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When's Melty on Steam?
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Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: CCCaster v2.1d
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:47:10 PM »
I get an error when trying to download. Is something with wrong with the upload?

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: CCCaster v2.1c
« on: December 12, 2014, 11:37:34 PM »
I'm digging the new caster, but I'm having problems with my gamepad. It's a PS2 controller with a USB adapter. Twin USB Joystick, it's called. I'm very accustomed to the analog for fighting games and it's not detecting diagonal directional inputs. The previous versions have it, but I would hate to have to downgrade just to get such. I would also hate to have to buy a new joystick just for this as well. Could there be any way I could fix this issue somehow? I really need to crouch block, 3C, and back/forward jump. Doesn't help with even 236 motions and the like.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: December 12, 2014, 11:32:03 PM »
Contrary to popular belief, I did not die.

Sorry for the long disappearance, a lot of things happened, I built a new PC, my mother died, I'm working holidays and long hours, shit happened. I wasn't really able to check the forums and PMs out for a while now. Sorry for those who wanted to contribute to the dropbox or what, but I'll try to be slightly more active as of late. Just not immediately. Don't be afraid to hit me up, I'll at least be able to check everyone out. PM me if you have Skype or want to be part of the dropbox contributions, or just say shit.

How many months has it been...?

I'm still interested in Melty Blood, it is a long time favorite for me. It got me into fighting games and I'm still coming back to it. Never do I cease to be amazed by tech that is discovered amidst Japanese and Americans alike. It's just a shame I might not be able to emulate such skills. But nevertheless, I tirelessly grind in training mode while watching videos of it on occasions. And now, I wish to get back into this project.

I have no character updates for you today, but sooner than later I will get to that. Especially if some of you decide to contribute in one way or another. See you soon.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: May 09, 2014, 10:45:12 PM »
As of 5/10/14: Kouma Link Fixed & C-Ries added
Kishima Kouma
Riesbyfe Stridberg

For some reason, Kouma's link was broken. Not sure why, but it's fixed now. And lazily, I added some stuff for Crescent Moon Riesbyfe, will do Half Moon later and probably more Crescent Moon when I find more stuff...

In the meantime, it's been a while since I updated this. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get. And did I get one hell of a taste of those chocolates. These past weeks have been crazy. Unbelievable. But you know what? Still updating this.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: April 23, 2014, 03:42:44 PM »
As of 4/23/14: H-Aoko updated (thanks to purps)
Aozaki Aoko

Half Moon Aoko went from three challenges to nine. Kakato combos are hard as shit. It really gave me a tough time. I even spent hours clarifying if the challenges I had written down were good enough. What a day for me. If any of you sees anything you can fix up, please let me know. I have a big feeling it just might be.

I'm not sure who I'm gonna work on next. But keep em comin' folks. I'm quite satisfied with the contributions I've had so far.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC Boss Rush Mode Hack
« on: April 18, 2014, 12:48:59 PM »
I'm actually quite fascinated and curious. Tell me, are the Boss Rush files already present in Current Code? Which I'm pretty sure it is, as how you got Eclipse Aoko, Riesbyfe, whomever else.

Let me ask some more questions. Exactly what kind of tools do you use for this? Or are you perhaps a really hardcore programmer and make your own tools with C and program whatever you want in the game? Props to you, if you can.

On that same note, how possible or impossible would it be to add content to the game that originally wasn't there? I know this is a PS2 port for the most part, so I can see how a boss rush mode can be added. But what if it was something that was never put in there? Like, oh I don't know. Let's just say something like uhhh... CHALLENGE MODE maybe? Just a little arbitrary thought there... *cough*

Heh, in all seriousness. I look forward to this hack. I always felt that MBAACC could have had much more. In a way, the PS2 version and Act Cadenza had more. Who else missed things like Boss Rush and Team Battles? It's not like having them made the game worse, did they just not decide to program it? But whatever the case, I don't see this as pointless. It's adding things to the game that should actually have been there in the first place.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: April 12, 2014, 02:00:47 PM »
I know a guy who'd be all over these challenges. I'll see if I can't get a hold of him when he comes on IRC.
You can also add these tech/untech punishes if you want practical (scary) stuff:
Hahaha. When you say challenging, you mean it. I don't know how I level up to the average Melty player, but so far I haven't been able to do any of these. Very good strats for an experienced stick player, but good luck on a pad. That's me, pad.

In the double jump vs standing characters, these too are very difficult. And I'm not even talking about the ones where you have to hold the orb. Kill me. But at least I've been able to do it once. The most difficult part is starting the combo and timing j.A j.A just before hitting the ground. Also, this combo doesn't seem to work on Ciel. I can't clarify if there's a character where literally everything works on them, but perhaps the "Official Challenge Mode Dummy" could be worked on a little. Perhaps there can't be only one dummy.

So, I think that can make a +1 to Aoko's Crescent list so far. An easier variant of the double jump vs standing characters. As for the tech punish videos, I haven't done any tech punish combos since those are uncommon in other games, but who's to say Melty can't have it? This ain't even official anyway.

Also to add, I think there's a better way to write down how Aoko's orbs are suppose to look in combos. Instead of writing them in "conditions", I can just use 421(A) > etc. The moment they are to be release, type (!). Simple. So I guess that's part of the update as well.

Thanks, everyone. I got to challenge myself and find another cool combo to execute, including a potential array of new combos for a character. Just gonna have to get creative here. To go beyond #6 at this point.

As of 4/12/14: C-Aoko updated, changed progression color to orange (incomplete).
Aozaki Aoko

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: April 09, 2014, 08:48:04 PM »
You should add some challenging challenges, such as different variants of Aoko's "Double jump vs standing characters" combo.
You're absolutely right. I know so far that most of these are just practical and not necessarily challenging in the completely impractical department. It's just been me doing this the whole time, but I do believe I can slowly update Crescent Aoko while using this video as a guide. And perhaps more characters in the future. Plus, I've been slightly focused on trying to fill in the missing spaces (i.e. missing characters and moons that has less than 3 combos), and then going above and beyond, which takes even more work, of course.

Work's been getting in my way, a little. I come home tired. Sometimes talk to my buddy. But again, like I said in my previous post, I'm not giving up on this. When I'm actually in a Melty mood, I combo grind and find new techs all the time. There's more room for improvement. Aoko is one of my favorite characters, I'll definitely get her double jump vs standing characters combo in. (When I do things, I'm usually all over the place and scatterbrained.) And if you have a suggested order before I even get to it, feel free. Thank you for your contributions!

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: April 05, 2014, 04:00:52 PM »
As of 4/5/14: Added H-PCiel, All of Arcueid, All of Miyako
Powerd Ciel
Arima Miyako

I finally added some Half Moon Powerd Ciel, due to not being lazy about it. Arcueid and Miyako has also been added. I think Arcueid has a lot more to offer, but I'm just not sure. I'm not an Arcueid player. I'm not a Miyako player either, but I feel confident that she deserves two sets of greens, after all the tourney vids I've seen of her. Her Half Moon is the only exception where I feel "eh" about. I never see her, so I tried my best to invent something without any reference. Or did I use any references? I completely forgot, this was a while ago.

Anyway, it has been about a whole month since I updated this. Don't worry, I'm not losing faith or motivation, I'm going to keep making challenge mode missions until the end, no matter how long it takes. I like combo grinding in Melty whenever I'm not working or playing something else.

I'd also like to add another bit of information. Anyone that has a dropbox who would like to contribute to this challenge mode, feel free to. There's a neat sharing feature where if you add or update something, it updates on both (or all) ends of the spectrum. That way, if multiple people collaborate and update characters they're personally familiar with, this whole process could most definitely go faster. Feel free to PM me for details.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:31:57 PM »
As of 3/7/14: All of Sion and All of Vsion
Sion Eltnam Atlasia

This is another case of me knowing jack about the other moons. Half and Full are the bane of me for these characters, but Crescent if rather complete, especially for Sion. She's got a BnB, Max Damage BnB, metered overhead hit confirm BnB, an OTG combo for knockdown or just damage, and an Arc-Drive combo. Just as I posted this though, I think there was another okizeme combo H-VSion had. Might update it when I get around to it. Even then, it still seems rather lack luster.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: March 05, 2014, 01:31:08 AM »
As of 3/5/14: Added All of Kouma, All of Aoko
Aozaki Aoko
Kishima Kouma

Aoko is missing some Full and Kouma's definitely missing some Half. I don't know crap about H-Kouma, so I'll probably have to spend some time looking at some video when I'm bored or something. In the meantime, still idly working on these on and off on occasions. I should probably stop saying "Thoughts?" at this point. Heh...

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: February 25, 2014, 12:43:24 PM »
As of 2/25/14: H-Roa, F-Roa, and All of Ciel
Michael Roa Valdamjong

I decided to go ahead and mark C-Roa as complete (green) and I did some work on H and F, and they also came out complete (green). Wasn't too hard. His other moons are pretty simple as far as I can tell. As for Ciel, I also got all of her moons done, but I feel as if F-Ciel could have more to offer (Another Arc Drive and Initiative Heat combos) and I'm really not sure what H-Ciel could bring to the table compared to C-Ciel because otherwise, they'd have pretty much the same exact challenges. So, that's my addition. I was thinking of trying out some Aoko next, but not 100% on that until I actually decide to continue.

This is once again futile, but thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Etc ...

Kouma Kishima / Re: Kishima Kouma current code changes (1.07)
« on: February 19, 2014, 10:32:03 PM »
I like Kouma. Some C-Kouma stuff I made.... Pretty amateurish if you ask me, but just take it.

Also, some sandoori stuff. For C-Kouma, once again.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: February 19, 2014, 12:46:36 PM »
Got a little update today, folks. Powerd Ciel and Riesbyfe has been added, in addition to a description on how to read combos for the newcomers. I DID take into consideration that not everyone knows how to do air combos, so why not have this too? I also put some color code to help make it more readable in order to determine the progress of each moon's challenges. Also, some of these combos are from the character threads, such as Riesbyfe's Full Moon.

As of 2/19/14: Added Q&A instructions, C-Pciel #1-3, F-Pciel #1-4, and F-Ries #1-6.
How To Read Combos
Powerd Ciel
Riesbyfe Stridberg

A little extra note. Just because a moon is marked green doesn't mean it's actually complete. It's only what I consider complete. I may be wrong, I'm not the best player in the world. For example, Riesbyfe has a number of damage and oki combos along with an Initiative Heat combo. That feels very complete to me, what else is there to possibly know or even challenge yourself with? This is what I "think". Also, you can even make notes of any adjustments or suggestion to the how to document.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Re: Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: February 07, 2014, 02:41:26 AM »
I'm back, so here I go. I'll be using dropbox to regularly update the challenges and make sure the original post has them as well. Arbitrarily, I decided to do C-Roa first. Well, not so much arbitrary though as I'm rather fond of him despite being unable to play as him, so I did him first for fun. I'm very aware C-Roa has more than what I put down. He has a few lightning loop setups that that consist of 2A juggles as I've seen from other great C-Roa players. They seem really difficult and I'm just now learning how to do lightning loops in training mode. Feel free to contribute...

Michael Roa Valdamjong

I felt these set of challenges in this order was fair, so far... I find that even some of the first ones are completely practical albeit babby mode for a person who's new to fighting games that will also give them a fair challenge. Not everyone can do air combos proficiently if they haven't developed muscle memory. From #1 and on, they of course get harder. And if you feel a certain combo should be between one of these, I could easily rearrange the order. Anyhow, these combos are not only hard but kind of shows you the ropes. Lightning loops in challenge #5 and #6 are obviously practical on a higher level due to them being the main tools for setting up high damaging combos and sometimes traps/frame traps. Roa is a high execution character in my honest opinion, he has many ways of going about these setups... Opinions?

On an off note, or not so off, I'm very fond of pummeling Ciel. If there was a challenge dummy, perhaps she would be it. Most if not everything works on her.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Melty Blood Trials/Challenges
« on: February 03, 2014, 03:44:06 PM »
Lots of technical talk over on this forum... How about something a little new, for a change?

Over the course of years, so many newer fighting games have been getting trials and challenges: 3rd Strike OE, Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, you name it. At first, I didn't care, but after finding out how useful and helpful this mode and feature could be, I felt a little saddened that 1.07 for PC was a bit of a shoddy port with nothing special added other than Powerd Ciel, Archetype, and character balancing. Which, I'm not complaining about. I love what they did to make more characters useful and have more depth. But wouldn't it be great if this game had a challenge mode?

It's probably silly to just generate a list of combos that are doable on a forum of all things. It'd be cool if it was actually programmed into the game itself, which it isn't sadly. But let's just use our imaginations for a moment...

What I especially loved about BlazBlue's challenge mode in specific was that even though some of the challenge combos were impractical, they can very well be optimized for practical and personal use. Your damage might go down compared to the original damage, but damage isn't everything, right? I kind of wish for Melty Blood to have this sort of thing as well, just for shits and giggles. I can imagine a lot of combos being easy, but some characters have legitimately hard stuff that's also practical. At least for me...

I can probably just get a list started, but as for turning on MB and seeing what's doable and practical, I'll try to get that done later on. Not too much in the mood right now. But there are a lot of characters I'm very familiar with and can do without any hassle. So here we go...

Things to think about:
- Would each moon have their own "challenge", or would it be spread throughout the entire character? And why?
- Who would be the main challenge dummy? Similar to how it's always Dan is Street Fighter IV or Bang in BlazBlue. Or would it be better if it was more like 3rd Strike OE where the opponent and stage always changed based on what challenge you're on for character specific combos? And why? Ciel is now the challenge mode dummy.
- What should the main focus of the challenge mode be? A series of easy to hard combos to challenge how good the player's execution and dexterity is? Or should be actual practical stuff that anyone from a newbie to a hardcore pro could quickly learn from? And why?
- And why?

Anyone who has a dropbox that would like to contribute to this challenge mode, feel free to. There's a neat sharing feature where if you add or update something, it updates on both (or all) ends of the spectrum. That way, if multiple people collaborate and update characters they're personally familiar with, this whole process could most definitely go faster. Feel free to PM me for details.

Green = Complete
Orange = Incomplete
Red = Missing

Purple = Not Sure If Complete

Available Challenges:

How to Read Combos

Aozaki Aoko Crescent Half Full
Arcueid=Brunestud Crescent Half Full
Arima Miyako Crescent Half Full
Ciel Crescent Half Full
Kishima Kouma Crescent Half Full
Michael Roa Valdamjong Crescent Half Full
Powerd Ciel Crescent Half Full
Riesbyfe Stridberg Crescent Half Full
Sion Eltnam Atlasia Crescent Half Full
Sion TATARI Crescent Half Full

Akiha's Tea Room / Re: Introductory Thread (Take off your shoes, please)
« on: February 03, 2014, 11:31:19 AM »
Hello everyone, I'm new here.

I may be new to the community, but I've been playing Melty Blood since '07... although, that's also the year I began fighting games in general. Yes, Melty Blood made me start fighting games. I have one hell of a story, so just kick back and have a nice read. SKIP TO THE "RED MARKER" IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR MY BULLSHIT

Before fighting games, I played bullshit like Marvel with my older brother and hated it. I thought fighting games were repetitive, had no depth and were really boring during my early 2000 years. I just never touched them.

Then one beautiful summer, I met this nice little Asian friend of mine named Andy. He showed me Melty Blood Act Cadenza and talked about Tsukihime. I didn't really know too much background about the Nasuverse, but the game was surprisingly fun. I went straight to netplay battle and faced him. It was fun! We were both newbies and we had a grand old time. I was somehow instantly drawn to Kohaku, picked her, and Andy got a little mad at my winning streaks. There was even a small little moment where I said I was going easy on him. In silent rage, he rematched, intent on me giving my all. And then I perfected him right then and there. That was hilarious. From there, he just told me to not do such things anymore and play honestly.

That moment with Andy really had a great impact on me... This was very new to me, so despite Andy playing or not playing Melty Blood later on in life, I continued playing against the CPU and tried to get other people to play with me. Occasionally, I hopped on IRC channels, but not too much. I spent a lot of time watching West Toast videos that blew my mind and I saw so many things that kept me tuned into Melty Blood for so long. As for Andy, he talked about the new game BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, which is suppose to be a better version of Melty Blood, apparently? I didn't have a PS3 or 360, so there was honestly nothing I could do there...

It was about 2 years that passed before I moved on to Touhou fighting games. It wasn't a pleasant experience... I guess I felt the same feeling Andy did back when we had our Melty sets. This online friend of mine "Len" introduced it to me. I didn't know much about the Touhou lore either, but I just played the game in the same fashion I started Melty Blood. I couldn't even beat one round of the CPU on Easy mode. It was absolutely exhausting. I just wanted to delete the game and never go back. But something compelled me to keep going. I don't know what it was; I was right there at the install files, ready to right click and delete everything. But I stopped and thought about Len, and how it would feel to just abandon him, whether or not he had other people to play with. So I kept playing...

From there on, that's when I expanded my horizon. I broke from my Melty shell and explored other fighting games. I got to experience challenges in not only Melty Blood, but from IRC Touhou players who showed me the ropes and generally taught me how to play. Apparently, I was good at the "Touhou" part of the game, but I was not good at the "Fighting" part. Which, I expect to be typical for non-fighters or newbie fighters that was just like me, at the time.

After playing more online hack n slash games, I met more people, miraculously, who also played fighting games. But these people played games like Third Strike.

I really didn't know what Third Strike was, other than that one moment from one of those unofficial EVO tournaments where this "bad commentator" (who was actually pretty hilarious) who talked about Third Strike being a really animated game. Often comparing it to Arcana Hearts (which I didn't know what was at the time. He kept comparing the game to other games like he wanted to watch something else) but he was funny to watch while at the same time, matches were great. But I'm talking about the past again...

Anyway, Third Strike. These guys played this on MAME and Kaillera. At the time, I didn't mind the four way games. The delay was almost nonexistent to me, since it really didn't matter to me, but I got a taste of more Capcom and SNK games. I didn't immediately jump to Third Strike because for some reason the game just didn't want to run. But these other games, unbeknown to me, were generally a lot like Third Strike's game play. I was bad to start off. Because I was so used to Touhou and Melty Blood, I started off playing the game blocking my ass off and these guys were telling me I had to get some offense going. I didn't really understand, but I eventually caught up, I guess. I mostly played SNK vs Capcom, The King of Fighters 2002, and Third Strike. I mostly had "fun" more than I actually had a learning experience, because all these guys sucked as much as I did.

So one day, I decided to show these guys the game I was raised on... Melty Blood Act Cadenza. At first, these guys said it was great. They played each other and had fun. And then when I came to face one of them, or both of them... they both rage quit and never touched it again, saying it was a shitty game, essentially. And for some reason, the other friend that I know as Brian actually looked into the actual Visual Novel. He didn't like the game, but I guess he figured he'd try out the story. At the same time, I didn't know anything about the story. It was nearly 4 or more years since I first played Act Cadenza and I still didn't know any lore. So simultaneously, me and Brian both played Tsukihime. We were both very into it. It was the first time both of us ever read a visual novel and we were surprised how much this could entertain us.

Things happened and time passed, since then. Brian eventually disappeared due to reasons in life, and I just stopped playing fighting games for a good while. I didn't know where to look, so I started going places to see if anyone would like playing against me. During the time, Act Cadenza was dead. Not even an IRC channel that was alive and kicking with AC players because everyone was playing Actress Again on PS2 emulator which I couldn't run on my PC. I was just kind of stuck until... I finally found this one channel, miraculously. I joined and there was actually people there who still played Act Cadenza. What a discovery that was. Still, some of them played PS2 Actress Again, but there were other people who could only play Act Cadenza just like me. And so it began...

I played and met against Grashi. We were evenly matched. It was REALLY fun facing his Warc with my Aoko. We played until we were as good as done and I made a new friend. Somewhere around that time, I don't really know when or what, but my brother had recently purchased a PS3 with wherever he gets his money from. We're generally a poor family, so I don't know how he got a PS3. But he had a PS3 and games to play on it. They were fun. I played them. Or at least the ones I liked. My brother's tastes and I kind of differs... he actually doesn't play fighting games as much as I did. He's more into RPGs like Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy, and Tales of series. And he's too much of a weeaboo to buy any of the games in English. He has a Japanese PS2 and he actually... had the audacity to get the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII. Just... why? This guy has a mountain of Japanese games. Mostly stuff you can only get from Japan such as Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, Keyboard Mania, Para Para Paradise, Pop n Music, Guitarfreaks, and Drummania. He's a Bemani fanatic of course, he's REALLY into that Bemani music. He even makes Bemani inspired songs on his iPad with whatever application and sometimes get family or friends to participate in music videos he directs. Really low production, but he seems to enjoy it, nonetheless...

What was I talking about? Oh right. Since my brother knows how to grow money on trees, he pulled out a Playstation 3 which is how I gained access to BlazBlue Continuum Shift. During the time, CSII was already out and it was already a few months before Extend. My good old friend Grashi actually bought the game for me AND Extend. I played the both games with him, mained Hazama, eventually tried out Valkenhayn and Mu-12 who I also liked, and it was a great learning experience. His Arakune can really body me. I learned a lot of important things... but there was still a ways for me to go with my skills.

Later on, something happened. My brother needed money and sold his PS3. I was stuck once again for a while, but then Current Code soon came out. I was wondering and hoping this game would come out because then I could actually catch up to the community and play the most recent version if it did come out. And my wishes came true. Current Code 1.07 for the PC which had multiple Rev updates and faulty netplay, but I instantly shared the knowledge with other people and found an IRC channel as soon as possible. It wasn't perfect, it was actually kind of bad, but I was still hoping that better netplay would come out eventually. Not to mention, Grashi's laptop couldn't handle Current Code. He's poor himself.

Even more later on, my brother flew out of the continent and went to Taiwan and eventually China. My brother always made unexpected trips to many places, and this isn't the first time he flew out of here, but this time he left, learned Chinese, and is almost living there. He said he went there to teach English or something. I don't know what he's doing to make money or how much money he's making, whether or not it's worth it, but... He seems alright. I guess I'm happy for him, whatever he's doing. He keeps in touch occasionally, so everything's alright.

A little bit before my brother's trip to Taiwan, it was last year when I met a Third Strike player. He literally called himself Barry fuckin' Burton. I love that guy, he makes me laugh. He didn't know about Supercade, but I showed him. He was like, this is awesome, and we played Third Strike. I actually learned a lot about spacing, frame traps, and resets from my entire experience. For a year now, we've known each other and played even matches. Salt here and there, but still good times. This is also around the time I got back in touch with Brian, although it seems he has migrated to Vampire Savior, otherwise known as Darkstalkers. He really likes the game and mentions that Third Strike is getting dull. He enjoys SF4 more, which I too agree is the better game even though I've never touched it and only watched it. I think I understand it enough from the amount of videos I watched. Street Fighter is generally easy to understand in my opinion.

Vampire was an interesting game that I gave a shot. Since I was straight from Melty Blood, the game had a few things that I was very familiar with. My first character was Jedah, and I eventually moved on to BB Hood which is now my main in Darkstalkers. I REALLY leveled Brian after playing him consecutively. He was actually surprised how much I caught up to him in such short notice, despite him playing the game long before me.

This was also a time to really reconnect with one another and catch up on times. Which we did, and I'm thankful for. He even gave Melty Blood another shot, but on Current Code instead. He makes... a lot of excuses, whether it be that he doesn't like anime styled games, or that he dislikes air combos, etc etc. He seems unable and unwilling to play Melty Blood even though I just tell him to get rid of it and don't worry about it, but he just keeps it on his hard drive, because why? Every blue moon he'd say "It's time to really learn this game" and then after an hour or two of playing, he puts it down again.

One thing you may notice is the lack of Melty Blood in my story. It's true. As much as I like Melty Blood, I really rarely ever played the game. The times I did play the game online were just short spurs. So why am I on a Melty Blood forum where Melty Blood fanatics hang around talking about a game that's nearly dead? The reason is... I want to get to know someone or some people. As much access I may have to IRC channels where there's quite literally a few hundreds that could possibly still play Melty Blood, I can't really enjoy a fighting game with randoms. Why, I don't know. It's much more fun if I knew the opponent like a friend. Sure, there were times where I got on an IRC channel and played matches (which was when the netplay was bad, actually...) but it didn't last long. I join, make a match, they fight, then it was good games. No connection. As sappy as I sound, any kind of online gaming is just much more pleasurable with someone you know. Am I alone on that thought? I even knew of these forums for a long time, but it didn't take me until a day or two ago to make this account and then just now make my first post. I have a big feeling that all of this just might be moot, which I don't mind, but I was taking this moment to just try the whole forum thing out and see if I like anyone. And please, just because I said this, I don't want anyone to "try hard" and try to be my friend. Just be honest, okay? I like that a lot more than sugarcoating and empty complements.

RED MARKER. Now to the point. I'm from the south, deep south. Louisiana. That's -6 GMT Central Time. Don't worry, I'm not an ignorant red neck. I actually kind of dislike this place and all the religious bible humpers, apologies to anyone who actually has faith. I don't hate religious people despite what I said. I think I play C-Ciel best, but as far as FUN goes, C-Aoko is my absolutely favorite. She's very tricky and I like tricks. I play her way more. Occasionally, I practice lightning loops on C-Roa which can get frustrating sometimes when I get close but can't do it anymore, but there's no way I can play a solid C-Roa in a real match and perform nearly as good as anyone. He's just way too hard, but I absolutely appreciate him and love watching him pressure the hell out of opponents when C-Roa gets on the offensive. I also cannot play as Kouma, but I understand his game very well and appreciate anyone who can play him. I even made two tutorial videos of him on my YouTube channel. I'm not giving it out here, but if you REALLY want to find it, it's... honestly not hard to figure it out.

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