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When's Melty on Steam?
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Tournaments and Events / Re: Good luck to all MBAA EVO participants
« on: July 11, 2010, 01:07:08 AM »
C/F/H Aoko
I play all moons you feg

Pool 3 is fray
(not really)

Tournaments and Events / Re: Pre-EVO grind
« on: June 24, 2010, 09:49:03 PM »
Hey so I finally got my days off confirmed so I can stop pretending like everything was good for evo, cause now it is. So I will be there Tuesday late afternoon (4-5ish), picking up kusanagi, hitting a buffet then playing games.  Let me know if you were coming early and wanted to stay an night or 2 for free. No anime fags pls :P

Yay !  :toot:

Sleepin in the van.
All up for this lol
I'm not good at waking up early. x3

Antishoto, I think kusanagi is staying with me now, to reduce expenses.  Check with him just to make sure though.

Yeah we already talked about it, everythins has been fixed.

So EVERYONE, if you need a place to stay for EVO, ask AntiShoto !!! he has hotel room at a good price !!!

So, I'll be arriving Tuesday afternoon, then off to Spidey's early room x3
If someone else is arriving early ask spidey and see if you can stay in his 2 days free resort place for pre-evo grinding :3 I'll be happy to take MMs (from $1 to some 10~20 bux) so, I'm eager to play y'all  :prinny:

After that, off to Loli's place :3 Mexicoast powa ! lol

Wait... WUT, there are mexicans here? loool

Tell me where are you from, if you're in Mexico City (D.F) we can gather and I can teach you guys :3333 Mexicoast needs a MB Scene :<

Hi ! I'm Kusanagi (Aozaki_Kyo), best Mexicoast MB Player, 21 yrs old, everyone fears me / loves me or hate me, it's either one of those :3 most hate me, I know, I love you all too.

Why introduce myself now, when almost everyone in here know me? cuz recently I like trolling ppl !  :mystery:

Oh, btw, welcome random ppl I don't know and lurkers ! :3

Yeah 4 but with just a few consoles they could've got a Hell lot more of attention. :V that just might mean they don't *really* want it  :prinny:

Ciel's Tech Support / Re: Act Cadenza Crashing
« on: May 29, 2010, 08:44:21 PM »
Crashes most likely because you need to update your DirectX AND Graphic Card drivers. Do it.
FPS depends most on the graphic card, I'd recommend some Nvidia 6 series or Up. Indeed AC is not hardware demanding but you need to have *at least* some decent specs.

Derp Ecole... DERP :|

Ciel / Re: Who is this character???
« on: May 12, 2010, 01:08:20 PM »
I never see that blonde in the anime of tsukihime.
That's because theres not such thing as a Tsukihime anime

So far we only got 2 characters done, even if they're actually pretty major, participation overall is still lacking, so you faggots better get into this next friday.  :mystery:

Thanks to Trollberry and Kirah-the-hater for the help and participation at the meeting.
We need to get at least 4~5 characters each session.

We got more or less the idea defined, so I hope we can advance more the next ones.
Cheers.  :teach:

International Team  :mystery:

International team, let's go ! :3

Aoko Aozaki / Matchup/Counterpick Moon selection at #Mages-Association
« on: April 28, 2010, 11:22:55 AM »
So, I came up with this after seeing how the channel is so dead lately, I know people has stuff to do but c'mon.

Anyways, the idea is like this: We at #Mages-Association on will discuss which Aoko Moon would be the best to play against the most used characters (i.e. H-VSion, C/F-MHisui, Ciel, Akiha, etc, etc.) This will take place every Friday afternoon until we get a decent list for Matchups.

The main idea is for everyone to give their opinion as to why they think that moon-style would be best for X character, and we'll go from there.

Now, I was thinking on restricting the access to the channel only on those days at that time. Why? Well, because I think we will be discussing Aoko's strengths and weaknesses that usually just the real players of such character can know, so I don't think we want to give away that kind of info. to non-Aoko players :B. So, I more or less remember the names of the people that come to the channel on a regular basis.

And yeah, just as a reminder:

Friday Afternoon @ #Mages-Association
Matchup/Counterpick Moon discussion

If you got any ideas like if it's a good idea to restrict the access to the channel while we do this or want to appoint a specific hour for the meeting post it here. I think it should be something like 5~6pm (GTM-8 in my case) or even 7pm. Anything is welcomed.

Ciel's Tech Support / Re: Question about Online Play
« on: April 09, 2010, 11:19:01 PM »
No1 plays MBAC anymore, move on to Actress Again

what, you mad son. :<

Hoh, so I get to team up with Japan... so good :3


Guys help me out here.

I started my C Aoko "over from scratch" so to speak because in my earlier matches I was freestyling with her way too much. I think this kept me from a reliable form of of oki, set-ups and pressure and so I went back looked at the wiki as well at the info at the start and some nico vids and I think by going from a new base I can take her higher than before.

That said I messed up some stuff in matches today due to nervousness and it being the first time trying out things (like I usually mean to stop at 6A if its blocked and use its cancelable property to set up orb) and I messed up TKing a few orbs there but other than that I really appreciate it if a good C-Aoko could tear apart what's shown here and give me good tips, as I just don't feel H-Aoko and F totally turns me off for a number of reasons.


  • Stop overusing j.236B - If you wanna zone it, go with (instant) backdash j.236A, if you still feel like using j.236B, before landing cancel it into EX orb, it has many recovery frames and you're dead weight landing there after it so you can get easily bodied. If you're doing it cuz you gon't wanna just back dash you can place orbs if your op is far enough from you.
  • --------------
  • About 6ABC (123) - You can go for at least 6AB w/o worrying much about it being blocked... 12 is cancellable as well, and in fact gives you a better chance to hitconfirm. Don't play Auto-pilot Aoko cuz you won't win at All, C-Aoko is not an ez character to begin with.
  • --------------
  • You're *not* using Oki at all - Use her 123 into starmine (421*) more often, the whole video, didn't see you do it once. C is not really a dmg character but oki and counter hit one imo, so you need to learn what to do on what situation. So yeah, go grind Orb loops in training mode.
  • --------------
  • Do her BnB's in training mode until you can do it consistently - You're doing random stuff off good counters, and I can tell you haven't really practiced her Aerial BnB much. Go do it, when you do it at least 50 times in row each side, you'll be ready.
  • --------------
  • Finally but more importantly - Go into training mode. Good or Bad, Aoko is a character that *needs* you to grind training, she's really not the type you can get down in a week or two. Specially C since its the moon that requires the most Exe out of the 3.


Aoko Aozaki / Re: Does this work?
« on: April 04, 2010, 04:46:31 AM »
Hey guys I'm just picking up MBAA but I have no humans to play with. I've been messing around with this string, and I'm wondering if it would work against a human the way I think it would [see bracketed part]:

In corner:

lead in...2C > 3C > j.B>C > j.C > 214B [opponent techs out] _land away from opponent_ > jump back 214B or 214B as a setup

My question is whther that air214B would even be a problem for a human opponent, as now I'm seeing it as a way to keep my opponent in the air long enough to land and set an orb. Could they just block or tech forward and miss it completely?

Should I be using a different strategy?


No, it won't work, orbs usually activate before they tech out, by the time they're recovering orb's active frames are over and/or they'll be high / far away enough for it to either just block it or get out of there.

If you have no humans to play against, go Bossrush or something. For overall movement at least is good training.

Also, I know I should be filling up F's Wiki but I'm still not done with H training :| As soon as I get all down, I'll put some stuff in there. Derp  :blah:

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: An idea that could help pull Japanese players
« on: February 10, 2010, 09:44:23 PM »
JeffreManson ;_;

Tournaments and Events / Re: Pre-EVO grind
« on: February 09, 2010, 07:40:01 PM »
Cool. I'll confirm when I get my tickets.

So, right now it's Antishoto, Me and Kirah. If anyone wants to room with us, send Antishoto a PM fags >:|
mb ftw <3

Tournaments and Events / Re: Pre-EVO grind
« on: February 09, 2010, 09:38:28 AM »
Yo Spidey, i'm all up for this.
Antishoto is gonna check in Thursday afternoon but the tickets I've seen opened for these days need me to arrive a day before (Wednesday) so if I can spend some time grinding some MBAA while I wait for my roomates to checkin, the better.

Hmm, I'm not sure if I'm in your category of "people I know/trust" but I can say I'm 21 already and well educated too.
So, If I can get into this let me know.

This is still guessing since I've yet to buy my tickets, but yeah, I'm all in.  :prinny:

Aoko Aozaki / Re: Actress Again Aoko (it needs to be done)
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:05:29 AM »
Haha, that CAoko cmv just makes it even clearer how even though she's Exe demanding, dmg reward's not that big. :<

Good video nevertheless.  :fap:

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