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Changes I've noticed since console
+ 623b hits crouchers
+ All of his EX moves OTG relaunch  :laffo:
-/+ EX cancel point on 214a/b delayed.  They can no longer be instantly cancelled into 236c to keep your opponent in blockstun.  If they're around midscreen you can OTG relaunch and push them into corner though.
- 6b doesn't launch nearly as high as it used to
- 6b 2[c] is no longer airtight
- 623c damage nerfed

--- Quote from: Previously in Console ---Optimal corner IH BnB is (jc) 5b 2b 5c IH dash 5b 2b 5c 623c 5a 5c jb jc jabc airthrow.  ~7.7k vs Kohaku off jc starter.  7227 damage off of 5b starter.  6173 damage off of 2a before 5b.  6119 damage off of 2a before 5b with dash 2a after IH instead of dash 5b.
--- End quote ---

and now, +doing 5b 5c after 623c instead of 5a 5c
off jC starter vs Kohaku - 7078 damage. 
off 5b starter - 6444 damage.
off 2a starter - 5533 damage.
off 2a starter, dash 2a - 5540 damage.

new IH bnb is replace 623c with 623b IAD jc land 5b 5c air combo
off jC starter vs Kohaku - 7611 damage
off 5b starter - 7001 damage
off 2a starter - 5704 damage
off 2a starter, dash 2a - 5695 damage

--- Quote from: Previously in console ---2a, 5b, 2b, 5c, 623c, 5a, 5c, j.bc, dj.bc, airthrow = 5392 damage vs VSion
--- End quote ---

now - 4867 damage(5b 5c instead after 623c)

Thanks to new CH system
+ 2[c] CH IAD ja/b/c all combo
+ After 2a 5a whiff 5b(CH) dash 2a combos(bit tight)
+ 5b CH 5b combos
+ 2aaa 5b(as fast as possible) 2b(CH) dash 2a combos(bit tight at this range but closer its freee)
+ 2a 5a(whiff) 2a(CH) 5a(whiff) 5b combos

Apparently all moons of Tohno got the 22c change, but F shiki seems to have a harder time comboing his 2c after 22c midscreen on most chars now. I'm not sure if its just me messing up and accidentally partial charging it.

2[c] OTG relaunches so you can do it after slide  :toot: :toot: :toot: :toot: :toot:


Oh man Tonberry thanks for showing that 2[c] 623b because I tried to do the 22c 2c over and over and didn't get it to hit consistently. But now you can do 22c dash 2[c] 623b j.c land j.bc dj.abc at.

While were on the subject of 22c id like to ask what the optimal meterless combo off 22c in the corner would be. Iv been using either 22c 5b 5c j.bc d.jabc at.

little beginner tutorial by myself


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