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Akiha Tohno / C-Akiha Discussion Thread
« on: February 29, 2012, 07:51:37 AM »

Tournaments and Events / MindHau5 January Bash, Jan. 12-15, Vernon CT
« on: January 07, 2012, 01:26:57 PM »
So now that CC has been out for a hot minute, we here in CT finally got our act together and managed to get something organized. What is it exactly? Well, for those of you who attended CT's ANIME FEST back in October, we are hosting at the same location in Vernon CT. The MindHau5 will be open from Thursday until Sunday of next week. If anyone from out of state is taking a bus and needs a ride from Hartford, let me know ASAP.

Otherwise, 401 Talcottville Rd, Vernon CT is the address, and I hope to see everyone there!

Streaming will be maintained by New England's own Furok. This will primarily be a MB event, though I'm not opposed to other games making appearances as well.

Any other questions, PM me here or find me on IRC!

Akiha Vermillion / MBAACC H-VAkiha thread
« on: December 30, 2011, 07:02:09 AM »
Discuss VAkiha's wonderful half-moon style here. Day 1 impressions of her? She's exactly the same as PS2 with damage nerfs on 5A6AA.

Her OTG relaunches are:

Her midscreen combo should still go like this:
(2AA) 5C 4C 5A 6AA 6C dash 5B 2C 623B 5B 2C 623B 5B 2C 623B

Corner combo may want to omit the 5A6AA because of the nerfed proration, though the damage is relatively the same with/without it. I prefer to drop the 5A6AA in the corner because that allows for less gravity and lets you set up the half-momiji loop if you want.

General note: H/C-VAkiha's main loop combo in the corner, the Momiji loop, has several different reps you can do to link the 623Bs together. It doesn't really matter which rep you're using because the damage doesn't vary much between them. Here are some examples of momiji loop reps:
-4C (easiest rep and requires no specific timing at all. Lowest damage)
-4C 2C (The 2C may drop against certain characters if you do not 4C low enough to the ground. Sloppy timing will omit some hits of the 623B occasionally)
-5B 2C (My favorite rep because it doesn't have reverse beats)
-4C 2C 2A(whiff) 5BB (Advanced momiji rep that will net you the most meter. A little more difficult than the others. Beware of using this rep throughout the entire loop because if there is too much gravity from the amount of hits, your opponent may be able to tech out of the last 623B)
-5B 2C xx 4C (Hardest Momiji rep, no reverse beats and nets a good amount of meter)

Optimal combo off air throw:
Air Throw 2A 5C 2C 5A(whiff) 6AA 6C dash 2C Momiji loop

More to come!

Tournaments and Events / Interest Check: New Years MindHau5 bash?
« on: December 05, 2011, 05:20:31 PM »
Sooo we're looking to host casuals for MBAA (CC if possible) casuals in Vernon CT at the MindHau5, the same location of this past October's Anime Fest, on New Years. Anyone game for showing up from out of state, or are people too busy/unmotivated to come out to CT?

White Len / W-Len in 1.07
« on: October 31, 2011, 11:55:38 AM »

Above video features HiroHiro's C-WLen. Doesn't do anything too fancy aside from proving she's about as strong as she has been in the past versions. Couple things I noticed were that ch 214A combo only did 2.8k on Nero, which should be quite a bit less compared to what it got in PS2 MBAA. (Will test the values later) Other than that, we see a cool BE4B combo in Hiro's fight against Nero, as  well as a demonstration of how BEj.2C was buffed in terms of startup and travel speed.

Akiha Vermillion / MBAACC ver.1.07 V Akiha Thread
« on: October 21, 2011, 06:29:05 AM »
So last night, we get our first taste of 1.07 H-VAkiha. (Or any V Akiha at all, for that matter  :emo:)

And... NOTHING SEEMS CHANGED!!  :toot: :toot: :slowpoke:

Seriously? No new BE silliness or anything yet. =/ Though it is worth noting that this particular H-VAkiha player goes for half-momiji mixups quite a bit. (And with decent amounts of success) One possible reason for this could be that the momiji loop does such considerably less damage than previous versions that its better to go for the corner mixup? Wondering if anything happened to post-momiji oki. (I doubt it though)

Tournaments and Events / ANIME FEST at the MindHau5, Oct. 14-16, Vernon CT
« on: September 12, 2011, 08:05:47 PM »
So for those of you who are available on Seasons Beatings weekend, the anime fighters of New England and being called to assemble and press buttons for the weekend in Vernon, very nearby our old venue, Battlegrounds! (RIP) But alas! This invitation is open to more than just NE players. As a matter of fact, we are offering housing and strongly encouraging any out of state guests to come on over to Connecticut to grind some Melty!

PM Me or post up here for the address of the MindHau5, which is the location we'll all be playing at. The venue is MindGam3's apartment. Anyone coming for the weekend should plan on bringing their own sleeping accommodations.

Games being run at the MindHau5 will be as follows:
AH3 (PS3) (?)

For people who are out of state, Mega Bus offers very cheap ticket sales for prices as low as $5 to go from NYC to Hartford CT, where either MindGam3 or myself will gladly pick you up from. Mega Bus' website is here --->

We are hoping to run tournaments at the event regardless of the number of participants. Less than 8 people will warrant a round robin tournament, and for 8 and above we will just run a standard bracket. The event should be streamed courtesy of Furok. Other than tournament, casuals in the above games will be run all weekend. It is recommended people arrive Friday. We've got a month til the event, so I hope to see some good feedback!  ;D

Tournaments and Events / 7/23 Stickbug Biweeklies, Brooklyn NY
« on: June 30, 2011, 05:01:12 AM »!)

They want to run MB guys. Are there enough people left who'd actually play?

So the New England Melty 'scene' is trying to have an end-of-the-semester meet up at MindGam3's apartment, the MindHiv3. While we are most accessible to the players in the CT/MA area, we are opening up the apartment to any hungry out of state players who want to come and chill/play as well. There should be a (semi-poverty) stream up and running for the event, and tournaments will be run if there is interest. Seeing as BBG has been pushed back to early June, this could serve as a good Melty warm up session for the event!

Games featured at the Hiv3:
Melty Blood Actress Again
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Arcana Heart 3
Fate Unlimited Codes (?!)

If anyone's interested, post up here! PM me if you want the address.
 :toot: :toot:

Cross post from DustLoop

From the bowels of space-time, there uttered but one phrase, a unhallowed triplet of cascading and co-existing syllables that if mentioned in sequence, the untold yodeling of non-existence would spout forth from the Matterhorn of space-time. This fall, you will believe that a man can defy the laws of physics and propel himself with a single cracking of his fist. This fall, you will PUNCH THE UNIVERSE. From the creaky chic creavices of the Mindhive, the words have been spoken again, this time on the project date of November 27. Witness and marvel at the fifth unmaking of the universe in the form of your favorite video games, nerd! Or are you man enough to enter the fray, machete in mouth as you enter the fourth Mexican Knife Fight. Bear witness at the gates of digital madness, as the four time champion, Zoob, laughs upon his throne made of twist ties. Will you let him walk away with the title for yet another event? Receive that bacon!

Event Details:

When: November 27
What time: TBA
Location: 436 Tolland Turnpike, Willington, CT
Games Featured: Blazblue (price TBA), Guilty Gear (price TBA), Melty Blood Actress Again (price TBA), more TBA

Pre-NEC jam! Any and all MB heads are welcome and encouraged to attend. Contact Mindgam3/myself for more info regarding lodging/rides, if need be

Mech-Hisui & Neco Arc / MBAACC Neko Mech
« on: November 11, 2010, 04:23:05 PM »
First time seeing this character in MBAACC

They come in @ 3:37. Was there changes listed for Neko Mech or Koha Mech?

Looks like they sped Mech's air dash waaaaay up and gave her a new air grab. Looks pretty sweet

Edit: Oh, and they made her 5[c] like Hisui's

Tournament Results / Stryfe's Uprising 7/17
« on: July 17, 2010, 10:36:55 PM »
1. Mynus (F-Maids)
2. Spooky (H-V Sion)
3. LordPangTong (H-V Akiha)
4. XAQshinor (C-W Len)
5. NerdJosh (H-Nero)
5. Mindgam3 (C-Mech)
7. Nuclear Cheese (C-Aoko)
7. Furok (C-Ciel)
9. Tales (C-Neco)
9. The Lazy One (C-Nanaya)
9. Mr. Quotes (H-Ryougi)
9. Zidane (C-Satsuki)

Vids should be available on TeamSpooky's Ustream page in the near future. GGs everyone!

Tournaments and Events / Boston MB Gathering, 1/23/10
« on: January 13, 2010, 05:51:55 PM »
MB scene of Boston is holding casuals on Saturday, January 23 at dj_de's place on Malboro St. in Malden, Massachusetts. (PM for the address if you plan on going.) The day is set aside for just casuals and hanging out, though we could run a *small* tournament if the turnout is good. We're gonna get to dj's place any time after noon. Any setups, TVs, recording devices and players are welcome! Directions to Malboro St. are below:

Ride the Orange Line to one of these two destinations:
ryUuZaKi 6671 (10:32:30 PM): COMING FROM MALDEN STATION/108 BUS
- After getting off the bus, walk down Maplewood Street towards Eastern Ave
- After reaching Eastern Ave/Maplewood Street intersection (A Papa Gino's should be on your left), cross the street and head left
- Marlboro Street is the second street on the right, right after the law office

- After getting off the bus near, cross the street and head down Sheafe Street
- Keep walking and turn left on Kennard Street
- Turn right onto Marlboro Street

~Hope to see you there~

Akiha Vermillion / H-V Akiha Strategy/Tactics Thread
« on: December 16, 2009, 11:11:44 AM »
Heeey H-V Akiha players. I'd like to discuss combos and H-V Akiha strategy here. I'm currently working on a guide! Aside from discussion of normals and basic control over H-V Akiha, areas of interest in the guide will be landing the 6C loop and what to do for pit follow ups.

So yeah. To start, are there even any other H-V Akiha mains out there?

Tournaments and Events / Boston MBAA Gathering II, 11/15/09
« on: November 05, 2009, 09:08:43 PM »
Boston MB community, COME ALIVE!! We're meeting at Dj_de's house in Malden again. We're probably just gonna run casuals for most of the afternoon. If by some miracle a decent crowd shows up, maybe we'll have a little ranbat. We'll gather at dj_de's around 12:00 PM. If you need directions to dj_de's house, they are below:

Ride the Orange Line to one of these two destinations:
ryUuZaKi 6671 (10:32:30 PM): COMING FROM MALDEN STATION/108 BUS
- After getting off the bus, walk down Maplewood Street towards Eastern Ave
- After reaching Eastern Ave/Maplewood Street intersection (A Papa Gino's should be on your left), cross the street and head left
- Marlboro Street is the second street on the right, right after the law office

- After getting off the bus near, cross the street and head down Sheafe Street
- Keep walking and turn left on Kennard Street
- Turn right onto Marlboro Street

Additional directions:

PM me/post up here with any questions, and let us know if you plan to come!

Akiha's Tea Room / Kara no Kyokai theme
« on: October 02, 2009, 09:07:29 AM »
I'm wondering if anyone has the MP3 of the original Kara no Kyokai song that is remixed for Ryougi's stage in MBAA. The version I'm looking for is in the first part of this video:

Thanks for any info.

Tournaments and Events / Boston MBAA Gathering/Ranbat Saturday Oct. 10
« on: September 29, 2009, 06:42:36 PM »
So in an attempt to revive the tiny Boston MB scene that once thrived, any players from the area (or anyone really) should come to dj_de's house on Saturday, Oct. 10 for casuals and a possible ranbat. (Depending on the outcome)

So, to recap:
When?: Saturday, October 10 starting at 2 pm
Where?:dj_de's basement. (Directions posted below)
Who?: Anyone who's HUNGRY

Directions Ride the Orange Line to one of these two destinations:
ryUuZaKi 6671 (10:32:30 PM): COMING FROM MALDEN STATION/108 BUS
- After getting off the bus, walk down Maplewood Street towards Eastern Ave
- After reaching Eastern Ave/Maplewood Street intersection (A Papa Gino's should be on your left), cross the street and head left
- Marlboro Street is the second street on the right, right after the law office

- After getting off the bus near, cross the street and head down Sheafe Street
- Keep walking and turn left on Kennard Street
- Turn right onto Marlboro Street

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to attend, please post here or PM me, so I can add you to the guest list. (There is a limit to the party size, so please let me know.)
Also: Any additional TVs/Systems would be appreciated. Bring money for possible food and moneymatches.

General note to anyone: If you have recording equipment, PM me.

Melty Blood Auditorium / E-Miyako glitch
« on: September 17, 2009, 02:00:01 PM »
I can't post a video of it, but I defeated E-Miyako in Boss Rush mode with F-Hisui 214b while she was using her HAX SUPER ARMOR 214b, and instead of dying, the punch continue and now both characters are just standing on the screen.  :slowpoke:

 I guess I'll have to reset =/

Akiha Vermillion / PS2 MBAA: H-V Akiha 6AA loop still existent?
« on: September 03, 2009, 07:52:34 PM »
Okay, kind of a randomly specific topic, but I'm wondering; Is H-V Akiha's 6AA loop still possible to rep more than once? (With the addition of the new gravity system or whatever.) I find that I can get the first rep of it down against any character except W Len, but I cannot get a second rep in. (Sometimes, I can't even relaunch after the 6AA with a 6C...) So, I'm wondering if anyone knows if the combo is still existent, and if so, is it worth performing?

Current bnb I'm running for it is: 5C 4C 5A 6AA 6C 66 2C 5A (whiff) 6AA... and after there, I usually just go for 4C then an air combo and it gets like 5K from anywhere but the corner.

This is decent, but in the same situation, you can go for a momiji loop in the corner and get the same damage output, but with a better oki setup. (Which is favorable over an air throw finish.) So here I am wondering if it's possible to rep this combo again, as I've seen Satoken do in Ver.A videos... Anyone know?

Kohaku / F-Kohaku
« on: August 27, 2009, 01:01:00 PM »
Kohaku forums are pretty dead, so let's get the ball rolling~

Anyone else playing F-Kohaku? She's a pretty big change from H/C Kohaku. She becomes more of a keep-away character than before, as she relies more on projectiles and that nifty 214a/b/c counter-stance move she has.

Bnb I'm running is:

2A 5B 2B 4B 2C 3C J.BC J.BC Throw for approximately 3.8k or

2A 5B 2B 4B 2C 22B for plant oki

Some minor notes I've noted about her:
-Both her 236A and 236B can be charged and are special cancellable. 236[A] causes knockdown and 236[B ] causes wallslam. (On counter hit, 236 can combo into 5[C] for some decent damage.)
-Her 5B seems to have decent priority over other ground normals, which is great, seeing as the range sucks.
-Her 2B is veeeeery clashy.
-Her 63214C is much less useful than H/C Kohaku's, as she can only do a homerun swing off of it, and you have to time it. The damage is pretty bad, too.

Edit: F-Kohaku OCV. Decent F-Kohaku here, but they don't seem to demonstrate many of her mixups or oki powers. (plants and 214 series)

White Len / Cresent White Len Info/Strategy/Tactics Thread
« on: August 22, 2009, 10:27:16 PM »
Here's a thread completely devoted to the discussion of C-W Len! Full moon doesn't deserve all the love  :-\

Normals/Command Normals

5A- A quick poke. Very small hitbox, combos into everything.

2A- W Len bends slightly and pokes. Hits low.

5B- W Len swings her orb 180 degrees in front of her. Has very good range and knocks enemy back a bit. Air unblockable. Very good zoning tool, and it dash cancellable on hit/block. Also good for CH whoring.

BE5B- Charged 5B. Same hitbox, but causes wallslam.

2B- W Len does a 2 hit yo-yo like trick with her orb. Has great range, and is used as her primary knockdown move. Gives untechable knockdown. Dash cancellable.

4B- W Len swings her orb upward. This is W Len's launcher.

5C- W Len swings her orb above her head in an arc. 2 hits, dash cancellable, air unblockable.

BE5C- Same thing as 5C, only larger hitbox. Still air unblockable, but also becomes a launcher. It also comes out faster than in MBAC.

2C- W Len reaches her foot out in front of her to trip her opponent. Untechable knockdown. Hits low.

2CC- W Len does an overhead flip-kick after the first trip. Overhead, and knocks down. Can serve as a launcher if first hit connects. (?)

BE2C- W Len goes for the same kick as 2C, but she slides forward as she does so. Very useful tool in combos.

3C- Only the second hit of 2CC. A fairly decent overhead that is hard to predict. Gives untechable knockdown and can be used for OTG setup.

J.A- W Len pokes. A bit slow, but has good range.

J.B- W Len swings the orb around from her backside. Has terrible range, and seems have the ability to be delayed if you hold B down. Can crossup.

J.C- W Len swings the orb in front of herself.

J.[C]- W Len swings the orb, but throws it as a projectile. It arcs upward slightly, and then drops towards the ground. Disappears if W Len is hit before it touches the ground. Causes W Len to float for a second while being launched.

J.2C- W Len swings the orb down.

J.2[C]- W Len swings her orb down, but throws it as a projectile. It travels downward, and then forward.


236A- W Len summons an ice spike which points horizontally straight in front of her, and towards the ground.

236[A]- Same thing as 236A, but instead of damaging right away, it damages as it disappears, causing 8 hits.

236B- W Len summons an ice spike which diagonally points upwards and forwards. Air unblockable.

J.236A- W Len summons an ice spike which points downwards at a steep angle.

J.236B- W Len summons an ice spike which points upwards and slightly forwards.

623A- W Len spins into a sliding kick. Hits low. Used in all combos.

623[A]- Same as 623A, only slightly slower. Is special cancellable on block.

623B- W Len spins into an overhead orb smash. Overhead hit, has lower invincibility while spinning.

623{B}- W Len spins as if she was about to do the overhead, and then stops. Retains lower invincibility.

22A- W Len turns into her cat form and teleports a bit ahead of her old position, and then reappears.

22B- W Len fakes an ikimasuwa. (214A) Invincible while animation starts.

22C- W Len fakes a 623B. Teleports W Len forward a bit.

22D- W Len turns into cat form. She remains this way until other inputs are given.

214A- Ikimasuwa. Invincible at startup. Amazing DP.

214B- W Len jumps forward like 214A, but she goes much further. Special cancellable.

j.214A- Fast fall. W Len descends towards the ground at a 45 degree angle.

j.214B- W Len performs a 3 hit kick, which trails with ice. Only used to end combos.

421A- W Len throws a ball of ice from overhead, and it creates a small ice patch on the ground about half the stage away from W Len. Air unblockable. (Can be thrown closer/farther as well by holding back/4 or forward/6.)

421B- Similar to 421A, only the startup is longer, and it creates 2 ice patches. If the first patch hits her enemy, it will combo into the second one. Air unblockable.

63214A- W Len's command grab.

63214B- W Len does a dash and then grabs her enemy.

Ex Edge Moves

236C- Ex Ice. W Len creates a large ice flower above herself. Untechable launcher. Combo linker in her meter combos. Air unblockable. Has a long startup, but safe on block.

J.236C- W Len summons multiple ice spikes in front of herself. Safe on block.

623C- W Len does a flashy looking 623B move, where the spins do damage, and the final smack wallslams. Awful Ex move and shouldn't be used.

214C- W Len launches her enemy into the air, and then does a spinning move that wallslams. Terribad damage, but can function in some OTG combos.

J.214C- W Len performs her j.236B kick, but it is attack/throw cancellable afterwards. Should only be used when you absolutely need extra damage, or off of 214A.

421C- W Len's new ice storm attack. She is invincible during the entire animation. Air unblockable, and cannot be shielded.

63214C- Ex grab. Chains into air combo.

Arc Drive- W Len throws a large orb across the screen. Moves very slowly, and hits several times on contact. Can be shield bunkered fairly easily.

Another Arc Drive- W Len throws the same orb, but it moves quickly and stuns opponent on contact long enough to go into a cinematic attack. Fairly weak, but useful as a fullscreen punish.

Last Arc- Pretty powerful?

This section is a work in progress. If you'd like to contribute any combos or other information to this section, post as a reply, and I'll make sure it gets here!

Standard Combo:

(5B) 2B 623A 5C 4B J.BC J.BC Throw/214B 214C

Standard Ex Ice Combo:

(5B) 2B 623A 5C 4B 236C delay 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A Ender

Advanced Combo:

(5A) 5C 2C 623A delay 2B 623A 5B 4B 236C delay 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A  Ender

Ikimasuwa Combo Options:

214A 214C J.BC J.BC Throw/214B
214A 236C (Safe DP)

Overhead Combos:

623B 2C 623A 4B J.BC J.BC Throw/214B
623B 2C 623A 2B 623A 5B 4B 236C 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A  Ender

Ex Throw Combos:
63214C J.BC j.BC Throw/214B
63214C tk j.214A land 623A 2CC J.BC J.BC Throw/214B
63214C tk j.214A land 623A 5C 4B 236C delay 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A Ender
63214C IAD J.2C land 236C 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A 236[A]

Corner Throw Combo:
6E 5AA 5C 236C Ender

As you play W Len, I'm sure you'll notice that you find yourself doing the Ex Ice setups a lot, and this is where W Len truly shines, for this is where all of her mixups are aloud to be let loose. Here a number of maneuvers you can perform after you catch your opponent off of an Ex ice with 2[C] 623A.

236C 2[C] 623A 5C J.BC J.BC Throw/214B
This if just if you don't feel like being creative and want to go for a little more damage. Should be used to put your enemy in the corner, or to finish them off.

236C 2[C] 623A 5C 4B 236C Ender
ZOMG. Another Ex Ice... The damage is horrible, so don't take this too seriously. This should only be used if if you're in Max mode, and feel like using up some extra circuit. Most of the time, this will put your enemy in the corner, so you can go for a corner setup off of this.

(In corner) 236C 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A 236[A]
Charged ice setup. Very good move on Oki, and leaves you free to pressure to your heart's content after it forces 'em to block. Just be sure to watch out for shield bunkers.

(Midscreen only) 236C 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A 22C
Very deceiving crossup. W Len's 22C is nothing but an illusion move to the untrained eye, but it actually doubles as a very small teleport. The teleport will be far enough to cross up after your enemy has been knocked down by 623A, so enjoy surprising them.

(Midscreen only) 236C 2[C] 623A 2B (delay) 623A 22C 66
DOUBLE CROSSUP. Woah there. So your past 22C crossup wasn't enough to fool your opponent? Well, W Len's dash crosses up at it's very start before she actually starts running. With this, you can effectively cross over to your opponent's other side, then cross back to your own right before you can attack. If you input 6[6], it fakes the crossup, and you remain on the same side as you would after a 22C.

236C 2[C] 623A J.[C] land 623A
If you time this right, your 623A and the hit of the j.[C] will fall on the defender simultaneously. It is instinctive to block the j.[C] high, so the 623A has a good chance of connecting if your enemy isn't paying close attention. If it does connect, you get a free combo.

(Midscreen only) 236C 2[C] 623A 421A/B
This will place a patch of ice a little ways behind your defending target. After they get up from your previous knockdown, begin pressuring them into the ice for some cool blockstrings and opportunities for mixups.

236C 2[C] 623A Heat
Safe Heat. Hey, why not?  

(Corner only) 236C 2C neutral jump J.[C] land 2B
Like the J.[C]/623A mixup above, this tricky looking high/low illusion is completely safe, and will either: 1) Force your enemy to block, in which case you go into blockstrings or dash cancel 2B to apply pressure, or 2) your enemy falls for the low 2B and they eat more EX ICE!  :bleh:

White Len's blockstrings mainly consist of setting up an opportunity to use either her command throw. All of White Len's normals are dash cancellable, giving your enemies that respect your attacks a rude awakening when you cancel a simple 5B into a dash-in throw. It should be noted that if you're doing these strings in the corner, you can replace the command throw input with 6E. (This leads to Ex Ice, which is more favorable damage/okizime/mixups)

... 2B 623[A] 214B J.214A 63214A/C
... 5C 2C 2B 623{B} 63214A/C
...5C/2C/5B/2B 66 63214A/C

Blockstrings off of 236[A]:
Note: Be wary of shield bunkers off of 236[A]. Make sure to mix up the blockstrings off of 236[A] to prevent being punished by it.

236[A] jump 7 J.[C] 66 J.2C J.C (double overhead)
236[A] 623{B} 2A ... (faked overhead for high/low mixup)
236[A] 623B 623[A] ...  (use 623A if 623B connects, otherwise go into blocksting off of 623[A])
236[A] 22C 2A/3C (faked overhead for alternate high/low guessing game)

XAQ's ridiculous mixup: (corner only) ... 63214A/B delay 421A [4] 63214A (repeat)
If done correctly, this shit is like impossible to guard against. Basically, you command grab, chuck a piece of ice right over their knocked down body, then throw again immediately. (Ice will activate during grab animation causing about 900 damage more damage.) It has been speculated that the only way to escape this setup is to do a wakeup EX. (As the ice will prevent jump outs. Shielding and dodging will not work.)
Note: You can do W Len's normal throw instead of command throw and still combo off of it in this situation. (This may be preferable after a few reps of using the command throw.)

Kohaku / MBAA Kohaku Videos
« on: June 07, 2009, 07:34:03 AM »

H-Kohaku OCV, player is Hagi. Maaaaaan her damage is consistently high.

Akiha Vermillion / MBAA V. Akiha video thread
« on: June 07, 2009, 07:22:29 AM »
Though this was already posted in Kohaku's Video Room, I feel it deserves additional attention here:

F-V Akiha OCV. The player is Shadow.  :fap: :fap: :fap:

Tournament Results / LPT Ranbat 1/2 Results
« on: January 02, 2009, 08:30:28 PM »
1st: Kusanagi (Aoko)
2nd: Zansatsu (Nanaya)
3rd: Nanaya_Tripfag (Warachia)

Thanks to everyone who played! (all results listed below)
Kusanagi (Aoko)- Lost to no one
Zansatsu (Nanaya)- Lost to Kusanagi twice
Nanaya_Tripfag (Warachia)- Lost to Kusanagi and Zansatsu
Sp00ky (V Sion)- Lost to Nanaya_Tripfag and Zansatsu
Seyluun (Len)- Lost to Kusanagi and Zansatsu
V (Satsuki)- Lost to Kusanagi and Sp00ky
Zero (V Sion)- Lost to Nanaya_Tripfag and Zansatsu
LordPangTong (V Akiha)- Lost to Zero and V
CT Warrior (Hisui&Kohaku)- Lost to Sp00ky and Zansatsu
Romc (Aoko)- Lost to V twice
Tempered (Warcueid)- Lost to LordPangTong and Zero
Darcius (Warcueid)- Lost to Seyluun and LordPangTong
deemdeem (V Akiha)- Lost to Nanaya_Tripfag and LordPangTong
HunterJonesJr (Nrvnqsr)- Lost to Kite
WanteD (Akiha)- Lost to deemdeem and HunterJonesJr
Kite (Miyako)- Lost to Sp00ky and Romc
Shinshady (Nanaya)- Lost to Sp00ky and Zansatsu
soulalucard (Ciel)- Lost to Seyluun and Tempered
Shuruken (?)- Lost to CT Warrior and Kirby
Kirby (Warcueid)- Lost to V and Zansatsu
RawrMB (?)- Lost to CT Warrior and Romc
unsafermike2002 (?)- Lost to RawrMB and Shuruken
Canas (Kohaku)- Lost to Kusanagi and Kite
Nightroad (V Sion)- Lost to Zero and Tempered
DarkSaint (Ciel)- Lost to Nanaya_Tripfag
Moku (V Akiha)- Lost to Kirby and Romc
Justicia (?)- Lost to Darcius and HunterJonesJr

Current Rankings (Updated!)
Zansatsu: 13
Kusanagi: 12
Prinny: 11
Zar: 7
CT_Warrior: 5
LordPangTong: 5
Sp00ky: 4
Nanaya_Tripfag: 4
V: 4
Zero: 3
Romc: 3
Darcius: 3
Kaaai: 2
Shuruken: 2
HunterJonesJr: 2
Tempered: 2
Kite: 2
Seyluun: 2
Kirby: 2
Voomer: 1
SacchinWantPie: 1
RawrMB: 1
deemdeem: 1
Pieman: 0
Orange-kun: 0
Baod: 0
Justicia: 0
unsafermike2002: 0
Moku: 0
DarkSaint: 0
WanteD: 0
Canas: 0
Nightroad: 0
soulalucard: 0
Shinshady: 0


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