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Tournament Results / BBGXII RESULTS!
« on: October 31, 2009, 10:50:38 PM »
 :toot: :toot: SINGLES 38 ENTRANTS :toot: :toot:

1 XaqShinor : $136.50
 2 GenericSuperhero : $39.00
 3 Spooky : $19.50
 4 LordPangTong
 5 Tinshi
 5 Xie
 7 Jiyuna
 7 Zar the Biscuit
 9 zaelar
 9 Rayzah
 9 Zidane
 9 SumAznDude
13 Chaser
13 Chaz
13 Alzarath
13 Barak Obama
17 S-Blade
17 Zero
17 Komidol
17 Master Chibi
17 Hal
17 Doj
17 Curbeh
17 LegendaryBS
25 NightRoad
25 Shin Bowser
25 Fox
25 Kain
25 Ivolt
25 Kirah
25 SiBladeKO
25 FR49200
33 Rei
33 Nas
33 StickBug
33 Kyo
33 Phauxe
49 Shiki

 :toot: :toot: 19v19 TEAM TOURNEY RESULTS

WINNERS! 8-) 8-)

LOSERS! :'( :'(


Teams Vid courtesy of Sp00ky:

Singles Vid courtesy of Sp00ky:

Random Vids courtesy of Fox:


Fox's Camera:

Hal's Camera: ???

Uhhh....gdlk? Best BBG to date? I think so. Quick shoutouts, wanna thank FOX/Zar/Spooky/XAQ/Chaz and everyone else who helped donate/transport/house and basically make BBG happen.  Xie/SBlade and VA/MD crew for traveling mad far for this, plus all the new and old players who decided to come out and have fun/support the scene.  38 entrants for this poverty ass gazebo tournament, let's get 60+ for NEC.

Tons more pics and vids to come!


BBGIX...After a cold winter, 8 brave warriors gathered at the Snapple machine to do battle in AKATSUKI BLITZKAMPF. After many brutal matches and even more brutal BSOD's...Zartacus! emerged victorious. But he wouldn't have much time to enjoy his victory... (


BBGX...One month after the events of BBGIX, the warriors returned along with several new faces to once again determine who was the strongest. This time the warriors sought to do battle in the ancient art of TAI CHI. Thanks to the teachings of his sensei, jiyuna tapped into his unawakened chi and was able to defeat all of his opponents. There was also a 15 man blitz side tournament that was won by Zar. (


BBGXI...The beginning of a new era...after nearly a year, MELTY BLOOD was brought back from the dead.  Fueled entirely by hunger, 25(!) warriors from across the globe gathered in the gazebo along with their TV's and copies of MBAA.  After a salt filled 8 hours...jiyuna managed to drag himself out of loser's and come back to take the tournament. (  It looked like things were finally over, but...


BBGXII On Halloween, everyone will be returning!!or i will kill you to the FINAL BBGof 2009.  Everything has led up to last tournament to officially decide who is...


Tournaments and Events / <[- Interest Check for Possible BBGXII -]>
« on: September 15, 2009, 01:48:35 PM »
BBGXI was the first real MBAA tourney in the US, and I think everyone who attended will agree that it was a huge success won by a truly great player.  Now with the weather getting colder and people back at school, we can't really afford to hold many more outdooor events this how about we finish the season with a bang and get together for THE BBG TO END ALL BBG'S(of 2009).  If this is gonna happen, I want it to be big; we had a ton of new players show up to the last one, hopefully we can get even more PLUS those regulars who didn't come out to BBGXI. But before I start making plans and shit, I gotta check to see if you casuals share my well as decide on a DATE that is the most convenient for everyone. Just for reference, the last BBG of 2008 was held on October 15th and the weather was beautiful (and if you are still cold I have a special drink that will warm you up real quick).

People need time to recover/get money/get hype, so this possible event won't even be until mid-October. The possible dates are...

Saturday, 10/17 (Season's Beatings)
Saturday, 10/24
Saturday, 10/31 (Halloween)

The 17th is the ideal date for me (but I can make it to any of them), I'm just worried we might lose some people to SB.  Ya'll need to post up with what date is good for you, if any. If nothing is convenient or people are just not interested, we'll wait for NEC  :toot: Also, sooner you get back at me the better, if we gonna do this it takes some time to secure the coveted gazebo permit.

Akiha's Tea Room / BOMBAYTV
« on: February 13, 2009, 12:23:38 AM »
The ones I thought were good; post more.

Welcome to #MBAC (phauxe)


Fraaaaaaaaaaames (sekuhara)

AM5 is FULL (sekuhara)


Kijea in love (sekuhara)

AM5 (jiyuna)

NO. (hal)

The List (seku)

Welcome to #MBAC 2 (hal)

Hyperhal (jiyuna)

Xie x Spidey (seku)

Bell's House (hal)

Qaenyin (hal)

America's Superstar (and his manager Pfhor) (phauxe)

Hyperfail (xie)

kijea in america (phauxe)

Bell vs Rithli (rayza)

Shiki Nanaya / OFFICIAL Nanaya MBAA Guide
« on: November 03, 2008, 06:40:50 PM »
Quit Nanaya, Play Tohno.

White Len / fuck this character
« on: August 12, 2008, 10:46:20 PM »
no seriously, ggxx players be picking this bitch and spamming those dp's and thinking they WORLDCLASS!?

nah son, i'll beat any wlen w/ my kouma for 100$ payable at next evo. BET IT. >:D >:D >:D

Shiki Nanaya / Nanaya Quotes/Translations
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:25:25 PM »
Bored, no one will netplay me, gonna translate some of Nanaya's shit, etc. Most of it doesn't sound right in English, so I'm taking some liberties. If you got anything better/corrections, just post it up. I know like 0% about Tsukihime story, so don't really understand the char. specific quotes. Also, this is still incomplete; I'll finish up the rest tonight.


Saa, Koroshiaou.
Well then, let's kill.

Sono kubi...ore ga moraiukeru
That head...I'll be taking it.

Aah, deachimattaka
Aah, looks like I've come across somebody.

逃げるなら。。。いやw もう遅いか。
Nigeru nara...Iya mou osoika
If you run away...*laughs*No, I guess it's too late for that.


Shikashi, Heta da ne. Doumo.
Hmm, you're terrible.

Tsukuzuku munou da na, omae.
You're completely incompetent.

救われないな。 俺も、お前も。
Sukawarenai na, ore mo, omae mo.
There is no one who can save you

Nanda, shinda no ka yo, Anta?
What the..did you die already?

Matamo jyanai youna, Otagai ni sa
Looks like there won't be a next time for us. (I.E you're dead)

Tayasui. Sate, tsugi no yoru made kieru to shiyou.
Too easy. Well then, until the next night, lets disappear.

理解したか? これが、モノを殺すっていうことだ。
Rikai shita ka? Kore ga, mono wo korosutte iu koto da
Do you understand? This is what it means to kill something.

Hanashi ni naran. Raisei kara yarinaoseyo, omae.
You're worthless. Start over in the next world, loser.

Zankei ni shosu. Sono rokusai, muyou to omoe.
Prepare to be decapitated. That (wtf is 六銭), seems futile.

Naraku yori haisanga wo goe ooji nite han wo kudasu. Yama no bunjyo ni yoruto, anta no shi ha kakutei rashii.

Maa, tsumari ha kou iu koto daro? Itsuka shinu nara, koko de shindemo taisa ha naittesa
Well, in other words, is this what you're saying? Since you'll eventually die sometime, dying here is not that big a deal right?

Yukisaki ha kimatta ka? Jigoku ni ochitara, enma in yoroshiku iu tto itekure
Is your destination decided? If you go to Hell, say hello to the devil for me. (lol)

Ware ha omokageshi wo su to haru kumo. Youkoso kono subarashiki zansatsu kukanhe.
 (Something about Nanaya being a spider spreading his web???). ---Welcome! To the site of this magnificent slaughter.

Un ga yokatta na. Daikyu ni atarunante, erabareta ningen no akashi da yo.
You sure have good luck. To be hit by such misfortune, it's truly a sign that you were a chosen person. (I.E You're lucky to have had the honor of being murdered by me)

Aa, somosomo katachi ga waruinjyanai no ka? Yuuretsu wo kisou no nara, ude no ippon ya nihon, fuyasu kakugo ga hitsuyou darou?

Motoyori kowareyasui mono. Natsu no yuki ni chigirete kiero
You are just an easy to break object. Like the summer snow, scatter into pieces and disappear. (How poetic :V)

なんだよ、もう終わりか紅赤手。。。。! 消えるのか、また、あの夜のように、亡霊のように消えやがるのか。。。!
Nandayo, mou owarika Kurenai Sekishu! Kieru no ka, mata, ano yoru no you ni, bourei no you ni kieyagarunoka...!
What the...are you done already Half Demon! Are you going to disappear again, just like that night...are you going to fucking disappear like a ghost!?

ああ、アンタと一度サシでやりあいたかった。結果も出た事だし, これで未練もなくなったわけだ。となると、後はもうこれしかないようなぁ?
Aah, Anta to ichido sashide yariaitakatta. Kekka mo detakoto dashi, kore de miren mo nakunatta wakeda. Tonaruto, ato ha mou kore shika naiyounaa?
Sigh, I wanted to compete face to face with you one time. ?????? I don't get the rest. In any case, is that all that is left?

Isagiyoku ikumono ha, mata sumiyaka ni yuku. Anshin shite kieru ga ii, Shiki. Omae no atogama, kono ore ga suwatteyaru
Now, be a man and die quickly.(I.E Accept your defeat) And you can pass away in peace, Shiki; because as for your succesor...I'll be filling that spot. (lol)

« on: March 15, 2008, 09:52:43 PM »
1)  Brandino (dicks)
2)  Xianior (balls)

Brandonino and Xianior (fuck len lol) are in grandfinals, but they had to stop because room closed at midnight. Current score is 2-0 brandon, but he has to win 2 ft4 sets. Xianor (fuck len lol) looks like he doesn't know how to fight ciel though, and branndino IS HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY >:D COME ON XIANIOR MAKE THIS SHIT HYPE.

Brandonino runs that all the way back from loser's first round, lololol.

3) some drunk guy NANAYA (xianor j.c raped his face in winners finals, then brandon COMES BACK FROM 0-2, 1 round IN 3RD GAME TO WIN LOSERS FINALS! CLUUUUUTCH! props to both playas)
4)  choco SATSUKI (got OWNED by Hnana, then OWNED him in losers. peaced out in a very close match with Branidnino. HYPE MM TOMORROW)
6) chibi HISIU (lost to xianor(fuck len lol), then had close gamne with brandon but dropped too much shit. also farted too much (ill edit this out tomorrow lol)
6) kurumster VSION (YA SON TOP 8 got peaced out in a close game with brandon. Ciel dash goes under Sion 5a LEARN DAT 2a MASH1)
8) Jaxx NERO (lost to xianor (poor Jaxx, len j.c was hitting from everyone ) and choco)
8) Frankthetank ARC(surprise top8 imo, dudes got potential just need to get DAT EXPERIENCE. took brandon to 3rd game, but brandon just ran ciels combo into oki and showed franks lack of experience. netplay against more people and learn those chars!)

honorable mention: DOREN WHAT HAPPENED :blah:

more results i dont i wasnt watching, someone will post full brackets tomorrow. Tomoorow is Brandon vs Choco 100$ MM with huge sidepot and potential Team Tourney :psyduck: I also want to MM brandon for 100$ while sober but he said no :emo: :emo: :emo: :emo:

replays were saved i dunnow hos gonna upload em.

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