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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Welcome! I sent you an MSN invite. I don't think many ppl play netplay anymore, but I'm always up for it since you're close at least =]

I'm busy on Saturday so it's Sunday for me if anything's happening

Welcome, we haven't had anyone new in a long while =o

We usually post any meets here, but I've sent you a MSN invite anyways

Busy on Saturday for sure. Not sure about Sunday yet =/

Gotta balla it up every saturdayyyyy

You are all free if you don't come to Northwest Majors.

Nope, too busy being baller this weekend

Maybe next year

Well, since no one else has said otherwise, Sunday it is

EDIT: btw, come either before 1pm or after like 3ish
free food for those that come before 1

We can move it to Sunday if enough of you guys want to

MB/random things this Saturday around 3:30 at SaruKada's place for anyone who's interested

That and alot of us just started new jobs so we can't really take days off and go anywhere  :(



Why don't you come up here to Vancouver? We've already been down there, your turn bro

We're all gonna be in Calgary, so no

Sorry bro

fong's good for tomorrow

Only if certain criteria is met...

Busy this coming weekend so I'm not gonna be able to make the ranbat

So I pay 7 bucks to go in and play, nothing more right?

It's really up to SaruKada since he's the only one who has a decent place for anyone to crash at.

If you guys do come up, I can probably get all the regular MB peeps to show up at the very least. Though that really only means like 5 - 6 people >.>

More if the none regs decide to come as well.

We don't really host tournys up here since we all know each other anyways. That and not many people would even come from out of town for it(except maybe you lol). If for some reason you ever come up here, SaruKada may be able to let you stay at this place which is where most of the mb action happens.

If you want, you can always add me on msn and hit me up for some netplay. Seattle to Vancouver is only 2 delay so it's alright.

As for northwest majors, I don't actually know if I'd even be available to go during that time frame.

Sunday's really just the day that most people are available. Other days are fine, but less people will usually show up

Whoaaa Richmond eh? That's my turf =]

If you wanna meet some of the crew, I can try to grab a few guys for Sunday. It'll probably be at SaruKada's place. Since I also live in Richmond, I can show you how to get there.

If you have msn, feel free to add me. My msn's on the OP of this thread.

Where in Burnaby.....

Saturday would probably be the best time for most people. Where is this place anyways?

Oh shit! Evo Number 3, Tare aka Jay, is coming on Saturday afternoon. Everyone should come on Sunday =]

Totally busy ALL weekend >.>

Well if that's the case I can head there after class.  :)

Oh yes, I just realized. Do you have the address of SaruKada's place?

Well either way, I've pm'ed you my cell # so just give me a call when you're coming

I have class until 4pm on Fridays, but I'm good for this weekend.

We're actually gonna be at SaruKada's place till like probably 1am-ish lol

But if you would rather come on the weekend I'll be free anyways so just let me know when you wanna go.

If you have msn, feel free to add me. My email is on the op of this thread

Sounds good. I actually live on campus, too.
What hours do you all meet?

Why don't you head on over to SaruKada's place tomorrow at around 3 to 4pm to meet some of the crew? If that doesn't work, weekends are fine too.

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