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Melty Blood Auditorium / MBAA Arcadia Insert.
« on: October 01, 2008, 05:54:22 AM »
Yes, I know I didn't spell Arcadia right in the .RAR >_>...ha ha.
Anyway, Arcadia this month had a special insert for MBAA. 19 pages of fun!
Entitled "Melty Blood Actress Again Guide Book"

Here is a .RAR containing pics from it.
I did my best with my camera, I have no scanner up here. If you want a particular page, or picture re-done, msg me or reply here and I'll re-take it for a better shot.
Anyway, quite a bit of info in here. Enjoy?

(There was also some BB info and that new stuff for AH2 with those Inuwakas, but whatever)

Not all moves may be shown (Ex. FAoko has 22, but 22 is not shown in her move list)

Shiki Nanaya / Nanaya MBAA Thread (C/H/F Moon)
« on: September 26, 2008, 06:16:15 AM »
With all the MBAA threads for characters, noticed Nanaya didn't have one so I'll attempt a thread.
This is my first attempt at a informative thread, please bear with it.  :emo:
Hoping for this thread to contain info on all the different Moons. Contribution is greatly appreciated!
I don't know much about H Nanaya yet, so any info is greatly appreciated.
I'll be constantly editing this whenever I get a chance to test out new things(daily, maybe)

With console out, some of this information may be outdated/need to be changed with Original Balance.
EX: After messing with F Nanaya mid-combo 214B to dash 2A.
Feels like maybe only possible when close corner (When you reach corner via 214B).
This combo used to be pretty free in vanilla, but it feels like recovery on the 214B may have been changed?

I use BE instead of [ ] to denote charge moves, because I am lazy and I don't like it when it happens to be a B move that needs to be charged.
So in other words...I don't like half the page being bolded only to realize it later.

Videos Will update eventually. (F Nanaya vs F Kohaku / H M-Hisui)  (F Nanaya vs F Nanaya) <--- As the name of the video suggests...It's awesome. (Linked by Okuhoshi on Page 2) (F Nanaya vs         ) <--- Too lazy to re-watch who it is against.

This set of videos was linked by Okuhoshi.
Original thread below.
The following videos are of F-Nanaya.

Waruine guide vids

パロスペ collection

Random awsomeness

Basic Full Moon Nanaya Information
(Short video with a bit of information for what F Nanaya can do, maybe will add part 2 with better Oki setups.

Basic Crescent Nanaya Combos
Quality is bad, I know. My camera is terrible.
These are some basic combos for Crescent Nanaya, nothing fancy here. With some changes to Nanaya's moveset...his combos are a lot more free-form than before, so you can just go mix/match swap stuff.
Nanaya Wiki ^ (Linked by Dakanya)
A plethora of knowledge. Browse it when you have the time!

All around change.
Arc Drive and Another Arc Drive has been changed.
Arc Drive seems to hit much earlier than how it used to in MBAC.
Arc Drive has a extension using the motion 123, it'll make it hit faster, but do less overall damage. A low hit. (Thanks yotsu)

Style Notes.
Crescent and Half both have access to dodging, you may also dodge in the air now as well.
Crescent and Full both have access to EX guard, as well as held shield.
Throw breaks are in all modes.
EX Guard restores your guard meter, but does not decrease blockstun.
Whiffing a Shield will reduce the "quality" of your Guard Bar, as well as using dodge.
Successfully shielding a move will improve the "quality" of your Guard Bar.
In short, whiffing shields / using dodges will ruin your Guard Bar's quality and making it easier to land a Guard Crush on you, meaning if you're playing Half Moon and whiffing Shields/Dodges left and right...get ready to be Guard Crushed pretty quickly seeing as how Half has no access to EX-Guard.

If you're playing as Half Moon, you are unable to hold shield, and cannot choose when you want to heat.
There are Auto Shield counters in Half Moon, a different one if you're standing, crouching, or in the air, you can follow these up.
You will automatically Heat when you reach 200%(If you aren't being combo'd)
You will automatically Circuit Spark when you receive a hit while being in Heat.
You cannot EX Guard.
You cannot Last Arc.
You cannot AAD, but Nanaya's Arc Drive in Half seems to be like his AAD in Crescent and Full, but it will hit only once for less damage.

If you're playing as Full Moon, you can hold shield, but you cannot choose when you want to heat, unless you are in MAX.
If you shield a move, you must input 236D to perform a shield counter, then you may follow up afterwards.
You may perform a action called "Initiative Heat" (Like an FRC or cancel from KOF). You must be in MAX to do this. Simply press ABC after a normal, or specific moves and you will enter normal Heat, but you will cancel the recovery on the move you chose to IH. You can extend combos this way, or use this as a safe method to Heat.
You can EX Guard.
You cannot Dodge/Air Dodge.
You cannot perform Reverse Beats. But 5B 2B is allowed.
2B 5B / 5C -> 2C / 2C -> 5C is not allowed either.

I forgot if there was anything else, if there is, someone please point it out and I'll edit the info.

Crescent Moon Nanaya
New stuff (9-27-08) {Thanks Lolisauce for reminding me about the OTG with 623B! Forgot I had said that haha)
Added - 623B OTG/214B/22B charge height information. Credit : Lolisauce}
New Stuff (11-01-08) {New combos involving 214B and 5BB}

Chargeable 22B -
When you charge it, you will always appear behind your opponent, at a fairly high normal height.
623B/C -
if you press a button at the end of the 623B/C it will cause a throw to happen. So if you want to go be doing
623C combos, don't press anything at the last hit, otherwise he'll perform the throw.
623b/c - I think someone (maybe you?) mentioned that you could OTG into these to get the throw ender.
214b - Basically, what I could tell from the 214b corner combo is that it just plain recovers faster, allowing you to catch them with a 2a as they fall.  It was used around quarter screen away from the wall, but it should work anywhere within the movement distance of 214b.  In other words, as long as you end up in the corner after you reappear from 214b, you'll be able to combo after.  Whether this becomes practical or not is uncertain, since it looks like it should be easier to time than the 623c corner combo (as well as working further from the wall), but most likely won't do as much damage.  If the old ReAct 214b(close) corner combo was back, then we'd be in business, but 214b(far) does less damage.

All the old combos still work, 5B variant on norm BnB, 623C loops etc.
With the changed 214B, and the inclusion of a vertical high jump, Nanaya can do some cool looking stuff.

Simply ground string into 2C delay 214B dash toward 2A 5C jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow
Make sure you are close so you get the "pop up" version of 214B, and don't forget to make a small delay between 2C and 214B. I'll add more specific combos to this later when I get a chance to try more, but that's pretty much it.

You can include 5BB in your BnBs, then vertical high jump j.C j.B jc j.B j.C airthrow for more damage.
A simple 2ABC 5BB high jump j.C j.B j.B j.C airthrow will do a lot more than a standard BnB
I'll add more when I get a chance to try stuff out.

Using 623C in midscreen combos is a lot more easier now, since you can just use 2A 5C to catch on almost everyone in the cast, rather than using 2A 236A like before. (You can still do that if you want to be fancy.)

Half Moon Nanaya(Will edit in a day or two with info on his normals, and moves)
New Stuff(9-27-08)  {New Information on Normals and his Moves. Credit: LoliSauce}
New Stuff (9-28-08) (Moves, and some new things on Normals)
New Stuff (10-02-08)(6AAA set and changed 214B charged info)
New Stuff (10-05-08) (Added a video showing some Moves/Normals)
New Stuff (10-10-08) (Changed combos section, combos from MBAA Nanaya Wiki. Credit to Dakanya for linking it.)

Video of Moves/Normals (Incomplete)
I forgot to do j.214, 623C, 236C, 2A, and what not. I apologize.

2a - Changed to a ducking kick.  Seems around the same range for the old 2a, maybe slightly longer range.  It's definitely not as high of an attack hitbox anymore though, so you won't be able to 2a people out of a low invincibility move (such as Sion 6b) anymore.  Slight nerf overall.

5b - Forward kick.  Looks like this actually has more range and decent forward movement on it, as well as being able to hit crouchers.  Despite those buffs over the old 5b, he will now lose the 5b[b] overhead and the combo off of it, which is a pretty hefty potential nerf.  Also, because of the lowered attack hitbox, it looks like doing 5ab as a quick relaunch on ground-to-air CH doesn't work anymore.

5c - Really short range kind of roundhouse kick.  Major nerf.  It's much less range and also no forward movement.  It whiffed in blockstrings a lot in the videos.  Haven't seen any charge versions of this, so NanayaH may have lost every ground overhead now.  =<
Above move descrip from LoliSauce.

H-Nanaya's 2A is a low hit move, but it is slow. It comes out at 6F.
Same as C-Nanaya 2A on block, leaves you at Neutral F.

5A 6AA - H Nanaya's 5A 6AA set is't know what to say about it. I need to try it out some more to get a better idea but this is what it looks like...

6A - A first 6A will have him do a palm jab, it looks somewhat like Miyako's outstretched arm in j.B
6A - A second 6A will have him do a slash with his knife, resembles his 236 in F Moon. When I did this pointblank I had passed through the opponent, and appeared on the other side.
I'll need to try more combos out with his 6A set if it's possible.

On connecting the last hit of 5A 6AA, the last 6A will produce a launch effect.

H Nanaya cannot charge his 5C like F Nanaya can.
j.B hits only once.


236 - FAST.  It was fast enough that you couldn't really move much throughout the duration, which sucks, but also fast enough that you could combo off of 2c 236a.  It might have just been an invalid combo though, since I only saw that happen once, so I'm not sure what to make of it yet.

623 - 623a/b are just the vanilla shoryu, same as MBAC Nanaya.  623c creates a mirror image Nanaya immediately behind the opponent, which mimics his actions.  Both of the kicks have attack hitboxes and Nanaya now gains invincibility during the startup of it.  Because of the mirror Nanaya kicking them towards you, it looks like you might not be able to corner combo off of it, but maybe you can still combo off of it at certain ranges (mirror nanaya kicking them into you from a certain distance?).  Overall it's a great reversal or punish move, but not sure if anything can actually be done off of it.
H Nanaya cannot charge 22B

BE214B has a wallslam property to it, as well as becoming a OverHead.

214A is a short ranged, fast startup kick. (You may do an EX after a 214A, such as 214C. This applies to both 214A and j.214A)
214B is a slightly longer ranged kick, with a slower startup than 214A.
214C is a longer ranged kick, and has a 623 shoryu ender to it.
All 214s are the same as their j.214 variants. (Need to double check on charged 214B in the air, if it's possible.)

H Nanaya's 236 may look the same as C Nanaya's, but their are a few key differences.
H Nanaya's 236 is much faster than C Nanaya's. However, with C Nanaya you may move left or right during a 236, but with H Nanaya, you cannot move left or right.  You will be stuck in one spot.
H Nanaya can cancel the first hit of 623B to an EX. I'm wondering if you can do a 623B cancel first hit 623C then follow up with a combo...


2A 2B 2C 5C jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow or j.214C

2A 2B 2C 5C 5B jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow or j.214C

2A 2B 5C 2C 5B jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow or j.214C

2A 2B 5C 2C 5B 214A 5A jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C throw / j.214C

5B 2B 5C  5A 6A 6A 214A 5A jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C throw / j.214C

Anything -> 2C 236A 5C jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow or j.214C

BE214B  2A jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow or j.214C

On counter hit...
BE214B 214A 5A 5C jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow or j.214C

Full Moon Nanaya
(Will edit in a day or two with info on his normals)
New Stuff (9-27-08) {New combo pointed out by Pfhor, j.A descrip changed, thanks LoliSauce}
New Stuff (9-28-08)[/glow] {Added new info on charged 5C, and j.2 moves along with small info on 214B combo)
New Stuff (10-05-08) {Added a video showing his Moves/Normals}
New Stuff (10-10-08) {Added a few combos, made a new section "Other Notes" added a bit of info to 236 set)
New Stuff (10-12-08) {Added info to 236 set / combos}
New Stuff (11-01-08) {Added new combos/New Section. Initiative Hit Combos}

Other Notes
Horizontal type airdash
Against a Half Moon Style opponent, you can do 2A, and backdash to avoid the auto-spark.

Important Note!

Remember, you cannot Reverse Beat while playing as F-Nanaya.
You cannot do 2B 5B, but you are allowed to do 5B 2B.

2A is a elbow poke (like Aoko 2A from MBAC) A low hit. (4F startup, +3f on block)
2B same 2B as MBAC, except on block. (8f startup, -4 on block)
2C Nanaya will extend his leg outward to kick. (Does not move him forward like his 2C in MBAC) (8f startup, -2 on block)
5A is a standing elbow jab, shorter range than the 5A of Crescent. (5f startup, +3f on block)
5B is a a horizontal kick like Half Moon. (8f startup, +1f on block)
5C is a roundhouse-ish kick, brings his leg up pretty high. (11f startup, -2f on block)
5CBE is a overhead. (26f startup, -3f on block)
j.A is a short ranged knee thrust, overhead. (5f startup)
j.B/j.C is the same as MBAC (one hit only though for j.B) (8f startup)
j.2 A/B/C is a dive kick, like Yun/Yang from 3s. Depending which button you use, will alter the angle of the kick. j.A will be a fairly steep angle, j.B won't be as steep, a little more angled, and j.C being a 45 degree angle downward kick. A overhead of course, and can be used to also cross the opponent up as well.
j.2A/B/C all have the same startup. (6f startup)
j.2A/B/C is IHable on block, hit, or whiff.

IH= Initiative Heat.

According to JP Wiki, writer says...
j.2A is equivalent to about 80 Degree Angle
j.2B is equivalent to about 60 Degree Angle
j.2C is equivalent to about 40 Degree Angle

Many people like to call this kick the "Warui ne" kick, because Nanaya says "Warui ne?!" when he does it.

Dive Kicks may not be TK'd like V Sion j.2B.
You can do these on straight up jump, a jump toward or super jump.
You may not dive kick off a backward momentum jump, or if you are falling from your second aerial jump.
Dive kicks must be done at a certain point during your jumps. The "pinnacle."
If you did a jump in and had a j.A / j.B / j.C blocked, you may jump cancel and perform a dive kick off of this jump.
Same rules apply about being off ...
1) Forward Jump
2) Neutral Jump
3) "Pinnacle" of Jump.

You cannot do j.2A/B/C if you did 22B.

A blocked j.2A/B/C deals a small chunk to the Guard Bar, about equivalent to 2A x5.
j.2A/B/C all deal the same amount of damage to the Guard Bar.

Dive Kick (j.2A/B/C) Fun

j.2A/B/C -After Rekka-

Doing a j.2A with Nanaya being at the furthest possible ending distance from final Rekka will have him dive kick in front of the opponent, without actually hitting them. If your opponent assumed you would hit them high via j.2A, they might still be blocking high...meaning you can go in for a low hit and end with a Rekka to start the fun all over again.

j.2B seems to be the middle ground, hitting in between the distance of j.2A and j.2C. Haven't found much tricks with this as of yet.
Timing it right as the opponent is getting up will have you land right next to them, but you won't hit the opponent, because they will still be invincible as they are getting up from the ground.

Doing j.2C early as your opponent is getting up will have you go right through them, and appear on the other side. You'll be slightly out of range for your 2A at this space. If you want your 2A to be able to connect after a j.2C, the distance during your Rekka finish is what determines it, from what I've tried so far.

Jumping towards the opponent and doing a j.2 can make it cross them up, or if you're close enough you can try for it in neutral as well, but it seems like only j.2A and probably j.2B have the potential for a cross up at neutral if you're VERY close to the opponent, j.2C can cross up at a bit of a further distance. Best thing to do is go into practice to see what the distance is, and make a mental note of it. j.2A must be RIGHT near the opponent. j.2B also requires you to be right next to the opponent, but not as close as j.2A. j.2C may have a bit more space between you and the opponent.

During your final hit of the rekka, you can -slightly- delay it.
If you go and do it full speed, Nanaya will be at a far distance upon finishing it, but if you slightly delay the final 236, then Nanaya will be close to the opponent. (Close as in the feet are touching.) This probably needs more testing, but so far this is what I am led to believe. If anyone has info, please let me know so I can correct this, or add anything to it.

Also, be mindful of the corners. A example would be that you're doing a Rekka combo, end up on the other with your back facing the corner. This would obviously leave you "Closest" distance to the opponent. So take this into account if you're to try for any j.2's over the opponent or wake up games.

Try different things, jumping towards the opponent with a dive kick, neutral jumping ...mix up your options.
Make it look like your going to try and cross them up via j.2, only to have yourself drop right in front of them instead.

You can utilize fastfall (j.22) a lot more in AA. SuperJump forward fastfall is much faster than previous MBs. Use it how you see fit.

Mix in IADs over the opponent, or late j.Cs and such so that it feints.
Use 22C and what not etc.

You can do a j.A/B/C on block, and then jump cancel it, off your double jump you can j.2A/B/C to cross the opponent up or just do a regular dive kick.
Yes, you can do this off of IAD attacks too.
IAD attack -> Jump Cancel -> j.2A/B/C

IAD over opponent -> stop momentum with neutral jump -> j.2A/B/C

Make full use of the fact he has a high hitting j.A, a low hitting 2A as well as a horizontal air-dash now.
There are many possibilities to what kind of setups you can come up with.
This is also my way of saying I'm pretty lazy and don't want to test out things.

-Dumb Stuff-
After a throw, whiff 5C/5B/2C/'ll be within range to throw the opponent again.
For whatever possible reason you'd want to, you can even do 2A before those moves and whiff them, and still get to throw.

+F on his moves. HURRAH!

Looks like for F Nanaya, your pressure, faster j.22, low 2A and dive kick oki is a serious high low game. If they guess wrong, they'll eat a knockdown again and it'll repeat itself. Get them scared and go to town.
Mix in some 22C's too, or if you're feeling brave, try for a 22A.

With fastfalls, low 2As, dive kicks, tick throws... you'll be getting them in more of a high low, than locking them down in blocking like you did in C.
Idea is basically simple. Get that knockdown via Rekka combo, then just stay in the opponents face 24/7.

You can't really spam people out of lower body invincibility attacks like you could with C Nanaya 2A though.

Any hitconfirm you get on ground...just go into rekka to set up the oki fun.
Off a shield counter combo into 2C 623BB and go to an aerial from there, alternatively you can opt to just 2C trip them and go into a Oki set up as well.


236 is a Rekka series.

236A/B once is a horizontal slash with his knife.
236A/B a second time is another horizontal slash with his knife.
Hit a airborne opponent with the second hit of 236, and it causes them to slam to the ground
236A/B a third time will have him do a 214B. (Sensa Nanaya) FYI, not the same properties. It's just visual.

The 214B-esque move from his 236 extensions won't wall slam. (Above information.)

I didn't really see too much of a difference between using A or B with this.

236C is a horizontal slash with his knife twice, followed by a 236C move like in MBAC(slashyslashy), finally followed by another horizontal slash resulting in a down, and you behind the opponent.
Using 236C instead of Rekka series in a combo will yield extra damage, but overall end result is the same, a Knockdown.

Note: Depending upon how fast you finish the final hit of the Rekka, it will vary the distance Nanaya is from the opponent.
Finish it slowly, and you appear closer. Finish it faster, and you appear further.

You can IH on 236C. After the slashyslashy portion, you can IH here, rather than having the last hit knock them down. Probably can follow up to an aerial. (Haven't tried to Aerial after this yet, though.)
You can cancel into 623C after the slashy portion of the 236C.

You can opt to do either of these in a BnB, and do dive kicks after.

You cannot IH any part of his 236/214 set  :emo:
As of verA, Rekkas are now able to be IHed.
No word on 214 yet, although most likely not possible to be IHed, as they are not Special Cancelable.

214s are all the same as far as I could tell/tried.

623 is his old MBAC move, Sensou Rikuto(KERIUGATSUUUUUU)...however there are extensions off of this, provided you press a button.
623A is same as old MBAC, if you press a button at the end it will cause him to j.22 immediately after, even on whiff.
623B is same as old MBAC, if you press a button at the end it will cause him to do a flash kick that can be jump cancelled out of on hit.
623C is same as old MBAC.

His 22s are all the same, he has no chargeable 22B though.


2ABC 236 x2/x3 (A or B versions are fine.)
Depending if you do 236 x2, or x3 you'll get different results.
x2 will have the opponent in front of you, about a character length away.
x3 will have you behind the opponent, but can be teched.
Damage is around 2.1k

or 2AB 5C 236x3

2A 5B 2B 2C 236 x2/x3
Depending if you do 236 x2, or x3 you'll get different results.
x2 will have the opponent in front of you, about a character length away.
x3 will have you behind the opponent, but can be teched.
A slightly more damaging variation, damage is around 2.4k

The combo below will probably be your main BnB.

2A 5B 2B 5C 236x3

Basic combo utilizing Full Moon's ability to go 5B 2B for a bit of extra damage. Ending with 5C allows you to get all three Rekka hits in leading to a knockdown.

Note: You may substitute Rekka set for 236C for a bit of extra damage, yet still maintain your Oki set up.
Dmg against V Sion.
2A 5B 2B 5C 236 x3 = 2693
2A 5B 2B 5C 236C = 3595

2ABC 623BB jc j.B j.C airthrow
This is a combo off of his shoryuken extension.
Damage is around 3.4kish

2A 5B 2B 2C 623BB jc j.B j.C airthrow
A slightly more damaging variation.
Damage is around 3.6kish

2ABC 214B dash towards opponent 2A 5C jc j.B j.C jc j.B j.C airthrow
A BnB using his 214B. On some characters, it is harder to land dash 2A 5C. (Warc/Satsu/Wlen)
Damage is around 3.6kish

2ABC 214B dash towards opponent 2A 5C 623BB jc j.B j.C airthrow
A BnB using his 214B with 623BB as well.
Damage is around 3.9kish.

~ 2C delay 623AA 623BB jc j.B j.C airthrow
For this, you need to input the A extension of 623A as fast as possible, then input 623B as fast as possible after.
Double shoryu combo. (Listed in Nanaya Wiki, have not tried yet)

I forgot to try out 2A 5B 2B -> variations on the last two combos, prolly will try later.

Pointed out by Pfhor, a combo using his 214B.
A combo that might be good for Fnanaya. 1:20

Seems like he could do whatever into 2c 214b then relaunch into air combo. Or maybe he can do a ground string into his rekka, relaunch, then aircombo?
From the looks of it... he did 2A 2B...
_____ 2C 214B dash 2A 5C j.B j.C j.B j.C throw.
After trying this combo several times, it's pretty easy to get the hang of. Only part that may give a bit of trouble is getting used to his shorter ranged 2A.

This combo is more difficult to land on Satsuki, White Len, Akiha, Arcueid, Bousou Arcueid, Aoko, Sion, V Sion.

Initiative Hit Combos (IniKyan) {IniCancel, Kaihou Cancel w/e}
Initiative Hit is the "Roman Cancel"-esque command. You press ABC after performing a normal, or certain moves to cut the recovery and enter heat, where you are free to do an action afterwards.
Turns out that moves able to be IHed are ones that are Special Cancelable.

These are taken from the Nanaya Wiki, I have not tried them yet. Hopefully will be able to soon.

2A 5B 2C IH 2B 5C 623BB jc j.B j.C airthrow

2A 2B 2C 623B IH 5B 5C j.B j.C jc jB j.C airthrow

2A 2B 2C 623B IH 2C 214B 2C 623BB jc j.B j.C airthrow

2A 5B 2B 2C or BE5C 623B IH dash 5B 5C 623C 2A 5C 623BB jc j.B j.C


Well that's it for now.
I'll try my best to keep this going, and keep getting new info by playing. Really need to work on info for H Moon.
All of this info will most likely change when PS2 version is released.

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Sooooooooooo. C'mon. Anyone else from Hawaii. :(

Melty Blood Auditorium / A Spam in Battle Royale.
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