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Regional Community / Anyone for meetups in Tokyo?
« on: January 01, 2020, 01:26:42 AM »
It's been 10 years since Evo2k10 but I still love ya'll :nyoro:

:prinny: Willing to host Tokyo meetups/meet up at Big One 2nd if anyone wants to come out. I know ya'll visitin' here once in a while.

Also happy New Years :toot:

Akiha's Tea Room / Komidol going to Japan!? Plane tickets cost money?!
« on: August 13, 2012, 12:12:32 AM »
I did it!   :toot:  I managed to land one of those native English teaching jobs in Japan, similar to some of our best community members in the past.  I'm sure you all remember how incredibly active I was in the melty-blood community when I studied abroad there last year, and I plan on doing the same again (perhaps with some Under Night In-Birth and Aquapazza mixed in as well)!  I'll save the long-goodbyes for either in person or another post, but right now I'm scheduled to be leaving the country on or around November 7th!

Unfortunately that only leaves me a few weeks to come up with my first month living expenses and plane ticket, so I'm selling everything I'm not taking with me.  I figured people on or around this community would be interested.  Remember by buying something, you're also doing me a big favor!  You can respond in this thread, personal message me bargaining offers, contact me on skype, or tweet me @Komidol to buy this stuff. 

Here's what's up for grabs:

5.1 Speakers Surround Sound Computer Speakers - 40$

Star Ocean (PS1), Final Fantasy Chronicles (FFVI & Chrono Trigger, PS1), Quake III & Team Arena(PC), Xenogears (PS1), Legend of Mana(PS1), and a sealed copy of Legend of Dragoon(PS1)

Xenosaga I (PS2) - 10$, Xenosaga II (PS2) - 10$, Xenosaga III (PS2) - 10$, Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - 20$, Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) - 10$, Chrono Cross (PS1) - 10$, Final Fantasy Origins (FF1, FF2, PS1)- 15$, and Final Fantasy Anthology (PS1) - 10$. 

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Limited Edition OST (CD) - 10$, Black & White 2 (PC) - 5$, Ace Combat 0: The Belkan War - 10$, Zone of the Enders 1 (PS2) - 10$, Zone of the Enders 2 (PS2) - 20$

*Not Pictured - Also have a Nintendo DS (40$) and copy of Phoenix Wright: Justice for All(10$), that I can part with.   

Misc. Newtype and Megami magazines (willing to sell them as a bundle for 25$, they have about half of the original posters inside them).  These are in Japanese.   

Chibi Vampire volumes 1-9 and the first light novel by TokyoPop in English. 2$/pc, or 20$ for the whole set.


Negima! 1-19 translated into English.  2$/pc, or 35$ for the whole set.

Some anime clothing.  Excel Saga hat (10$) and Lelouch's cape from Code Geass (40$), as well as a nekomimi hat (15$). 

Three copies of Comp Ace, volumes 7-8-9 from last year(4$/pc or 10$ for all 3).  Comp ace includes furigana over all kanji so it's great for entry level readers of Japanese.  Also pictured is the English-translated Haruhi novel "The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya." in hard cover (20$). 

Drakengard(PS2) - 5$, Ace Combat 5(PS2) - 12$, Kingdom Hearts(PS2) - 10$, and Twisted Metal Black(PS2) - 10$.

Armored Core 2 (PS2) - 12$, Outlaw Star (Full Series DVD, Japanese and English) - 20$, Final Fantasy X, X-2 (PS2) -20$ for both , DBZ Budokai (PS2) - 8$.

Fooly Cooly volumes 1-3 w/Director Commentary
(DVD Full Series; Japanese and English) - 30$, Witch Hunter Robin Full Series (DVD Full Series; Japanese and English) - 20$, Neon Genesis Evangelion Full Series (DVD Full Series; Japanese and English) - 25$, Escaflowne (DVD Full Series; Japanese and English) - 15$, .hack//sign (DVD Full Series; Japanese and English) - 12$, Dears Volume 1 (DVD) - 4$, Full Metal Panic (DVD Full Series; Japanese and English) - 15$

And a whole bunch of manga - Kaiji vol.1 (Japanese) - 4$, Lucky Star vol. 5 (English) - 4$, Hellsing vol.1 (English) - 4$, Devil May Cry vol.1 (English) - 4$, Tsubasa Chronicle vol. 1-3 (English) - 4$.   

Yotsuba& vol. 1-4 (English) - 15$, Sgt. Frog vol. 1-2 (English) - 8$, Shakugan no Shana vol. 1-2 (English) - 6$, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni vol. 1 (English) - 10$. 

As some of you who have been to my place may imagine, I have many more anime items that I'm less willing to part with.  Everything from Eroge to Figures to Manga to CDs.  If you know of anything I own you might want to buy, you can PM me privately about that.  As time goes on I will be re-posting the auction items to more communities, and eventually, Ebay & Craigslist.  I wanted to give you guys the first shot.  The price tags are very, very arbitrary.

At one point on the boards I also made an offer to do amateur translations for cheap.  That offer is still available, just PM me for a quote.  I am also offering elementary Japanese lessons for people who want to start learning Japanese, as well as creating study guides and syllabi so they can engage in self learning.  You can read more about that offer here

I'm even swallowing my pride and accepting donations.  I promise to do my best with Melty Blood in Japan and keeps you guys informed with as much about the game as possible, as I did in the past.  I will also be working on a complete video series about F-Kohaku, including everything from combos to spacing tools, once I get to my new home and get my computer setup.  If you're kind enough to help out, you can paypal me at at your own will, just send it as a gift.  I want everyone who is interesting in helping out to know I am working two jobs right now to make this happen, so I wouldn't ask if I didn't absolutely need it. 

And if anyone wants to take a vacation to're good to stay with me.

Final Round 15 was really fun! I'd especially like to thank Garu and Chelsea for coming to America!  Next time my hope is to meet a lot of new Japanese melty blood players! 

This is the fighting game dictionary me and Garu made!  Making this truly was an interesting experience: 

英語 (例) = 漢字・(他の単語)・ひらがな・(カタカナ)・ローマ字
English (Example) = Kanji・(Another Definition)・Hiragana・(Katakana)・Romaji

(Hit) Confirm = (ヒット)確認・(ヒット)かくにん・(hitto) kakunin
(Wake-up) DP = 昇竜・しょうりゅう・shouryuu
Absorb/Drain = 吸収・きゅうしゅう・kyuushuu
Advantage/Plus Frames = 有利・ゆうり・yuuri
Air Back Dash = 空中バックダッシュ・くうちゅうバックダッシュ・kuuchuu bakku dasshu
Air Dash = 空中ダッシュ・くうちゅうダッシュ・kuuchuu dasshu
Air Dodge, j.2E = 空避け・くうさけ・kuu sake
Air Tech = 空中受身・くうちゅううけみ・kuchuu ukemi
Ambiguous Cross-up = 表裏・ひょうり・hyouri
Arc Drive = アークドライブ・aruku doraibu
Back Jump = 後ろジャンプ・うしろジャンプ・ushiro jyanpu
Back Step/44/4(A+B) = バックステップ・bakku suteppu
Bait = フリ・fuuri
Battle = 対戦・たいせん・taisen
Blockstring yomi = 見てから・みてから・mitekara
Buffer, Input Frames = 入力フレーム・にゅうりょくフレーム・nyuuryoku fureemu
Cancel = キャンセル・kyanseru
Champion = 優勝・ゆうしょう・yuushou
Character match-up = キャラ対策・キャラたいさく・kyara taisaku
Character Normals (e.g. 4B/3C/6C) = 特殊技・とくしゅわざ・tokushu waza
Charge a move, BE = ため・BE・tame
Command Grab = コマンド投げ・コマンドなげ・komando nage
Crossup = 捲り・めくり・mekuri
Crouching = しゃがみ・shagami
Dash = ダッシュ・dasshu
Delay = ディレイ・direi
Distance = 距離・きょり・kyori
Dodge, 2E = 避け・さけ・sake
Double Overhead = 二段中段・にだんちゅうだん・nidan chuudan
Easy Modo (Combo), easy low dmg confirm on a difficult link = 妥協(コンボ)・だきょう(コンボ)・dakyou (konbo)
EX (lit. super cost) = ちょうひ・chou hi
Flight = 浮遊・ふゆう・fuyuu
Forward Jump = 前ジャンプ・さきジャンプ・saki jyanpu
Four-Way Mixup = 四択・よんたく・yontaku
Full Combo/Optimum damage combo/Most difficult link combo = フルコンボ・furu konbo
Full Screen = 遠距離・えんきょり・enkyori
Fuzzy = ファジー・faji (Warning - Americans and Japanese have a different concepts of "Fuzzy")
      American concept of Fuzzy = かもね、のぼり中段・のぼりちゅうだん・kamone, noborichuudan
Gimmick = ネタ・neta
Ground Bouncing Move = バウンド技・バウンドわざ・baundo waza
Guard/Block = ガード・gaado
Guard Bar = ガードゲージ・gaado geeji
Guard Break = ガードブレーク・gaado bureeku
Heat/Blood Heat = かいほう・kaihou
Hit Trade = 相打ち・あいうち・aiuchi
HP/Health = ライフゲージ・raifu geeji
i-frames, invincibility = 無敵・むてき・muteki
Initiative Heat = IH
Input = 入力・にゅうりょく・nyuuryoku
Jump = ジャンプ・jyanpu
Landing Recovery = 着地・ちゃくち・chakuchi
Launching Move (Launcher) = 浮かせ技・うかせわざ・ukase waza
Link (situational confirm) = 状況確認・じょうきょうかくにん・jyoukyou kakunin
Mash or attack at a disadvantage = 暴れ・アバレ・abare
Match = 勝負・しょうぶ・shoubu
Meaty = 重なる・かさなる・kasanaru
Melee, within one character range of opponent = きん距離・きんきょり・kinkyori
Meter = ゲージ・geeji
Mid Screen = 中距離・ちゅうきょり・chuukyori
Move (Technique) = 技・わざ・waza
Netplay = ネット対戦・ネットたいせん・nettotaisen
Neutral/Spacing = 立ち回り・たちまわり・tachimawari
Neutral Jump = 垂直ジャンプ・すいちょくジャンプ・suichoku jyanpu
Normals (ONLY - 5A/5B/5C/2A/2B/2C) = 通常技・つうじょうわざ・tsuujyou waza
Numeric Combo Notation = テンキひょうき・tenki hyouki
Option Select = 仕込み・しこみ・shikomi
OTG Relaunch = 引き剥がし・ひきはがし・hikihagashi
OTG = ダウン追い討ち・ダウンおいうち・dawun oiuchi
Overhead = 中段・ちゅうだん・chuudan
Parry or Counter = 当て身・あてみ・atemi
Partial Charge = ちょいため・choitame
Pressure/Block Strings = 固め・かため・katame
Projectile = 飛び道具・とびどうぐ・tobidougu
Proration = 補正・ほせい・hosei
Reduce (Damage) = レデュース・redyuusu
Reflecting Move (Reflector) = 反射技・はんしゃわざ・hansha waza
Reversal = リバサ・ribasa
Right next to someone, lit. "Glued together"  = 密着・みっちゃく・micchaku
Screen = 画面・がめん・gamen
Side Step/2E = サイドステップ・saido suteppu
Spark = サキスパ・sakisupa
Special Moves (214/623/236) = 必殺技・ひっさつわざ・hissatsu waza
Stagger and prevent mashing (lit. to "Crush a struggle")  = アバレ潰し・あばれつぶし・abare tsubushi
Super Jump = ハイジャンプ・hai jyanpu
Super Jump Okizeme Mix-up = サンダードリフト(サンドリ)・さんどり・sandori
Tech Trap = 受身狩り・うけみがり・ukemigari
Tech = 受身・うけみ・ukemi
Three-Way Mixup = 三択・さんたく・santaku
Throw Tech = 投げぬけ・なげぬけ・nagenuke
Throw = 投げ・なげ・nage
TK Range = 低空・ていくう・teikuu
Trash (Player) = へたくそ・hetakuso
Triple Overhead = 三段中段・さんだんちゅうだん・sandan chuudan
Two-Way Mixup, 50/50 = 二択・にたく・nitaku
Unblockable = ガーふ・gaa fu
Using reverse-input tactics to defeat ambiguous cross-ups and sandoori = 波動・はどう・hadou
Wall Slam = 壁バウンド・かべバウンド・kabe baundo
Whiff = スカ・スカす・sukasu
Zoning Character = 遠距離キャラ・えんきょりキャラ・enkyori kyara

P.S.  Haha, some of the literal translations of these are funny.  I would love to write a short article about the making of this and have it cross posted on IPW and Mizuumi, if the hosts are interested!  I felt inspired to write this because the old famous “Japanese and Arcade Lexicon” post previously available on Versus City is now nothing more than a broken link, and I never came across a comprehensive “anime-fighters” dictionary (though there have been a few good posts on major forums).  Melty Blood is a lot more popular in Japan than in America, so you can bet that a lot of these terms are applicable for games such as BlazBlue, ChaosCode, Aquapazza, P4U, and many more!

Hey everyone!

Most of you know me as a player already, and may have seen me interpreting and translating things for Japanese players Garu and Chelsea during FRXV! I'm now offering my services as a translator to anyone who wants them!  I don't claim to be a professional, but if you want a doujinshi, fighting game wiki page, character profile, short videos, or images translated, I'll take the job confidentially, regardless of the content! Because I am new to this, the price will be fairly low! Since every case is different, send me a PM and we can work things out. 

Preferred translation is Japanese -> English, but I can do English -> Japanese as well.  I don't mind working on hard copies of things, but a digital media form and PayPal payment is ideal to avoid shipping costs and transaction fees on both sides!

Because I am graduating soon and researching my senior paper, I would prefer shorter jobs to longer ones for the time being - making the aforementioned examples more ideal.  Right now I'm just looking for some side work to bat off some nasty interest charges :bricks: If you need a book, television show, content-sensitive article, or otherwise long or professional literature translated I'd refer you to Mr. Curbeh. 

If you just need an image or short descriptions translated, depending on the content the cost may run you even less than a dollar (which is cheap these days to foreign currencies)!  So if you need anything done, or even just have curiosity about what something in Japanese says, or how to say something in Japanese, send me a PM or post here!  If it counts for anything you'd really be helping me out, too. 

Here's some stuff I've done just for fun: (Translation notes done by me.) (Of course I'd only write into my own doujinshi!  I can do simple edits into digital pages of manga and doujinshi if you want, though.) 
English <-> Japanese Melty Blood Fighting Game Term Dictionary

Akiha's Tea Room / Fighting Game Terminology Eng->JP Dictionary
« on: March 09, 2012, 06:59:49 AM »
Hey guys, I'll be sitting down with Garu later today to make a fighting game terminology dictionary.  Post every single fighting game term from whiff to IAD and we'll come up with a translation for it.

I should of posted this earlier, but just do your best to post as many as you can think of before work.  Anything involving game situations, game HUD, or input things are fine. 

日本語BBS / ファイナルラウンド15 (Final Round 15)
« on: February 12, 2012, 03:14:59 AM »
ようこそ、 メルブラをやっている日本人!コミドールでございます。ここにメルパンというアメリカ人のメルブラ勢のコミュニティーです。 メインページはMeltyBreadです。


最近、アメリカ人がこのBBSをあまり使わないけど、ここには日本語で話せる人がいらっしゃいますよ!話す事があればポストして、私たちが喜んで回答して頑張っています。日本のメルブラ勢が近いうちにいらっしゃるのを楽しみにしております。 キャラクターのBBSとかビデオBBSとかWikiよければ自分で見てみています!今皆さんはやっと同じ版を使うので、一緒に話しましょう!皆さんはもう一度ーがるさんとチェルシーさんと戦うチャンスがあるので確かに楽しみ楽しみ楽しみだ!



Akiha's Tea Room / Final Round Financial Support/Donations
« on: February 10, 2012, 05:53:23 AM »
Hey everyone, 

Needless to say there was a lot of effort put into getting Garu and Chelsea to attend FR.  Garu and Chelsea are not rich, infact, if the conversion rate was not so good right now they wouldn't even be able to afford their plane tickets.  A few people on this side strained their resources to guarantee that they could come out.  Among these negotiations was the 70$ in two tournament registrations.   

So what I'm going to ask for, from those who are a bit wealthy (and not desperately saving for FRXV or WB attendance - because those should come first) are just a few dollars here and there to cover their entry fees and hotel costs (225$).  What I need the most is just 70$, but the financial support of the event contributed on my part (not including my own entry fees in anyway) peaked at 295$.  If I receive beyond that I will send your donation back to you, as that money should go to our other top players who need to go.

I hope you can all see that I've done a tremendous amount of work for this event and the last 3 years overall and recognize me as someone worth a small donation.  I ask for the spare change because right now I'm an income-less college student about to graduate who is living off student loan money.  My Paypal email is 

Thank you for anyone who helps out, even if it's a few cents.  I do however need to disclaim (due to problems with donation threads in the past) that this is a donation, I will only accept it if it's sent as a gift, and won't be able to pay you back any money received below the 295$ cost line. 

If you donate and goto Final Round I will interpret best I can and make it a point to introduce you to Garu and/or Chelsea and explain how you helped bring them to FR in Japanese.  This is the only way I can offer my gratitude outside of a warm thank you.  I will also remember it.  I remember when I hit tough times and was doing work for promoting the game out in Japan, Exciel spared me 10$ which was extremely helpful at the time.  My doubts are always cleared when it comes to the generosity of this community when it counts, and this time I hope to see that community support that makes me remember everything I do for game is always worth it. 

Thanks for the help everyone!  Everything worked out for those two in the end!


Melty Blood Auditorium / International Promotion of Final Round XV
« on: January 23, 2012, 11:03:20 AM »
The official promotion campaign to drag a player out from JP has begun.  We've been keeping them in the know for a while about the upcoming major, and we're setting full sail from here on out.  One of the things I need help with is creating a player list of people who strongly intend on going.   

The point of this thread will be to impress the Japanese players with competition.  If you're up to the cut, post your name and a link to what you consider to be some of your best play.  Preferably, the match should be close and entertaining (not you styling on a scrub).  If you want to include one other link (such as a Twitter account) inform me of that also.   

Also tell me if you want me to put your name into Japanese.  For example, GenericSuperHero would be ジェネリックスーパーヒーロー(or, jyenerikku suupaahiirou) or Lord Knight would be ロードナイト(or, roudo naito) to make it easier for the Japanese to read/pronounce.  At your permission, I will put your name into Japanese best I can.  If the Japanese come to America they will probably call you by this name.  If that is not what you want, send me a reasonable Japanese name you want to attach to your English name for promotion.     

You have until Friday the 27th at the latest to do this.  No exceptions.  Very simple.  Please spread the word in IRC everyso often.

I will say that Hare has expressed strong interest in attending.  In order to entice the offer of Japanese players coming, I have myself offered to put them into a hotel room, drive them from the airport, and pay their entry fee.  If they do attend I will post the amount paid and accept donations later.  If people want to share hotel room with me or drive down with me from NJ, that will help just as much as donating.  I will save a donation link for after a fully confirmed attendance.  I feel this is necessary because even with their room, transport, and tournament fee paid for, and even if they win, they will still probably pay at minimum a 1000$ just because of air fare.

Current List:

Lord Knight ロードナイト 姫アルク・琥珀
GenericSuperHero 外人王 ネロ
Brandino ブランディノ シエル (このビデオに広告のあとで13:16タイムラインから)

Just under ten years ago the original Melty Blood was released for PC at winter comiket.  Four years later Melty Blood Act Cadenza was released in arcades in Japan and soon became a national fighting game phenomena that let to the releases we all know well today.  This anniversary tournament is to celebrate five years of Melty Blood in major arcades and nearly ten years of franchise.   

The tournament will take place at A-cho game center (Neo Amusement Omega Fun) in Kyoto, Japan.  The schedule is currently as follows:

Players from Kansai, Tokyo, and Kyoto have all confirmed attendance.  This event is confirmed to be an official major.  Unlike HydraGP, this tournament is not an invitational and freely open to any participants.  From East Japan, Hare, Waka, and several Tokyo residents have announced their attendance, and several West Japan players such as GO1 and BAB have confirmed as well.

This tournament is the third commemoration held at A-cho.  It's ranbat format and begins at 12pm on the 23rd and the 24th.  There won't be time for casuals after the tournament on the 24th (acho will close early for Christmas Eve), but there will on the 23rd, if anyone plans on attending.

If you have the opportunity to attend this tournament, you should do so.  Get hype.

Kohaku's Video Room / A little gift from Ashe.
« on: October 20, 2011, 09:38:19 AM »

Archetype: Earth / F-Archetype 姫様!やりたい!
« on: October 13, 2011, 04:51:56 AM »
22D - Engage flight, cancelled by normal attacks + directionals and jumps.  Pushes her up a little bit on activation, moving 4 or 6 both sends you downwards with respect to your opponent.  You cannot block. 
214 Series - Archetype-style rush in hits.  Teleport cancelable on block. 
236 Series - Ground blasters, used for launching.  Very good recovery.
623 Series - Standard Strong DP
22 Series - Twinkle Star Sprites
j. 236 Series - Light Pillars, otg relaunches for v1.05 C-Seifuku style corner carry.
j.6B - Air to ground lance, chargeable. 

Week 1 First Impressions:

I believe her ground loop is similar to that of F-Wara's, and because of her flight would make a good character for anyone who uses him.  Light pillars can be used to combo in corner and follow up with j.6B and j.C (Charged) for a lot of damage.   

I think that what's interesting about this character (and the recent PCL, actually) is that there's a little more to their combos and attack strategy than blhablahalblah launcher jbc jbc airthrow for optimum damage.  Very cool character, everyone over in JP is excited to play her.

Kohaku's Video Room / Hydra GP Top 8 Block A Camrip
« on: October 09, 2011, 12:27:45 AM »
Sorry guys, don't have the equip to really edit this so you'll have to go in on the camrip.  Missed out on the other blocks and finals because my battery died. You can get BlockA Top 8 here, remember, weird round robin format.

Edit: If you want to cut up this video and put the matches up yourself, please dim the volume on the parts I get hype, and then cut it up with appropriate name tags. 

Kohaku's Video Room / Garu's Evo 2010 Pictures
« on: October 08, 2011, 11:44:43 PM »
Better late than never - we lost a lot from trusting certain people with the pictures to no avail, and it would've been nice to have these for the portfolio, but here's a full library of Garu's photograph collection.  This is a direct gift from Garu, he just entrusted me to deliver them to you guys.

You can download the full collection here.

Here's some of the better pictures:

Melty Blood Auditorium / PC Current Code Tournament Standard
« on: September 20, 2011, 11:58:33 AM »
So we all remember the work that had to be done with MBAC for prepping computers for tourny.  Let's start out with a real serious list of what a computer needs to be acceptable for tournament.  Things such as optimum USB Polling Rate, graphic/power settings, window size, etc.

I think my biggest concern is since we all run wide screens these days the spacing may look/feel harder if everything is stretched out, and I'm no one is willing to deal with that.  I definitely vote for a window mode convention of some sort. correct aspect ratio as a requirement.  I know there is only so much we can do before it actually comes out, but let's pull bring up some of the old MBAC experiences for now.

Try not to get too mad thinking about it...computers are better, people have more PC compatible sticks, and the software will be better.  I don't think there will be as big a problem with this as there used to be.   

Edit: So I guess we'll just have a checklist on each setup.
Current Checklist:

-Set USB Polling Rate to 250hz.
-Disable all power saving features that reduce PC performance.  Display Dimming/Turn Off/Brightness Dimming, Computer Sleep/Idle/Hibernate/Standby/Shutdown, Hard Disk Standby, Lid Close/Sleep Button Actions/Power Button Actions, Processor power saving mode, Low Battery Actions included.
-Disable all automatic programs that automatically perform functions or programs that would generate actions without manual input.  This includes virus scanners, Skype, and messenger progams.
-Disable all screensavers and graphic themes/altering applications, this includes programs such as flux or background changers.  Also please make sure all graphics are worksafe for public tournaments. 
-At minimum, 2 working USB ports are going to be needed if you're donating a PC to the tournament.

Because there will undoubtedly be patches, we should all launch the game and play a round with the two most graphic intensive characters for a round on the most processor intensive mode (come onnn Team Battle). 

Only after all these checks are made with two sticks that people hopefully donate for use so there isn't constant switch out, should we consider a setup "playable."  Each players will play directly from one setup, or software mauve develops through a potential LAN feature will be playable.  If there is recording or streaming, it is to be done from an HDMI split on another computer or graphic recording should be done beforehand. 

It's encouraged that you:

- Have a PS3 Stick as PS3 converters are very reliable.  Alternatively, please have a PC compatible stick.  Having to switch out converters are a pain.
- Be comfortable using other people's sticks during casuals.  This is so we don't have to switch out every match. 
- *A note to keyboard players.  One you should probably look at this thread, because keyboard player compensation is a huge hassle for tournament organizers.  If you absolutely must use a keyboard (or pad for that matter), you should have a USB convertor with you, and if that convertor creates "unfair" lag for you, there is nothing we can do to compensate.  If your convertor has strange driver issues (as in you don't have drivers appropriate software with you), there is nothing we can do to compensate and you may not be allowed to use that at tournament.  Further more native keyboards, even if USB, are not allowed.  On one keyboard there is not enough room for two players.  If you use 2 keyboards it will map the same output from the computer and there is a chance of cheating/accidentally hitting the opponents keys.  If you want to use a keyboard you must have a key-stick or some other game controller device with keyboard keys on it.  It's actually more expensive to have this made, and while it was just something that "looked funny" on PS2, it will need to be re-configured on computers.  So it should be easy to install/setup as well at minimum cost to the computer being used.  If you do not have a custom joystick or otherwise, you should look into getting a USB game pad.  This game is not designed to be played on keyboard.

When the game is released will set specifics about the game features, such as window size and tournament options.  For now, if the arcade and PS2 release are any indication,

-Set your graphics card to launch Melty Blood in 4:3 aspect ratio.  This is to solve the problem I mentioned before with playing the game on widescreen.

I think it would be best to generally have your computer set on the default game graphic settings we conventionalize, because that's what will be used at tournaments.  [/s]  Needs updating.

We should also make these conventions within the capable realm of mauve's software.  That may mean window mode.
Furthermore tournament organizers (Fox) should carry around a flash drive with the following files,

-All the latest patches for Current Code.
-All of mauve's files. (MBACCTool)
-USB Polling Rate changer program.
-Tournament Organization Software.
-Commonly used streaming/recording software. (XSplit/Flash Media Encoder)

And of course donators should be prepared to have those things used/installed on their computers in addition to a copy of Current Code installed before coming.  I think it would be good to if we had something like a player cam so we can always record the hype (especially if we're not streaming and just saving match replays.)

This is all really fucking important, if you want to play competitively, do not just get CC and launch it on fullscreen settings on your madcatz ps2 3000ms converter with character sprites 1.5 times their average width.  It will mess with your spacing and execution.   

If this shit is well prepared, it means tournament setup is as easy as plugging all the shit in and launching/closing some applications.

Tournaments and Events / (9/24/2011) Hydra GP Melty Blood Championship Title
« on: September 05, 2011, 06:55:27 PM »
Hydra GP Is having an open exhibition on September 24th, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan at 10:00AM~7:00PM in the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry Trade Center (address details below).  This will be the first event with free play for v1.07 of MBAACC available. 

Ecole CEO and Arcadia Editor in Chief will be in attendance. 

The CEO of Ecole will be announcing the complete financial report for Melty Blood, and giving a status report on Under Night In-Birth.  The Arcadia Editor in Chief will give an interview and talk with the tournament winner and a discussion about the event.
You can register at the door, but the tournament limit is 64 people.  It costs 500 Yen ($6.00 US) to register.

The winner receives an autographed copy of the Melty Blood 1.07 edition of Carnival Phantasm 3.  In addition, they will receive a one-of-a-kind pendant. 

There will be free play of 1.07 when the tournament isn't running.  This tournament will have similar prestige to GO1's victory in SBO and Hare's ladder ranking victory last year, and Hydra GP/Arcadia is looking to make a new plate to enter a champion into.  In short, this is going to be the biggest melty blood event of the year, so if you're going to be in town after Tougeki, this is what you want to goto. 

Kiriya, Jin, Niiya, and SAT have already announced their attendance. 

Source: You will need to preregister with a Hydra GP Account and follow the according link if you want to participate. 

It Begins.

To clear up some misconceptions:

1) About the schedule, 11AM is when registration closes and v1.07 Freeplay will be available from 10AM->11AM.  Finals are expected to start at 3:30PM.  The award ceremony will start at 4:30.  After the award ceremony, Under Night In-Birth will debut a new character. 

2) This is a 1.05 tournament, and the last major 1.05 tournament.  1.07 will be available for free play from 10AM - 11AM but they will then switch out the cabs for 1.05 cabinets.  This of course means the tournament will be held on arcade cabs, and not on PC.  1.06 will not be released, it was petitioned by the MB Community to continue development into 1.07 by GO1 and a handful other of top players.  Ecole listened.

3) I do not know when the v1.07 copy of Melty and Carnival Phantasm 3 will be delivered to the tournament winner.  Even if they receive it on site (highly unlikely because Carnival Phantasm 2 won't be out for another month yet), I doubt that said person will be leaking v1.07 or anything of the sort.  Infact, I think it's somewhat disgraceful that more than one person came to ask me the possibility.  Of course, that would be detrimental for the game, the scene, and everyone would know who leaked it (since only the winning copy would be released) and that person would probably be banned from tournaments in the future.  I will be at Winter Comiket when Carnival Phantasm 3 and MB1.07 is released, so if anyone wants a copy of the game from then (I will return to America shortly later), contact me and let me know.  I will buy the copy for you while I'm there, assuming I've been forwarded the cost of the game.

4) I believe that there will be a Q&A time available, but I hardly think this will be a press conference for people to ask and answer questions.  I know we all have things we want to ask, but I feel like this will be mostly an opportunity for the top players to mingle with the staff and get some ideas before 1.07's release.  Again, I hardly think 1.07 will be released on the spot to the tournament winner.  I will confirm after the event.

5) UniB will be given a status report, there will be no free play for the game available to my knowledge.

Well you read the title.  Unfortunately, the business details aren't being disclosed, but Joybox is packing up shop.

Since it's original arcade release for Act Cadenza, Joybox has supported Melty Blood as it's main game (shared with Tekken) for years.  Much of the information on the wiki and mixups we use were invented at and spread through Joybox videos, so I think it goes without saying it will be deeply missed.   

Many of the top players gathered last Friday and throughout the week to see off Joybox, pictures of which I have uploaded below.  Players such as Inoshi, Udonge, T.I, Garu, Niiya, Hare, Shiki, You, among others have all visited in the past week.  It's rare for top players to gather outside of tournament, so the play level specifically last Friday was some of the highest Japan has offer.

On the far left: Udonge
Playing: Inoshi (Far) Shiki (Close)

That being said, I wouldn't fret for the future of Melty Blood, Mikado remains nearby as the top Melty Blood arcade in the Kanto region, with A-cho in I believe Kyoto and Gamesky in Nagoya.  I just thought I'd inform you guys as I believe this is a big loss to the arcade and overall melty fighting scene in general. 

I will be at Joybox as much as possible the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th and try to record the venue so you guys can get a good idea of what it's like. 

Akiha's Tea Room / Messages for Garu
« on: August 06, 2011, 01:07:27 AM »
Hey everyone,

I'll be meeting again with Garu this Tuesday.  If anyone wanted me to give him any messages for them, now's a good time.  Because I have to translate (unless you want to leave the message in avid Japanese, which would be a great help for me), post or PM any message you want me to give him as soon as you can!

For those of you who didn't know, Garu has been through a bit of hell since our meeting at Evo.  He survived a run in with cancer (and survived a long-set of surgeries and treatment) and his area was one of the strongest effected by the Sendai earthquake.  Despite that, he's up and out playing melty.  I will probably make a small get well note, so if you just want to send simple get-well's, I'll add your name to it if you so desire. 

Nothing extremely long winded unless you're making the message yourself, I can only manage simple Japanese.  It's okay to use fighting game terms though, I've mostly memorized all of those. 

Kohaku / MBAACC F-Kohaku
« on: July 30, 2011, 08:05:06 AM »
      Not a lot of changes coming from v1.00 -> v1.05 other than the stuff in the game mechanics.  Coming from PS2 you'll notice the following (you can dig up the full changes in a CC thread somewhere):

    Major Nerfs:
    • Your damage is a lot lower.
    • Your 2B recovery is much higher.
    • 5C is a lot shorter(v1.07, Hitbox slightly improved), slower, and I suspect it to be minus on block now, instead of even.
    • 22C Cactus disappears if you get hit and it doesn't hit air unblock-able as it comes out anymore.
    • Your 5A does not hit some low-crouchers when blocking.
    • Poison Proration is nearly double now, cutting your damage in half, but still costs 150% meter.
    • Your AD damage is nearly halved.

    • Your command grab still has the same range it did before, and is now comboable.
    • Your command grab sweet-spot follow up is slightly easier. v1.07

    So there's a lot to be desired here - you didn't get any new moves, and let's not forget you're still a character without a ground overhead or a legitimate reversal.  Full moon means you have no heat or roll.  Defense is tough and your pokes are weaker.  Your job is to win in neutral.  This is the character's strength and it has to be your's too.  Basically, your best defense is going to be a strong offense.  Not an aggressive offense.  A strong offense. 

    You're going to be living off the damage your command grab, solid fireball spacing, and good normals grant you.  Furthermore you want your stagger pressure to be incredibly varied to avoid disrespect.  Your solid airthrow grants you some reasonable midscreen setup to help you out.  Force your control with plants and your command throw.  Your best defense is going to come from good meter management and smart blockstring decisions with counters.               


    OTG Relaunch Stuff

    Corner OTG Relaunch Combo: 2A 5B 2B 5C 236A 236C 5C j.BC (236C) j.BC 6E
    Use for Kill only.  The meter is a huge waste. 

    Combo off raw airthrow.

    Raw Airthrow (Low/Close): 5C Aerial
    Raw Airthrow (High/Far): 2C 236A <- You'll be using this more often than not. 

    You must execute 5C/2C Immediately after landing.

    If you do 5C Aerial make sure you can confirm it into air throw (if you have too much distance you might whiff 5C all together or not be able to airgrab).  If you figure out mid-combo you cannot confirm into airthrow you can do j.bc 236C j.bc airthrow as an aerial to correct your distance gap.  It's largely a waste of meter though, so if you're not sure opt for 2C 236A unless you think the formal can kill.

    If you have 100% and do 2C 236A: As long as it's not too far you can drop 22C for the yontaku.  Becareful of DP in this case because Cactus will disappear if you get hit.
    If you have no meter and do 2C 236A: Standard meaty on most characters.  Be careful of Kouma/Ries for slow getup and Ryougi for fast getup.
    If you have max and do 2C 236A:
    you can confirm into your long range IH-Combo (as listed below), 2C 236A IH 2C 236A 41236C.  This damage isn't very high and only if you really want circuit break/have only a teensy bit of max left.  If you have a lot of max you might want to opt for the 100% option, and then go in with the ability to spark.  Your choice.

    Command grab combo.
    After sweet spot (SS) follow up you can combo into command grab. 

    Easy Mode: 63214CSS <Delay> 2C 3C j.bc j.bc Airthrow
    Waka Version: 63214CSS <Delay> 4B 2C 3C j.bc j.bc Airthrow (adds ~200dmg)

    v1.07 Komidol Version: 63214CSS <Delay> 2[C] 3C j.bc j.bc Airthrow ~3500dmg

    Because the SS follow-up bats the opponent so far, this can only be performed close to the corner. 


    Almost all of it still exists, almost all of it is useless.

    IH Combos

    IH Confirm: 2C 236A 2C 236A 41236C

    Very nasty to catch someone with. 

    Command Grab Confirm: 63214C <Whiff> 41236C

    I'll be going through some of the old MBAA stuff and add what a combination of what still works and what I find to be effective.  Most unfortunately I find is, poison plant setup (which was even a questionable use of meter in the past) is now completely useless for the meter.  Certain whiff-command throw setups may also unfortunately be rendered useless by the simple fact SS follow up grants standard meaty and does a too healthy amount of damage to ignore, at over 3K.  [/list][/list]

    Regional Community / JP Meetup
    « on: June 17, 2011, 07:55:07 AM »
    Anyone want to meet up for melty? 

    Tournament Results / Battle in the Next Level
    « on: June 06, 2011, 03:51:22 PM »
    Singles (Double Elimination, 7/20/10):

    1: Waddle $5 (LK) ($175.00) (C-Warc/H-Koha)
    2: Mirumirumiruki (Comic-Z) (F-Miya) ($50.00)
    3: LPT (H-V.Akiha) ($25.00)
    4: MindGam3 (C-Mech) ($0.00)
    5: Fox
    5: Mahou Shoujo Madoka
    7: Erik
    7: Roku
    9: Chibi (C-Meko) ($Baka)
    9: Nas
    9: TSB Braver
    9: Kamina
    13: potmonster free
    13: Jimmy
    13: Zeal
    13: Zero
    17: Komidol
    17: Furok
    17: RK.the 505
    17: RK.Snow.
    17: RK. Colpevole
    17: Dumba
    17: Zoob
    17: RK.Tony Shiki
    25: Ivolt

    Teams (3on3, Single Elimination, 100/0/0, Random Team Selection):

    1: Jimmy(F-Arc), Komidol(F-Kohaku), & MakotoFox(F-Akiha) (~$65.00)
    2: Zero(C-Miyako), Madoka (Shiki) (F-Miyako), & iVolt(C-Warakia) ($0.00)
    3: Nas(F-Ryougi), Kamina(F-Kouma), Rokunaya(C-Nanaya)
    3: Ehrik(C-Warakia), LPT(H-V.Akiha), PotMonster (Yui) (C-Nanaya)
    5: Dumba Chibi Mirumirumiruki
    5: LK vs the world

    Shoutouts later.  :toot:

    The stream of the tournament was recorded here.

    Akiha's Tea Room / Korean Melty Scene
    « on: March 22, 2011, 01:46:11 PM »
    So for those of you who didn't know, I'll be studying in Japan this summer (from July to December).  It's extremely difficult to get a student visa given the recent events, so in between summer and fall semester in Japan I need to leave the country for at least a week to renew my default 90 day-visit on my passport without getting deported by Japanese immigration.  As you may of guessed, plane tickets are expensive these days between the uprisings in the Middle East and this country's dire need for oil.  So traveling back to America between semesters would be about 5x as expensive as just taking a short "detour" to a nearby country during my break.  

    So long story short, I'll be taking my vacation in South Korea for a week over the summer in-between those semesters.  So, I wanted to inquire as to who are the Korean top players, and where the Korean scene is most active.  Since it doesn't really matter where my plane tickets goto, I figured I'd hit up a major MB city with solid arcades.  (And maybe goto a Starcraft League live).    

    Anyone got the info I'm looking for?  

    Also, anything else that's awesome/special/cool about South Korea I might want to consider?  Or should I just go hit up Hong Kong? 

    Tournaments and Events / NECXI Aftermath 12/10 ~ 12/12 In Ewing, NJ
    « on: December 08, 2010, 10:38:19 PM »
    Then: Last year I was able to open my apartment up for an entire week (from the end of Christmas to 2010) for whoever in the melty community wanted to come visit and play some games where we basically play for days on end all the way through to the new year.  Also when everyone was drunk enough, I would sneak on some anime.  I have fond memories of beating Zar in a drunk mirror match with Archetype Earth mirror just by mashing 5B.  

    Now: Unfortunately, this year, that is not possible - I also have a couple roommates who would probably not appreciate an "open house" - style sort of event where people are getting mad drunk.  I also will not even have access to my new apartment (I have moved since last year) during the holidays.  So, in lieu of the event I would like to happen, I am opening my apartment this weekend (as it is the only possible before my apartments close and before finals week).  For any regular who wants to come and stay a couple days.  

    Ground Rules: Again, because of the restrictions, this is a private event - meaning I will need to know in advance who you are and that you are coming and will confirm it.  I have one setup (with a possible stream), but I'm expecting a friend to bring a second.  A backup setup would be nice if someone could manage just in case.  The limit set is at most 5 people (but I definitely want to hit this cap) and there is only one couch, so you probably want to bring a sleeping bag.  I have extra pillows but no blankets (and no, they're not hug pillows).  Drinking is allowed but getting loud/dumb/fucked up drunk is not.  Hype needs to take a small break between 2am and 9am; but games are fine anytime.  

    Time/Location: The event officially starts at 7PM on Friday, 12/10/2010.  I can keep one or two people until as late as Tuesday night, but I think it'd be better if most people left by Sunday Night/Monday morning.  Staying over Friday Night/Saturday Night is no problem.  The campus is extremely safe, so don't let the fact the location is near to Trenton worry you.  Those coming from out of state will get priority to stay as long as they please.

    Transportation:  Transportation is very easy.  You will either need to take a major train or bus line that stops at Trenton Transit Center than take the 601 Bus to The College of New Jersey.  You must have photo ID on you so I can sign you into the campus.  The senior housing is fairly large, so this isn't any normal small dorm, so again, no worries.  There is also a parking garage if you want to drive, in which case the address is 2000 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ.  Again, you'll have to confirm you're coming and I will PM you my number.  

    Reservations: I'm hungry for games, but the schedule is tight so this is the best I can do this year, feel free to post/PM if you want to come.  In January I will probably host a public event open to everybody with far less restrictions, or possibly even a tournament at a nearby location.  I also realize there is very little notice for this.  It's pretty much first-come, first-serve, but I have invited a couple people already so they will get priority if they are able to attend.  I'd be ecstatic if some MD/DE/NY could come to play, even if it's a little bit out of your way.  I'm expecting some of the regular Jersey/Philly crew to come by if other obligations (school T_T) doesn't murdalize them. There is of course, no venue, but you will need to bring your own food money and such because I'm dirt poor right now.

    Kohaku & Mech-Hisui / Koha & Mech CC Changes
    « on: December 02, 2010, 02:10:07 PM »
    As stated on the front page, Unlockable in Current Code by entering:  AACC2A8B6C4DAACCE at the Title Screen

    Any word on changes?  Do you think Koha & Mech will just reflect Kohaku's changes not including excluding the assist move-set changes? 

    Maybe this character will be relatively unchanged and by comparison to the large range of nerfs become more powerful than the rest of the cast.  It would be interesting.  Feel free to post any findings here. 

    Akiha's Tea Room / C78 Type Moon Artbook
    « on: September 07, 2010, 04:46:33 PM »
    So for those of you know what Comiket is, it's the biggest anime convention in the world which takes place in Japan every Summer and Winter.  It's full of anime and sadlife and all that stuff you guys love here  :teach:

    Well Type-Moon seemed to back the release of this new artbook featuring Tsukihime and some Melty Blood characters.  Even though some of you guys don't deserve it, being haters and all, I figured I'd share anyway.

    Preview of some of the pictures:

    The full artbook has many more pages and is down loadable in very high quality here:

    Kepts this in Akiha's Tea Room and not in Sacchin's box because it's completely SFW.  Feel free to move if necessary.

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