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Thanks rayza, I'm rendering a followup right now for some more things including otgs and confirming off specials in blockstrings.

--- Quote ---why? does 5BB after 5C 2C launch them too high in the corner? why does 5BB force you to super jump when you jump with 8 after it?
--- End quote ---
It launches you way too high to get any reasoable followup from afterwards. You can't even do a pseudomeaty 2c to threaten the opponent who is getting up.

--- Quote ---unrelated to combos but i'd like to ask anyway, why should they be afraid on wakeup if you do proper air combos, and why do you want to dash in on their wakeup? (i might be misunderstanding)
--- End quote ---
If you do a proper air combo in the corner and have them at a decent low height, you can easily do 2c "meaty" 5c aircombo. This means you can push the respect they have for that and just dash in on their wakeup, they won't be able to reaction poke you and a dash 2aa can be confirmed into a 5b for air combo against jumping opponents, or instant airdash in, or just jump forward. There are way too many things Tohno can do if he has the right knockdown scenario that unless the opponent just likes taking risks its usually generally better to just downback if he has the right height.

--- Quote ---if the 5B[B ] hits, you can only follow it up with an air combo, right?
--- End quote ---
You're misunderstanding. You 214a no matter what after the 5b[b ] in that scenario, and if they got hit by the overhead it will let you recover in time to do the combo after it because 5b[b ] is untechable.

--- Quote ---this is in the MBAA wiki for C Tohno, does the part about j.CB dj.BC doing more damage still apply?
--- End quote ---
It does more damage but jb has a better downward angle hitbox for initially following up an air combo. With 6b launchers you also typically have to use a j.a at the end of the string before sdj meaning the damage is gonna be the same/similar anyway.

--- Quote ---lastly, how do you follow up on an unblocked j.C or j.[C]?
--- End quote ---

Covering that in my next video

--- Quote ---what do you wanna use on oki or as anti-air with C Tohno?
--- End quote ---

Tohno doesn't really have much strong mixup utility in terms on his okizeme. I've already explained the post airthrow meta a bit earlier, but with the addition of things like the j22b 214a and 6[b ] 214a into otg relaunches in the corner he can be a bit more threatening with some meter to spare.

His 5b has an upperbody clashframe and his 623b has upper body invul. Spaced correctly, 236a also can function as a high risk, highreward anti air.

I plan to actually like, write shit in the wiki eventually don't worry, this stuff was just the start.

i see, thanks

--- Quote ---I plan to actually like, write shit in the wiki eventually don't worry, this stuff was just the start.

--- End quote ---

that's great news, will you include things like his most useful option selects?

Probably. Tonberry is more knowledgable about Tohno OS than me, he wrote a big thread about it before.


these are for ps2, ill be seeing if any need updating for cc

EDIT: I've updated the wiki with all combos now properly categorised, and put more info in on basically everything, as well as writing up the movelist. The only thing left to do is to make a video for the option selects.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65rn0f8dp_I#t=9m10s  :fap:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O9YB0o8U70 mirror

Video I made for the Universal OS.


Not to toot my own horn, but I think the wiki is pretty much done at this point, I have pretty much everything there.

Pending more match experience with H-Tohno before I write more for other styles.


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