still all valid.

21.04.2012 - Full Moon Sion Movie 「Unquenchable Flame」(Youtube)
Combo movie I did that covers most of the main combos and confirms. I really recommend it. The "map" of the combo movie is in the description.

Planned some time ago by Mts, the event will start January 24 and last until February 3 in his beach house at Pinheira Beach, Palhoça, Santa Catarina. We are looking forward for lots of fun, Melty, and seabaths at night with some alcohol and chicks maybe. m1kan also said if we buy fish he can make sashimi. Some of our best players already had confirmed their presence and there are even more to confirm. If you want to come be sure to instruct yourself with Mts if necessary as well as clearing any doubts you might have. There is plenty of space. If you want to know more about the place, here (you'll have to translate somehow). The place is 20 mins from Florianópolis, so if you want to come by plain, go to Florianópolis and we'll catch you there.


Tournament Results / Spring Cup 2013
« on: November 24, 2013, 08:26:24 PM »

Videos: I'll go uploading and posting.

Winner's Semis 1: m1kan (C Arcueid) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)

Akiha's Tea Room / Melty Brasil has now a blog :D
« on: November 02, 2013, 04:32:54 PM »
Sup guys. Str and I have been working hard on this for almost 1 month now and it's finally ready:

All the credits go for str, because I'm a complete newbe on programming and webdesign.


The idea behind the site is having a place with easy acess Melty Blood news that also serves to help beginners to situate themselves without much effort, making it easier for new players to get into the game.

Subjects to be adressed

Anything around the Melty Blood universe, more precisely:

- The game and the scene in the world: news, discussions, championships, challenges, interviews, combo movies, tutorial videos, guides, etc;
- Ally sites championships (or any Melty championship);
- Works with direct relation to the game: Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, Kara no Kyoukai e Mahou Tsukai no Yoru;
- Soft Circle French-Bread e their other fighting games (we want the company to have someday the financial conditions to release MB outside Japan and also in more platforms).

Maybe some were forgotten, but it's basically that.

Siderbar: featured "em destaque", allies, partners, etc.

Em destaque = Featured: more important and general things.
Vídeos recentes = Recent Videos: makes more practical to watch all the last uploaded videos.
Streams: want your MB stream here? Contact me.
Ally communities: much more then partner, allies are blood of our blood; are communities that have been around for a long time and have a good relation do the MB brazilian scene.
Canais = Channels: decent MB sources and ally communities channels. There were much more decent sources on nicovideo, but their upload page was private, so...
Sites oficiais = Official sites: easy farm info.
Type-Moon Fansites: easy fun info.
Twitters: motto motto info.

Well, I guess that's it :). Hope you enjoy. Hopefully we'll grow into a bigger a community soon.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Melty Stuff
« on: September 30, 2013, 12:33:07 PM »
Sup guys.

I'd like you to help me inform myself about: MB blogs/sites (even if it's a player blog), channels (youtube, nicovideo, twitch, other), asks and any MB related stuff.

There might be created a blog for our Brazilian forum and we want to be as connective as possible with any MB high quality and active stuff.

Here's what I have so far:

Blogs/Sites: meltydb, japan's bbs, melty bread, mizuumi, meltyway, bloodheat argentina, bloodheat france,

YT: korewamelty, melty v compiler, clearlamp, yuzupeko, gameacho, zero3japan, webgori, meltybread, meltybrasil, tonberry, texas tim
Twitch: bloodheat argentina, cristu, inso
Nico: Knee Socks, DIGI, Red Melon, Over, Wing, Kamishiro, Ranpo, Ragu, Sekirei

Asks: LK's ask

Ciel's Tech Support / Screen Tearing
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:27:31 PM »
Do you guys know how to avoid it? My PC never do that but whenever someone brings a notebook this shit will happen. Do you know what can be done in that case? It happened on TSB stream now and it happens a lot here when people bring notebooks for events so I thought we should understand this better to prevent it from happening since it's really annoying. Was it maybe the resolution (they used 1280 x 720)?

Here's an SS I got from the stream

Kohaku's Video Room / Red Melon's NEXT Combo Movie Series!
« on: September 16, 2013, 11:13:18 PM »
For those who don't know, Red Melon is the name of a nicovideo channel that have beem uploading videos involving MB for a while now, including tournaments and combo movies. The combo movies of this channel stand out for always bringing very cool combos in a really good edition quality. Their last combo movie, GRAND FINALE, became particularly well known for being really epic and even bringing a song in portuguese in it's "extra stage", and now they're back with a whole new series! Rejoice!

Akiha's Tea Room / Merry Christman 2012
« on: December 24, 2012, 09:21:02 AM »

- General
- Event's Videos
- Event's Photos
- Match Videos
- Results


* We had 8 teams for the 2on2 waseda and 18 player for the singles;
* We could run it (mainly Inso), allowing the players to choose between pad, keyboard or stick (and configuring it calmly) with 18 player, double elimination, best of 3 matches (and of 3 rounds) in normal matches and best of 5 matches (and 3 rounds) in winner finals, losers finals and grand finals in less then 2 hours;
* We had around 200 people who came and actually played during the 2 days;
* We had 5 setups. During the tourney we used 4;
* Everything was perfect, except for one pad that stopped responding, but we learned so much and we have a lot of ideias to put to use, the next one will be 200 times better.


Sunday's Freeplay

Winners Finals on camera
Losers Finals on camera
Grand Finals on camera (the battery ended in the middle, watch in the match videos in the end).


Me playing in home with Kalving

Before leaving (not everything's there)

My dogs... Yes, I know... And some aren't there... Yes, I know...

Soon after we opened the room, while we were still setting up things

The arrival of out rockstar still early in the morning

Me caught in a very weird position eating sweet popcorn after finished writing in the board

Room was ready to receive the people, so the first ones came in

Rockstar too sexy. Effect bring people +5.

Kalving in the middle of two superstars, one of them even wearing a DLC outfit. It's said that even the almighty Charles Bronson went jealous about this one.

Saikyo takes the change and also gets his glamour moment with the star RymaruMaster

The people in the event aproves of all of it and come to play

The two star drive themselves to the second setup to warm up

Mattos doesn't miss the change and stops the stars for an autograph session

HellLion observes from distant lands and ask a favor to usl

Satsuki is abandoned once again

Alexander pities of her pain

Even the ghosts come to play Melty Blood

Cristu aproves of it

Cristu and Mattos receive

People play

More people aprove of it and come to play

Mordon and Inso make a triangle with Mattos notebook

Inso finally pays his entry after a long political stalemate. The picture comes out in major journals

Cristu's parakeet aproves from above


2on2 Waseda

Winners Finals

Losers Finals

Grand Finals

Grand Finals, 2ª parte


Winners Semis 1

Winners Semis 2

Losers Quarters

Losers Semis

Winners Finals

Losers Finals

Grand Finals

#1 - SBM e o Pikachu (Mts, Cristu)
#2 - Gangue do Warachia (Inso, Luigi)
#3 - Os Alexs (Alexi, Alex)
#4 - Chocolate e o Garoto do Casaco (Mordon, Matheus)
#5 - Bad Scrubs Playing Games (Saikyo, Kalving)
#6 - Sei lá, velho (Rymaru, Rymaru)
#7 - Destroyers (Lucas, Vinicius?)
#7 - Red Crucible (Pigui, Gordo)

Singles TOP 8
#1 - Cristu
#2 - Inso
#3 - Mordon
#4 - Saikyo
#5 - Mts
#6 - Alexander
#7 - Kalving
#8 - Alisson

Sadly the brackets were lost. I don't remember who were the #9, #10 and so on (sry Chibi, it's not like we don't respect your number). Anyway it was really cool everybody who came.

NetPlay Community / WGRCaster?
« on: November 14, 2012, 07:36:52 PM »
So I was watching one of webgori's videos and I saw that link to a korean site:
I tho I wouldnt be able to understand anything, but I wanted to take a look, then I saw that WGRCaster download on the screen. It seems it can make statistics (since they have statistics on the site). I think it's something like casterstats, but maybe there's a chance it's a new caster? I don't know. Can anyone ask CL?

Len / Len Combo Movies
« on: November 12, 2012, 06:09:08 PM »

Akiha's Tea Room / HydraGP T-Shirt?
« on: November 10, 2012, 06:04:54 AM »
In the recent episode of Mel TV Ranpo and Momiyama showed an HydraGP T-Shirt. Can anyone who know japanese verify if those will be sold? It would be godlike..

Hisui & Kohaku (Team) / Maids General Discussion
« on: September 23, 2012, 11:33:51 PM »
So guys, which moon do you think it's the strongest?

I'm in doubt... In C moon the 214 series gives them so much neutral game and mixup power, while it loses something as underused as the molotovs. The 6c from C Kohaku is lost too, but I actually don't know if it's all that bad, what you guys think? But F moon is also so amazing and seems so fun to play...

About H moon, what are the difference with H Kohaku? She loses the cmd throw and the molotovs, that's all? Has anyone seen any decent H Maids with Hisui lead? This moon most likely has lots of hidden potential. What you guys think?

Well, I've held lots of tourneys (80% of the people here use keyboard) and never had this problem at all. But I see people are still concerned, I guess it's understandable since competition is serious business. Banning keyboard is really drastic, though, since MBAACC is a PC game and you play those on keyboard. So here's the solution:

People who'll want to use keyboard should bring:
- 1 usb keyboard without any key
- 10 keys to put in up, down, left, right, A, B, C, D, Q & start

There are people who use the left hand for diretionals and people who use the right hand, so 4 configs are needed:

- left/right
- left/left
- right/left
- right/right

No customization allowed. Distance between diretionals and buttons should be the same for both hands and both sides.

Alternatively you can just remove the keys your opponent is going to use from your keyboard. Just don't forget to remove windows, esc, alt, tab, etc, f's, etc.

Done by HighSpeed. 2 out 5 of were uploaded to youtube by melty V compiler. All 5 can be found at niconico.

Part 1

Part 2

Sion Eltnam Atlasia / MBAACC Sion Combo Movies & Alikes
« on: April 23, 2012, 08:38:11 AM »
Crescent Moon: (combos and tricks)

Half Moon: (basic combos)

Full Moon: (standard combos and mix-ups exhibition) (basic combo tutorial)

Ciel's Tech Support / MBAACC tools generic / Ping & Delay
« on: March 01, 2012, 02:00:22 PM »
My first question is about the delay threshold. I'll use as exemple this:

DelayThreshold1 = 10
DelayThreshold2 = 35
DelayThreshold3 = 70

0~10 will be delay 0, 10~35 will be delay 1, 35~70 will be delay 2
0~10 will be delay 1, 10~35 will be delay 2, 35~70 will be delay 3?

In other words, the ms number marks the beggining or the end of that delay?

My second question is about ping and delay ingame. Can anyone read and understand the ping and delay numbers inside the game? I can't read it, but I think those are not default parameters. Any hint for making those scribles useful?

Aoko Aozaki / Aozaki Aoko Match Videos
« on: February 26, 2012, 08:10:03 AM »
CRESCENT MOON : Gintoki : Gintoki : Gintoki : Gintoki : Gintoki : Gintoki : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Mori : Mori : Jeffrey Manson : Fuusui

FULL MOON : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Chen : Jeffrey Manson : Jeffrey Manson : Jeffrey Manson : Jeffrey Manson : Gintoki : Gintoki : Gintoki : Gintoki : Mori : Mori : Echio

Tournament Results / Brazilian South Regional Championship
« on: February 17, 2012, 12:11:21 PM »


Inso & y0shi vs. Saikyo & Kalving
0:00:50 - Inso (F Nanaya) vs. Saikyo (C Nero)
0:05:05 - y0shi (C Ryougi) vs. Kalving (C Ciel)
Alexandre & Yasser vs. Alex Nick & Daher
0:15:11 - Yasser (C Kohaku) vs. Daher (C Walachia)
0:17:30 - Alexandre (C Ciel) vs. Alex Nick (C V.Akiha)
Cristu & Arkhar vs. Mordon & Fakinha
0:23:36 - Arkhar (F Len) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)
0:26:52 - Cristu (F Sion) vs. Fakinha (C Ryougi)
0:30:12 - Cristu (F Sion) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)
Saikyo & Kalving vs. Mts & Dudu
0:36:15 - Kalving (C Ciel) vs. Dudu (C Nero)
0:38:34 - Saikyo (C Nero) vs. Mts (C Red Arcueid)[/quote]
Alexandre & Yasser vs. Fakinha & Mordon
0:44:56 - Yasser (C Kohaku) vs. Fakinha (C Ryougi)
0:48:42 - Alexandre (C Roa) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)[/quote]
Alex Nick & Daher vs. Cristu & Arkhar
0:53:33 - Daher (C Walachia) vs. Arkhar (F Len)
0:58:25 - Alex Nick (F Seifuku) vs. Cristu (F Sion)[/quote]
Inso & y0shi vs. Alex Nick & Daher
1:03:43 - y0shi (C Ryougi) vs. Daher (C Walachia)
1:08:25 - Inso (F Nanaya) vs. Alex Nick (F Seifuku)
Mts & Dudu vs. Fakinha & Mordon
1:14:52 - Dudu (C Red Arcueid) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)
1:17:10 - Mts (C Red Arcueid) vs. Fakinha (H Nanaya)
Saikyo & Kalving vs. Cristu & Arkhar
1:22:50 - Kalving (C Ciel) vs. Arkhar (H Len)
1:27:07 - Saikyo (C Nero) vs. Cristu (F Sion)
Fakinha & Mordon vs. Alex Nick & Daher
1:33:36 - Mordon (H Riesbyfe) vs. Alex Nick (C Tohno Akiha)
1:38:22 - Fakinha (C Ryougi) vs. Daher (C Walachia)
Saikyo & Kalving vs. Fakinha & Mordon
1:45:15 - Kalving (C Ciel) vs. Fakinha (H Nanaya)
1:48:14 - Saikyo (C Nero) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)
Cristu & Arkhar vs. Fakinha & Mordon
1:53:32 - Arkhar (F Roa) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)
1:57:31 - Cristu (F Sion) vs. Fakinha (H Nanaya)
2:01:47 - Cristu (F Sion) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)


AlexNick (C Tohno Akiha, F Seifuku), Kalving (C Ciel), Daher (C Walachia), Saikyo (C Nero),  Cristu (F Sion), Shao (H Len)
y0shi (C Ryougi), Mordon (H Riesbyfe), Arkhar (F Len),  Inso (F Nanaya), Fakinha (C Ryougi), Mts (C Red Arcueid)


Match 1 - 00:00
Match 2 - 08:20
Match 3 - 14:27
Match 4 - 20:40
Match 5 - 26:20
Match 6 - 34:35
Match 7 - 40:40
Match 8 - 49:32
Match 9 - 57:12



Videos Part I
0:01:45 - Alexandre (F Roa) vs. Mts (C Red Arcueid)
0:08:51 - Shao (H Len) vs. Guilherme (C Archetype, C Red Arcueid)
0:16:19 - Saikyo (C Nero) vs. y0shi (C Ryougi)
0:25:02 - Daher (C Walachia) vs. Kalving (C Ciel)
0:33:07 - Mordon (H Riesbyfe) vs. Yasser (C Red Arcueid)

Videos Part II
0:00:33 - Fakinha (H Nanaya) vs. Alex Nick (F Seifuku)
0:09:04 - Arkhar (H Len) vs. Inso (F Nanaya)
0:21:07 - Cristu (C V.Sion) vs. Bernardo (C Nero)
0:27:50 - Guilherme (C Red Arcueid) vs. Alexandre (F Ciel)
0:38:16 - y0shi (C Ryougi) vs. Kalving (C Ciel) - final was cutted, Kalving won

Videos Part III
0:00:00 - Yasser (C Kohaku) vs. Alex Nick (C Len) - cutted, Alex Nick won
0:02:23 - Arkhar (F Roa, H Len) vs. Bernardo (C Nero)
0:14:09 - Mts (C Red Arcueid) vs. Shao (H Len)
0:23:50 - Daher (C Walachia) vs. Saikyo (C Nero)
0:30:36 - Fakinha (H Nanaya) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)
0:38:13 - Inso (F Nanaya) vs. Cristu (C V.Sion)
0:47:18 - Alexandre (H Ciel) vs. Cristu (C V.Sion)
0:52:05 - Fakinha (C Ryougi) vs. Kalving (C Ciel)
0:58:55 - Alex Nick (F Seifuku) vs. Daher (C Walachia)
1:08:46 - Mts (C Red Arcueid, H Ryougi) vs. Arkhar (H Len)
1:15:57 - Saikyo (C Nero) vs. Shao (F Seifuku)
1:27:12 - Mordon (H Riesbyfe) vs. Inso (F Nanaya)
1:34:14 - Fakinha (C Ryougi) vs. Cristu (C V.Sion)
1:41:15 - Arkhar (H Len) vs. Alex Nick (F Seifuku)
1:53:06 - Cristu (C V.Sion) vs. Shao (F Seifuku)
2:02:16 - Arkhar (H Len) vs. Inso (F Shiki)
2:10:40 - Cristu (F Sion) vs. Inso (F Shiki)
2:21:36 - Mordon (H Riesbyfe) vs. Saikyo (C Nero)
2:31:25 - Inso (F Shiki) vs. Saikyo (C Nero)
2:42:23 - Inso (F Shiki) vs. Mordon (H Riesbyfe)

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / Vampire Sion Combo Movies
« on: February 07, 2012, 09:20:32 PM »
I present you my first combo music movie :3. You can laugh at my video editing skills u.u. I've selected only standard combos and their (probably) most damaging variation. I kept the fancy stuff for another future combo movie.. already have 2 minutes of it. This combo movie is more like a combo tutorial showing the best standard options out of most common confirms. Also it's always in Akiha so you can compare the damage properly. That's important in this combo movie. Please watch in 720p, as it was my first experience with Sony Vegas, it really gave me a bad time to save it in good res and not too heavy x.x lol

Mech-Hisui / Mech-Hisui Match Videos
« on: January 22, 2012, 02:04:07 PM »
CRESCENT MOON : Maruyan : Maruyan : Maruyan : Maruyan : Maruyan : Maruyan : Maruyan : Maruyan : Maruyan : Kuga : Kuga : Kuga : Kuga : Kuga : Kashiwazaki : Kashiwazaki : Kashiwazaki : Kashiwazaki : Sekirei : Sekirei : Sekirei : Alicekara : Alicekara : Komatsu : Komatsu : Arihara : Arihara : Marusu

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